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Wolverhampton Wanderers
February 22, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 02/22/2010

Two players who Wolves tried to sign at the start of the season ended up playing for Portsmouth instead.
Why? Because Pompey offered more money. It’s a joke!
It makes me really angry now to see Portsmouth facing financial ruin because of the poor way they have been run for years.
We missed out on players because of their irresponsibility and while I feel sorry for the fans, the people running the show are getting what they deserve.

February 11, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 02/11/2010

Sometimes my own fellow Wolves supporters make me cringe.
The ones that peppered the internet with comments calling for the manager to be fired after the Palace and Blues games, the ones that jeered at Keogh when he was going through a baron spell last season, and the ones that were chanting “4-4-2” against Liverpool before they saw how effective the 4-5-1 formation was.
It’s why, historically, we have been unpopular with other fans.
I’ll bet now that if ESPN runs a poll on which club has got the worst supporters in the league, Wolves will be near the top.

February 8, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 02/08/2010

There’s no other word.
That result has affected me badly.
Usually I know about every goal in the Premier League within seconds of it being scored.
But it’s Monday lunchtime and I still don’t know who won the Chelsea-Arsenal match.
I haven’t been able to think about football since Phillips’ second goal.

February 3, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 02/03/2010

Whatever Mick McCarthy says about being content with his squad and his two signings from Belgium, he can’t be happy with Wolves’ transfer activity in January.
Two unknowns from a minnow league can’t be what he was expecting when the window opened.
And it certainly wasn’t what us fans were hoping for.
Why oh why did I stay glued to my computer waiting for a big name signing to be announced?
Disappointment is my overwhelming emotion though, not anger.