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Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/31/2012

Wolves' latest defeat, at the hands of Liverpool, was the 20th consecutive game in which the team failed to keep a clean sheet. Frankly, that's pathetic.

The Reds are flying high at the moment so in theory I can forgive shipping a few against them. What angers me is that we made it easy for them with the type of fundamental mistakes that have cost us dearly in a fair few of the other 19.

It seems like there are no lessons being learned and I see no indication that the next fixture will be any different.

As for the transfer window situation, I can’t help feeling underwhelmed. The capture of Frimpong was huge and he could have a huge impact on our fortunes going down the stretch. He has already shown the commitment, drive and ability on the ball that will make us a stronger outfit.

Eggert Jonsson on the other hand will have to be a grower. He has shown promise in the glimpses we have had of him so far, but also some frailty. He’s not the man to save a season.

The three Ms made it clear that they wanted one more in the window, and that he would be the marquee signing. It didn’t happen, apparently because the players’ manager didn’t want to let him go. It makes you wonder why the Wolves hierarchy believed he would.

I suspect that player was Bolton’s Kevin Davies as he has fallen out of favour recently. Owen Coyle just a few days ago said he would be going nowhere. He is the right type of player for us at the moment, but was Coyle ever likely to sell a proven striker to a fellow relegation-threatened club in January? Not likely.

So shouldn’t we have had a second, third and fourth option? It’s frustrating.

At least we had some good news in that we fended off Everton who seemed to be after Kevin Doyle. After all, if we need a striker who is proven at this level, we’ve got one. The Irishman is out of form but he is capable.

So it looks like if we were hoping for a signing who would come in and change things in the way O’Hara did last season, that man is going to have to be Frimpong. He is good enough to be that player. But let’s remember that he is still a youth. We’re now expecting a lot from one young man.

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Posted by jerry the wolf on 01/31/2012

yet again we made a average team and player in carroll look good,we should sack macarthy in the mourning and get steve bruce in who has a better win ratio to macarthy ,mogan act please or stay a fool

Posted by Josh on 02/01/2012

Make it two. And on the eleventh hour came Bassong...

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