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Posted by Ned Brown on 05/11/2012

Dear Latics supporters and friends of the Amigos,

The support given us by ESPN Soccernet this season has generously extended our readership. One of the fantastic benefits has been connecting with Wigan supporters from all corners of the world. As many of you know, one of the writers of this website lives in Boston, the other in Indonesia.

While the internet and improved television coverage of the BPL has made it a lot easier to follow Wigan Athletic from abroad than it was 10 years ago, it takes special – to use a Roberto descriptor -- breed of supporter to do so. Most of our overseas fans are lucky to attend one or two matches at the DW each year, and spend hundreds of pounds in airfares and accommodation to do so. Back home, we arrive at work at the crack of dawn or stay on late in order to sneak out for the 10am or 3pm kickoffs. (Or 3am if you are Jakarta Jack!) Once at the pub, we have to fight the much larger crowds of United or Liverpool -- or Boston Red Sox -- supporters for a TV. The cable and internet packages that most of us pay for are comparable to the cost of a season ticket. If you can afford the new shirt in the first place, you then have to pay an extra 30 quid for shipping!

But we do it happily, because we love it.

As we prepare for a proper Wigan Athletic party this Sunday in celebration of an eighth consecutive adventure in the Premier League, we wanted to take the opportunity to
create a US-based network of Latics supporters. My brother-in-law gathers a crowd weekly at Lucky Bar in Washington, DC. My wife might as well be a club employee at the rate she converts neutral, knowledgeable American football enthusiasts into Latics supporters. My father, before moving to Indonesia, would frequently run into knowledgeable Latics supporters in New York City. We interact on Twitter and receive comments under our posts from people all over the country. As my friend Dave puts it, people in the USA are ready to jump on the Wigan Wagon!

The hope is to use our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and comment section beneath this post to bring Latics supporters together in cities around the United States for the
Sunday celebration against Wolves. Even if it’s only two or three people in the room this
year, those will be one or two friends you didn’t have before. And for obvious reasons, they are likely to be blessed with distinguished taste!


1. Propose a venue to watch the Wolves match for Latics fans in your city on our " target="_blank">Facebook Wall.

2. Direct message on Twitter @los3amigoswigan with a venue and time in your city for the Wolves match. Something like “Boston-based Latics supporters: lets meet at PJ Ryans at 9am” We will re-tweet it.

3. Post a comment beneath this post (if you are reading on Soccernet, please go to and find this post on our original site)


For more, please check out the author's Wigan Athletic fan site Los Three Amigos, like them on Facebook, or follow them on twitter.

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Posted by nef on 05/11/2012

After following latics all over the country for 25 years i never thought we would have many fans in new springs never mind new york
Up the latics keep the faith

Posted by avantsweater on 05/11/2012

I used to run the WAFC supporters club at Nevada Smith's in NYC. It was mostly a club of one though! I've since moved back to California and Nevada's has sadly closed (or at least relocated?)

I believe I am the one who talked to you dad a few times in NYC. He was there for a couple of matches!

We'd get the occasional world hopping Latics fan in for the odd game though! :-) I remember two ladies who were on a round the globe trip and stopped in to catch a match.

@avantsweater on twitter

Posted by Rudi on 05/12/2012

This super true!
I'm a South African Wigan fan (from since the season before we went up to the EPL) who live in China. Its a real mission to watch Wigan games in Qingdao, but at some point I'll make it to the DW.
Now for that new shirt and the party on Sunday!

Posted by Wiggyboy on 05/12/2012

After being born in Wigan, growing up as a man utd fan then moving back to the uk I realised the importance of supporting your home team and how they have done all us latics fans proud. Can I just ask that wedo it properly next season, my nerves and nails can't take much more but never lost faith.
Up the mighty LATICS!!!!!

