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Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/23/2012

Mick McCarthy is always good for a quote and after the 3-2 defeat at the hands of Villa, he came up with a nice little soundbite. "A penalty, a sending off, someone carried off," he said. "I don't know where Lady Luck was today but she wasn't in a gold shirt that's for sure."

As well as it summed up his disappointment in his side get nothing from a largely excellent display though, it wasn’t accurate and it masked the reality of what went wrong at Molineux.

First the penalty – it was one, simple. It was nothing to do with luck because it was the correct decision. Berra showed poor control, reacted too slow and was disastrously clumsy.

Next the sending off – once again, luck had nothing to do with it. It had everything to do with an immature and downright stupid reaction of a player who should know better. Karl Henry let himself down massively by kicking out at Albrighton. The Villa winger over-egged it but it was a sending off offense every day of the week.

Karl should know that referees don't need an invitation to book him after the last few years. But more than that, as the former captain and still one of the club's most senior players he should be leading by example, not behaving like a petulant kid. It would have been bad enough dealing with the suspension in the coming weeks with O'Hara still out. What really sticks in the throat though is seeing that great winning goal from Keane again. If Karl had have been on the pitch, where would he have been at that very moment – closing down at the edge of the area, exactly where Robbie struck it from.

There have been rumours (thankfully untrue) of Mick being sacked. If he had been, Karl would have done more than anyone else to seal his fate, which is an awful when you consider the stick the manager has taken for standing by Karl in some of the most difficult times in his career.

Finally, Frimpong. He was immense on Saturday and perhaps he was a little unlucky to cop one in the face. Players who put themselves on the line every week like he does though will get those kind of injuries from time to time. Next time he's in that position, I want him going for that ball again.

I'm still annoyed at the result on Saturday. We should have won, a draw would have been harsh on us and yet we got nothing. Kightly's performance was some consolation. And it was good to see Keano showing his respect to the club that introduced him to the game. The other results came in though and the news got worse. Liverpool spread their legs for Bolton, the new manager effect kicked in at QPR and they beat Bolton and Blackburn got a point.

In a way I'm glad we're in the relegation zone now. It's like a reality check. For weeks our league position has masked our poor form (Arsenal and Tottenham games aside). Now everyone can see how perilous our position is and should be under no illusions on how difficult it's going to be to get out of it.

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Posted by harry on 01/31/2012

Well, I for one has had enough. MM did well to take Wolves out of Championships and into the Premier and keep us there. But even if we are now a stronger squad and often play well results are missing. So I think the moment has come for a change.

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