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Posted by Daniel Pountney on 04/03/2012

If you're reading this then I can only assume you have stumbled upon ESPNsoccernet's Wolves blog while trying to find some site dedicated to masochism. Perhaps you put some words like shame, despair and humiliation in to Google and it got you here. There is plenty of that on this site but it's probably not the kind you're looking for.

I can't imagine it's likely, but I guess you may actually be a supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers and are here for some insight and opinion on the club's current situation. I'll have a go for your sake but you really should ask yourself what kind of person you are if you want to think about what's going on at Molineux at the moment.

Read a book, paint a picture, ask a girl out, take a walk – try any of these things and make yourself happy. Football just isn't going to do it for the next few months so my advice is to try to develop some other interests and forget about the ridiculous game for a while.

Who knew that when Steve Morgan took over at the Golden Palace he had a new feature installed in his office? In the middle of his desk he had his workmen put in a big red button with ‘self destruct’ written underneath it. At the end of last month he pressed it.

Since then, Wolves have picked up one point from a possible 18 and have fallen from an admittedly perilous position on the edge of the relegation zone to rock bottom of the league, six points from safety with seven games to go. And while those around us have started to fight, we have turned over time and time again, shipping 19 goals since the chairman fired Mick McCarthy.

Let's not even get in to the policy of sending midfielders (Hammill, Guedioura) out on loan and fielding defenders in their place (Foley, Jonsson) or the fact that the man who remains captain turned up to training worse for drink a few weeks ago.

Mick split opinion, especially in the last few years of his reign. But once he had gone it became painfully apparent that there was nobody out there who the board thought was suitable to replace him and were willing to accommodate, or who had the heart for the job. So instead, while or rivals girded their loins for the run-in, Morgan gave the job of masterminding our survival to a novice. We all respect Terry Connor for his service to the club, but does anyone in the world think he is capable of doing what the chairman thought that McCarthy couldn’t?

Wolves, once held up as a team of triers whose limited ability was made up for by their desire and work-rate, are now a source of ridicule. We’re an absolute example of what not do to when the going gets tough instead of a lesson in how to survive in the Premier League by clever building, patience and hard work.

Ah patience, that very rare thing in football. Here are two club boards that have shown it in the last few years: Wigan and Blackburn. Martinez’s team survived by the skin of their teeth last year and have been in the relegation zone all of this season. Now though, after a recent run of results, they have got a realistic chance of survival. Steve Kean weathered the storm of fan protest earlier in the season and Blackburn too have found some form. One or both may get relegated but they will go down fighting. Wolves will be relegated with a whimper. It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t win another game this season.

Regular sufferers of this blog will know that I never advocated sacking Mick. However, if that was on Morgan’s mind then he should have done it months before. Only then would a new manager have the time to learn about his players, implement his own tactics and even sign some of his own personnel. Who was ever going to be able to do that effectively taking over at the end of February?

So it’s almost time to say goodbye to the Premier League for a while, and with it the likes of Matt Jarvis, Steven Fletcher and Kevin Doyle. The hope now has to be that the next big decision Morgan makes, who will take over in the Championship, goes some way to compensate for the monumental mistake he made last time.

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Posted by Ife on 04/04/2012

This trend of results doesn't come to me as a suprise. I have no sympathy for d club, whose management deemed it fit to sack a manager who's reknown for his fierce, battling attitude that transforms itself into the characteristic point-salvaging displays on the pitch, then dilly dally and pass over suitable candidates like Steve Bruce, only to appoint d relatively inexperienced Terry Connor! How is that supposed to be progress? U only reap what u sow!
I only empathise with d fans who've been going through heart breaks ever since.

