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Wolverhampton Wanderers
August 23, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 08/23/2010

Internet forums and radio phone-ins were overloaded with disgruntled Manchester United fans yesterday following their calamitous draw with Fulham. Many said their team was treading water in the transfer market despite coming up short in the Premier League last season.

It made me look at how England’s biggest clubs have recruited over the summer compared to their European counterparts and it seems like the balance of power has shifted away from this country. Could that be good news for Wolves though?

August 16, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 08/16/2010

Watching Spurs throw the kitchen sink at Man City, I found myself wanting them to score every time they went forward.
It made me realise that City – a team many of us used to like – are now a club that I want to fail. And fail spectacularly.
It’s like when Michael “Lotto Chav” Carroll won £10 million. For a while it was amusing and we all had a laugh when he started buying ridiculous things to amuse himself.
After a while though, all of the expensive toys simply looked vulgar.

August 12, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 08/12/2010

Those of you who followed this blog last season will remember that in May I identified four areas of concern that needed to be addressed before the new campaign - left back, wing, up front and adding quality.

I'm delighted to say that new men have been brought in to address those concerns.

Perhaps Mick was listening . . .