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How are your nerves after the Blackburn game? Still jangling ? Yup, me too. A fantastic result on Saturday it has to be said, however we still find ourselves in the drop zone.

It was almost indescribably important that we beat Blackburn on Saturday if we're to have any chance of beating the drop. Our next three league games are against a resurgent Liverpool and then the two Manchester clubs. I'm sorry if I sound like a negative so-and-so but it's quite concievable that we might not pick up any points in any of those matches. That said, under Martinez we always seem to give the big clubs a decent game when we play them.

I was imensely proud of the way we beat Blackburn. In a match that seemed to define the phrase 'difficult conditions' we really went for it. To come from behind and then hang on for a win when Rovers were throwing everything at us really exemplified why we should stay up. James McCarthy's second goal was the pick of the bunch - if you haven't seen it already you NEED to check it out !

So, can we beat the drop ? At the moment I seem to be changing my mind every week about that. It's a funny relegation fight this year in that no team seems to be getting cut adrift from the other teams involved - there's no Portsmouth or Derby this year that's for sure.

As the weeks go by there seems to be more likelihood of teams like Blackpool and West Brom getting sucked into the scrap, which is good for us - the more teams involved in the relegation battle the more of a chance that someone goes on an abysmal run which leads to their downfall. As I write this, Roberto Di Matteo has been sacked as West Brom manager. Who they get in to replace him could really decide whether they stay up this year. Maybe Wigan fans can have a collective whip-round and try and get Chris Hutchings in for that particular job ??

Something that has concerned me this week is that we were pretty much the only team involved in the relegation battle not to strengthen our squad. West Ham, Birmingham, Villa and Wolves all made new additions, hell, Villa even spent north of £20 million on one player. While I'm not suggesting that Wigan should (or even could) spend that serious amount of money, it would have been great if we could have increased some of the competition for places - especially on the striker front. If Blackpool are able to add to their squad with a few transfers after only half a season in the top flight, with less then adequate facilities and an even stricter wage budget then Wigan, then it begs the question, what exactly is Martinez doing wrong in the transfer market ?

Liverpool await us on Saturday - here's to hoping we can spoil Dalglish's honeymoon.

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