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Wolverhampton Wanderers
January 27, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/27/2010

A 0-0 draw against Liverpool was the high point of a January that has been disappointing on all fronts otherwise. We’re still in the FA Cup, just, and we’ve made a couple of signings but they haven’t been the big names we were hoping for.

So I can’t help feeling underwhelmed by 2010 so far.

January 18, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/18/2010

Howard Webb clearly stopped Dave Jones getting to Wolves' summer targer James McCarthy in the 2-0 defeat against Wigan.
The youngster fired the visitors ahead and effectively won the game after Wolves had been earlier reduced to 10 men by the man in black.
Trouble is, there's nothing in the rule book to say Howard should be reprimanded, striken from the employment record or shot.
The truth is he did everything right and we lost because we were poor.
It puts an even greater need on some fresh impetus from the transfer window.

January 11, 2010
Posted by Daniel Pountney on 01/11/2010

The West Ham game was called off and so I missed my Wolves fix at the weekend.
Only some speculation about who might arrive in the transfer window will stop me getting the shakes and coming out in cold sweats.
So here are some of the players we're definitely in for, some we're rumoured to be in for and a few that I wish we were in for.