Posted by Giovanni on 04/05/2012

It's right: we saved ourselves from relegation in these last two seasons thanks to work and unity. I think nobody can know how the things are truly gone into the squad except by the players and the managers, but I'm convinced about these two points as follows: 1) Roger Johnson was the biggest transfers' mistake of the entire Premier League 2011/12. He should had been the captain with charisma; on the contrary he was a weak man, unable to impose himself (in and out the field).
2) It was clear from the summer 2011 that we had not enough quality to change our kind of play passing the ball. No trace of that quality in the middle part and worse in back side. We watched some passages in a row only going back and back (and back). As I posted some months ago we had only one way to survive: playing like these last seasons with long balls and going on.
Up the WW forever I hope with Gustavo Poyet as manager for next season.

Posted by liftinwolf on 04/06/2012

Nice new 'overpriced' stand though wonder how much Jiz got for that 'corporate' decision?

Posted by jeffery on 04/06/2012

It can't be all that bad. Chin up.

Posted by Rob on 04/07/2012

Sad situation for the Wolves. Sacking MM and replacing him with TC was a disaster written all over.
If Morgan was not satisfied with 4th or 5th bottom, I hope he feels totally justified now that he has ripped the heart out of the team.
Wigan, Bolton & Blackburn are all fighting for their lives, whilst the Wolves are going down with a whimper.
It is too late for anyone to save them now. MM may have kept them up, but the timing of his departure was destructive to say the least.

Posted by Adri on 04/07/2012

Sorry to hear about wolves. Newcastle was In the same boat a few years back. And it was worse. The best manager to hire is chris. He can take you guys out from the championship. He will motivate Players to do their best. Look at Newcastle now. What a transformation. We get rid of players who are not interested in playing for Newcastle. And the rest is history.

Posted by Justin Raborn on 04/07/2012

After narrowly surviving the last 2 seasons, to say this year has been devastating would be an understatement. Though I'm a fan and admittedly biased, I truly felt that with the mediocrity of everyone outside of the top 5 or 6, a top tier finish was within the realm of possibility this year. After the huge home wins we got last campaign, the supposed improving of our squad led me to believe we would do better against the fellow relegation-fighters and being able to prey on a weaker group of promoted teams, I truly, truly felt that the top 10 was possible. Now, we're staring down the barrel of 20th and I just don't see any way out of it.

Firing Mick was a TERRIBLE move, and I never understood the cries for Mick's ouster. I'm no prognosticator, but anyone should've seen this coming. Alas...we're left wondering what might have been and will be forced to watch our big names head to greener pastures. Let's hope it's not as bad as it seems and we can get re-promoted quickly.

Posted by Valentine on 04/07/2012

That was extremely funny, insightful and sad all at once. Great read.

Posted by Bob on 04/08/2012

It may be quite some time, should they go down, before Wolves can return to the top flight. Some might say that being in the Premier League for three years by itself was a miracle.

Posted by Adrian on 04/08/2012

While I am not a true fan of Wolves, seeing them go down is a loss for the Premier League. Maybe not the most talented bunch, but they fight and that fight is what endears them to me. Newcastle got relegated and came back and look where they are now. Here's to seeing the Wolves back very soon (or maybe pulling off a shock survival. That would be good to offset the Manchester snooze fest at the other end of the table).

Posted by Jos Lin on 04/09/2012

I am a rare wolves fan living 15000kms from Molineux and from what I read, I think that the decision by SM to sack MM has more to do with what the latter said after the Liverpool loss to the visitor of the dressing room.
For such an experienced businessman, it is inconceivable that he sacks his CEO without thinking of his replacement beforehand. IMO it was more a personal problem than anything else.
Unfortunately, the fans are paying for the result of this decision. MM is too new to feel what the true fans are feeling. My only wish now is that we may keep our best players and get back quickly and stronger.

Posted by Paul Omeje on 04/10/2012

This is an apt piece. Wolves were truly fighting with Mick at the helm, even on the day they were trounced 5-1 by wesr brom the scoreline did not tell the true story. Wolves story is a sad one and an epitome of a "Thankless job" with regards to Mick's sack

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