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Wolverhampton Wanderers
January 23, 2012
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/23/2012

Mick McCarthy is always good for a quote and after the 3-2 defeat at the hands of Villa, he came up with a nice little soundbite. "A penalty, a sending off, someone carried off," he said. "I don't know where Lady Luck was today but she wasn't in a gold shirt that's for sure."

As well as it summed up his disappointment in his side get nothing from a largely excellent display though, it wasn’t accurate and it masked the reality of what went wrong at Molineux.

January 19, 2012
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/19/2012

Don’t tell Arsene Wenger, but we’ve just found the player that he has needed ever since Patrick Viera left his side.
How many times since the big Frenchman departed have you heard a pundit say that Arsenal is a great team but they lack a bit of bite in the centre of the park?
If only the Gunners had a player like Frimpong – mobile, good on the ball, strong, fearless.
Oh wait a minute, they do . . . and it’s him.

December 23, 2011
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/23/2011

Forget the immaculate conception, the miracle us Wolves fans should be thankful for this Christmas is that our team is not rock bottom of the Premier League.
The abysmal form of Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan is masking the fact that we’re in a deep rut.
In our last 14 games we have conceded two goals or more in 12 of them – that’s just atrocious.
Whatever you have asked Santa for, write to him again and ask for a defence instead.

January 24, 2011
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/24/2011

When Sian Massey kept her flag at her side as Raul Meireles raced through the Wolves defence at the weekend, the television camera zoomed in on the young assistant referee. Everyone thought it was offside and the headline writers were ready to pounce.

How can a woman understand the offside rule and how will the feeble creature be able to keep up with these magnificent men on the field? That was the attitude many seemed to hold before kick off. Sky presenter Richard Keys and pundit Andy Gray have been suspended for their allegedly sexist remarks ahead of the game.

Everyone in old gold on Saturday was willing her to wave that flag, save us a goal and prevent all hell breaking loose in the media about the foolishness about putting a woman on the touchline.

January 17, 2011
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/17/2011

There are two ways to lose a football match and Wolves did it the good way at Manchester City. We found glory in defeat by giving everything at the City of Manchester Stadium. In the end, we came up just a little short against a team bursting with stellar names including the brilliant Carlos Tevez.

It was a close thing on the field, but the fixture and the days before it highlighted just how big the gap is in resources between the clubs at the top of the league and the bottom.

January 6, 2011
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/06/2011

The champions were outfought, outworked and outmuscled at Molineux on Wednesday night and Wolves climbed out of the bottom three for the first time since October. After the game Drogba and Terry both complimented Mick McCarthy and said his team deserved to win.

Not only does that give us 21 points from 21 games – well on target for survival – but it also has to bring great confidence going in to a difficult series of fixtures.

December 30, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/30/2010

I’m sick of hearing how poor Liverpool were last night because it detracts from the fact that Wolves were brilliant.
Ebanks-Blake terrorised their defence at Anfield with his strength and work-rate. Wardy took his goal beautifully.
The back five repelled the few dangerous attacks that the Reds had and our midfield simply outplayed the star-studded opposition.
We were bottom of the league going in to that game and few fancied us to come away in a better position.
How wrong the doubters were. The players showed that they still believe and so should we.

December 13, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/13/2010

It was one-way traffic against Birmingham as our injury ravaged side pummeled the visitors.
If not for Ben Foster’s brilliant performance in the Blues goal, it could have been an embarrassing scoreline.
Now we’re one point from the safety zone and playing great football despite having to field a bench of youngsters.
The thing is, the players’ attitude and work rate has not changed since the first day of the season.
Finally though we’re getting what we deserve.

December 7, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/07/2010

The performance against Blackburn was poor and another defeat compounded our plight at the bottom of the table.
It has been a difficult season so far for sure but the league is really tight and that might just count for us.
After all, we're almost at Christmas and only one win away from the safety zone.
If you offered that situation to us in the summer before we joined the Premier League, I would have been quite pleased.
It was a credit to the team last year that we were in a better position than that.

November 29, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 11/29/2010

Mick has been getting some stick lately but he played his cards brilliantly in the much-needed win against Sunderland.

Wolves played well, as usual, but found themselves a goal down, as usual, as the final whistle approached. The manager responded decisively and his two substitutes brought about the victory.

November 24, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 11/24/2010

I’ve narrowed our problems on the pitch down to two areas – attack and defence.
It really is that bad at the moment at Wolves.
We’re failing to put away our chances and we’re leaking goals.
No amount of praise for our hard work or quality of our football is going to save us.
We simply need to shore up the defence and start hitting the back of the net or we’re down.

November 15, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 11/15/2010

I was born, brought up and live in England, I take great pride from the fact that my team plays in the best league in the world, the Premier League, and I love to see any English club team beat the best from the rest of Europe. But I don’t support this country at football any more.

This season, Matt Jarvis has been the best left-winger available to Fabio Capello . . . fact.
The international team boss included him in the provisional squad but then on Saturday omitted him from the final group to face France in the forthcoming friendly.

November 8, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 11/08/2010

Arsenal had another player sent off on Sunday making it four red cards for the season – the joint worst in the league.
They share the dishonour with West Bromwich Albion.
In terms of yellow cards, Manchester City are the worst offenders in the league with 25 of them.
Arsene Wenger’s team have picked up 23 - one less than Wolves.
I’m tired of talking about discipline but I just want to bring a close to the whole sorry saga with one final post addressing the issue.

February 3, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 02/03/2010

Whatever Mick McCarthy says about being content with his squad and his two signings from Belgium, he can’t be happy with Wolves’ transfer activity in January.
Two unknowns from a minnow league can’t be what he was expecting when the window opened.
And it certainly wasn’t what us fans were hoping for.
Why oh why did I stay glued to my computer waiting for a big name signing to be announced?
Disappointment is my overwhelming emotion though, not anger.

January 18, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/18/2010

Howard Webb clearly stopped Dave Jones getting to Wolves' summer targer James McCarthy in the 2-0 defeat against Wigan.
The youngster fired the visitors ahead and effectively won the game after Wolves had been earlier reduced to 10 men by the man in black.
Trouble is, there's nothing in the rule book to say Howard should be reprimanded, striken from the employment record or shot.
The truth is he did everything right and we lost because we were poor.
It puts an even greater need on some fresh impetus from the transfer window.

January 11, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/11/2010

The West Ham game was called off and so I missed my Wolves fix at the weekend.
Only some speculation about who might arrive in the transfer window will stop me getting the shakes and coming out in cold sweats.
So here are some of the players we're definitely in for, some we're rumoured to be in for and a few that I wish we were in for.

December 14, 2009
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/14/2009

Wow! Back to back Premier League wins, the first top flight victory in the capital since 1066 and out of the bottom three.
After losing to Blues we needed something special to get the survival campaign back on track.
That was it, and as if to illustrate the point, it’s 16 points from 16 games and that is bang on target as we reach the half-way point of the season.

December 8, 2009
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/08/2009

Yes, Craddock’s goal was obviously offside and had that decision gone against us, I would be furious.
In fact, Jody was offside when he scored against Stoke too.
But by my reckoning, it’s still 4-2 to the referees.
The men in black denied us certain penalties against Wigan, Portsmouth, Sunderland and Villa so we’re still behind in the decision lottery.

November 30, 2009
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 11/30/2009

It was the most important game of the season so far and we produced our worst performance of the season so far.
With that result we took a big step towards relegation.