Posted by Torsten on 05/12/2012

Love me some Latics, baby. Jimmy Bullard got me on board. Too bad he had to leave. Go on the WIGAN from Los Angeles County, Southern California

Posted by Jon Sicotte on 05/12/2012

Wow! I thought I was the only Wigan fan in America! Awesome to know I am not alone! GO LATICS! @spikechiquet or

Posted by Samuel Ahmadu on 05/12/2012

Delighted to fear the Latics faithful here....Am a Nigerian Wigan fan since the start of the Latics in the topflight having watch the great performance of Wigan against Chelsea in the first game swayed me forever....since then, i have never regretted backing the Latics, in Nigeria here am an iconic figure as supporting a supposedly called low-profile club "yeye club" around here in Nigeria. In case you might find out, Nigeria is among major Africa Nations the most English followed country is Nigeria, though top-4 teams have the majority of supporters. I have been speaking on BBC Sport World on behalf on Wigan, notably on the on last season Survival Sunday and more four times live on BBC Sport World this season. Up Latics...

Posted by kyle on 05/12/2012

Wigan fan in Big Sky Country

Followed the latics since '05. Didn't even follow the game at all before that. Internet every day (BBC, Guardian, ESPN, etc...). Television every other year. Youtube. To be honest, after the Swansea debacle I did the numbers and figured it was all over but the crying. WRONG! Amazing, beautiful, inspired Wigan have proven me wrong. And that's alright.

Posted by Pete in LA on 05/12/2012

The wife's a Wigan fan out here in Los Angeles.

Any suggestions on where to catch the game would be greatly appreciated. What a Mother's Day gift that would be.

Posted by mesh on 05/12/2012

Heh. Nice to see a few African Wigan fans in this comments section. I thought I was the only one (South African here).

I fully admit I've been a terrible fan though. I supported Wigan since they came up, but I was never really into football until the World Cup. Sure I had a kit or two and knew most of the players, but I watched maximum 5 Wigan games a year. But this was a time when I wouldn't even know the CL final was happening.

Since the start of the World Cup though, I've got into football in a massive way and have barely missed a Wigan game since, including friendlies played against the likes of Al-Ain in front of like 5 people, etc. The faster internet connections here that popped up around WC time have made a massive difference too, seeing as I can watch matches I couldn't before thanks to streaming. I also try to follow the WADS and stuff via the live updates on Twitter/the website. I know I've been a bad supporter for many years, but I'm making up for lost time.

Posted by trhendricks on 05/14/2012

Congratulations to Wigan Staying up! I would like to maybe see them play a friendly in Kansas City or Omaha. Most of us Yanks Like the Underdog :)

Posted by tnick on 05/14/2012

Wigan fan in North Carolina. Began in '05 when they came into the Premier League.

Posted by frank on 05/14/2012

I am an american and I've been supporting the latics for 7 years, Im so glad to see more supporters not just in America but around the world. I hope to go to the DW stadium sometime soon, Wigan till I die

Posted by Michael on 05/16/2012

I am American, and I have supported the Latics since around 2006. I started following the Premier League and English League football at that time, and wanted a club to support. After learning about Wigan and their history, the Latics became an easy and obvious choice for me!!! If I'm honest, I have yet to make a pilgramage to the DW stadium, but I hope to do so as soon as possible. I love this club!!!

Posted by Nigel on 06/03/2012

Was born in Billinge near Wigan and went to the very first Football League game with my Dad and brother. Moved to San Diego in the USA in 1993 and have followed Wigan here also. Since Wigan moved to the Premier League it`s been getting easier and easier to follow them on cable TV, internet and texts from my brother in Afganistan! Can`t wait for the new season to start, but what a finish to last season the Latics put together for us all. Incredible stuff.

Posted by Simon on 07/12/2012

Wigan fan in Sacramento....

Posted by rick on 07/17/2012

I'm north of the border in Canada ....but I've been a supporter since introduced to Wigan by a mate of Paul Jewells. I have McCarthy's rookie jersey with 24 on the back ....
Great to be able to see almost every game, but the delayed games mean I go thru the day ignoring sports reports... And some of them end up in godawful time slots.
Live games are heaven especially the way Martinez has them playing now.

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