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So, the unpredicatable ride that is Wigan Athletic just keeps on continuing. A point earned against Sunderland now on Saturday. But does the fact that we were up against a 10 man Sunderland team who had only earned a solitary draw in 4 appearances at the DW stadium mean that this is a point gained or two points dropped?

I really think that if we had a clinical striker we would all be discussing a decent win against Sunderland. The fact is we just didn't seem to have our shooting boots with us on that particular day. 17 shots at goal compared to Sunderland's 4 screams loud and clear how wasteful we were in front of goal.

There were however, promising signs on Saturday. The desire that the team had displayed against Tottenham, was still very much there for everyone to see. There were times when we were really knocking loudly on Sunderland's door, it's just a shame we weren't ruthless enough to take our chances. Rodellega had a good second half and is starting to look more dangerous in evey game. He is one of a number of our players though who in reality, should score a lot more goals then he actually does.

Boselli is another who should be scoring more. His awful miss, placing his header wide in the second half, seemed to sum up his day. If any player needs a goal for confidence then it has to be him. I do have faith in him though. We might not see the best of him until after Christmas but he really could be the difference for us when he begins to find his goal scoring touch. Don't forget, we are talking about someone who has scored loads of goals in South America and who narrowly missed out on being in the Argentina World Cup squad. He hasn't suddenly become a bad player overnight. Carlos Tevez took a few months to adjust to English football when he originally joined West Ham but he kept West Ham up that season.

Al-Habsi has certainly made our defence look a lot more solid. His distribution seems much more certain then Kirkland's. He didn't exactly have much to do on Saturday but he did what he had to do with the minimum amount of fuss. I don't know what other supporters think but I like him. He makes our defence look much more stable when he's playing. Talking of our defence, it was nice to Alcaraz on the scoresheet after all the stick he's taken in the first two games. He's not the quickest of defenders but is starting to look like the player we all thought he could be when he originally signed.

So, all in all, I think Sunderland was a game we should have won, but I think I'd have taken a point if offered at the start of the game. Our performance was encouraging and we seem to have finally shaken off the dire start that the first two weeks of the season brought us. After Cattermole was sent off Sunderland looked very organised and hard to break down but we pretty much dominated the game.

Next Sunday brings Manchester City to the DW. I really have no idea what to expect from that in all honesty. Two of the most unpredictable teams in the Premier League going head to head....I think it's fair to say I won't be splashing the rent money in the bookies on that particular fixture.

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Posted by American Footy Fan on 09/15/2010

I think the bigger problem than striker is not getting the ball into the opposition penalty area often enough. The midfield does not do enough forward attacking, either by ground or air, and so the strikers get very few good chances per match. This is compounded when the other team packs its players behind the ball, as when Sunderland went down to 10 men last Saturday. I think Watson would be a big help, as he is the best box-to-box midfielder the team has, but for some odd reason, RM does not play him often.

Al-Habsi has been magnificent, and Wigan need to do all they can to make his move permanent. He has been the biggest reason for the defensive improvement, and I'm sure the back four are more confident with him in goal, rather than the increasingly fragile Kirkland.

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