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Wolverhampton Wanderers
March 29, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 03/29/2010

I reckon six points will do it and looking at the fixture list – Arsenal, Stoke, Blackburn, Sunderland Fulham, Portsmouth - we should do that comfortably.

A few weeks ago on Talk Of The Terrace I said: “It’ll go down to the wire like it always does.” Now I think we might make it safe with a game or two to spare. I’ll be absolutely delighted to have been wrong.

March 22, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 03/22/2010

When was the last time a club in any division, anywhere in the world, played three teams in a row all of which have claret and blue as their colours?

Wolves complete this oddity when they take on West Ham on Tuesday night following on from Burnley and Aston Villa. It's a future pub quiz question no doubt.

March 15, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 03/15/2010

Phil Brown has been sacked in what looks like a make-or-break move by Hull.
It got me thinking about our man Mick McCarthy, and how he measures up to the managers of the teams around us.
He’ll be popular around the city this week after out 2-1 win at Burnley.
But some fans still think he’s not up to the task.

March 10, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 03/10/2010

I have always been a believer in not watching other teams’ results.
Concentrating on getting points yourself is better than counting on others to drop them.
However, who you are playing in the final weeks of the season and who your rivals are playing can be a massive factor in who finishes where.
I don’t think Sunderland, Bolton, West Ham or Wigan are in the clear yet, but let’s just look at the most threatened trio above Portsmouth . . .

March 1, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 03/01/2010

Every time Wolves are mentioned on TV you hear the words “lowest scorers in the league” in the same sentence.
I’ve been studying the stats and it’s clear that the reason for this is not so much the failure to create chances, put the inability to capitalise on them.
If ever this was summed up in 90 minutes, it was in the 1-0 defeat at Bolton.