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Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/19/2012

Don’t tell Arsene Wenger, but we’ve just found the player that he has needed ever since Patrick Viera left his side.
How many times since the big Frenchman departed have you heard a pundit say that Arsenal is a great team but they lack a bit of bite in the centre of the park?
If only the Gunners had a player like Frimpong – mobile, good on the ball, strong, fearless.
Oh wait a minute, they do . . . and it’s him.

Why on earth Wenger allowed us to take him on loan is a mystery but, wow, am I glad he did.
Just his name was going to earn him folk hero status at Molineux, but the way he performed in our glorious draw against Tottenham has made most of us think he could be the saviour of the season.

And that’s what we need because, again, we’ve had too many poor results and look likely to be flirting with relegation again as the months go by.
At least in recent weeks, B-team versus Birmingham aside, there has been some glimmer of hope.
Back to back draws against Arsenal and champions-elect Tottenham (if you believe some experts) have shown that we can actually defend.
In those two games, Roger Johnson has re-found his form while Wayne Hennessey has been heroic between the sticks.
Wardy and Berra have been their usual hard-working selves and it’s starting to look like we might get a clean sheet one day. Oh and how great it was to see Kevin Foley, a man who never has a bad game, back in the right-back birth last week.

The tunnel was starting to look dark, but when you think of our recent defensive performances and then add to this a fit-again Michael Kightly, a free-scoring Steven Fletcher and a certain Emmanuel Frimpong, you start to see light at the end of it.


Posted by Rob on 01/19/2012

Trouble is we are a boring side with no creativity in midfield, hence the lack of goals. And we cant keep a clean sheet.It's going to take more than Manny to save us.

Posted by Matt on 01/19/2012

thinking you've discovered him is clearly the view of a ignorant fan given that he's already appeared for the arsenal first team many times, wenger has spoken about how highly he rates him and this is his first full season after a season out with a knee injury. this is the same type of deal as the wilshere to bolton one.
read up a bit and follow the game before you post stupid thoughts like this 'we've discoverd him' rubbish

Posted by Ash Burton on 01/19/2012

At we agree with you how could Wenger loan out the new Vieira, he's mad!

Posted by James on 01/19/2012

He's looked a bit raw when he's played for us (Arsenal) but loads of potential. I prefer him to Coquelin, but most Arsenal fans feel Frimpong is more in need of regular games at this stage of his career.

Glad to hear he's performing well for you, hope he keeps it up.

Posted by Andrew on 01/19/2012

Arsenal fan here. Agree entirely. We would've been much better off against Swansea with him in the side instead of Benayoun.

Posted by Oliver on 01/19/2012

Brilliant, brilliant article. Couldn't agree me! Let's just hope the fans get behind the team along with Mick McCarthy #StickWithMick

Posted by johnwolf on 01/19/2012

lets hope some of our "fans?" can see it and start supporting the team for a change.
I hope Mick play's the same team that started at spurs - injuries permitting.

Posted by jed on 01/20/2012

Did you see last nights game? If thats a light at the end of the tunnel then we are in serious trouble. Time for a change, McCarthy needs to go!

Posted by moses opio on 01/20/2012

wenger should style up and realse money his micro economics will nolonger work in the compititive premier league

Posted by james on 01/20/2012

Glad you like him lads he is a great player but just a little naive in the challenge he willl be a big star look after him for us

Posted by dave on 01/20/2012

We have sent him to Wolves to toughen him up!
Will be an Arsenal great as he loves the club but also great in the dressing room for moral.You fans will love him at Wolves

Posted by Dom on 01/20/2012

We gave him to you because for a side seeking the top 4 his occassional naive lapse in judgement would cost us. However his positives are a major boost for wolves in avoiding relegation. We get a player back in the summer who has had game time to learn his trade, without costing us.


Posted by gunner on 01/20/2012

He is without a doubt quality for the future but at the moment wenger has song who atm is better than frimpong, however with the right experiance and attitude frimpong could become better than song. Im glad you guys have taken him on loan Mick McCarthy gets the right focus from his players and teaches them how to never give up, im hoping he can raise a potential captian in frimpong with the sort time wolves have him.

Posted by 1979gooner on 01/20/2012

as a gooner, I agree with you

frimpong's only weakness is his distribution and that will come with more experience

we could have done with him at arsenal for the last couple of games given our injuries!

we often lack bite in midfield and next season i'm sure he'll get a fair few games for us

Posted by Oleg on 01/20/2012

"Why on earth Wenger allowed us to take him on loan is a mystery but, wow, am I glad he did." You know why because there's no place, more physically demanding like the PL to get your experience up. So dont get too comfy with him, he is warming up for arsenal!

Posted by Brdgunner on 01/20/2012

I am a gooner and love the lad. Dench

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