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Posted by Daniel Pountney on 12/23/2011

Forget the immaculate conception, the miracle us Wolves fans should be thankful for this Christmas is that our team is not rock bottom of the Premier League.
The abysmal form of Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan is masking the fact that we’re in a deep rut.
In our last 14 games we have conceded two goals or more in 12 of them – that’s just atrocious.
Whatever you have asked Santa for, write to him again and ask for a defence instead.

Hennessey has made a few errors in recent games but his shot stopping has been excellent.
Ward has been great – a real contender for player of the season so far with his huge improvements in the left back position.
Berra, while he gives me nightmares with his holding and man-handling at set pieces, has rarely been at fault for goals conceded.
The problem has been on the right side.
Zubar keeps getting caught out of position and it has cost us goals.
But the biggest offender has been Roger Johnson.

I thought he was going to be the answer to our leaking defence from last season.
And for the first few games he looked awesome – so much so that I could see an England call up on the horizon.
But then something changed and nobody has been able to pinpoint what it was.
Now he is frequently beaten for speed, outjumped and outmuscled.
He, more than anyone else, has cost us points in the last few games.

Mick made Johnson captain at the start of the season which makes it more difficult for him to be dropped.
But right now I’d give that armband straight back to the resurgent Karl Henry and bench him.
Craddock’s injured so Stearman should get a chance at centre half which is his natural position.
And I’d be looking hard at who is available in the transfer window.

Johnson is a good player. We saw that earlier in the year and it means he can re-capture the form given time.
We can’t be waiting round for that to happen though.
Mick has just signed Eggert Jonsson who seems like a great prospect and who can do a job in central defence.
He is a midfielder though so I’m not convinced that he will be the one to stop the tide.
Please Father Christmas, find us a commanding centre half and get him to Molineux on a loan or permanent deal.
And there’s an extra mince pie in it for you if you can help Johnson find his mojo again.


Posted by Harry on 01/19/2012

Why have we not had another correspondent. Nothing for 3 weeks!!

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