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Posted by Matthew Evans on 03/03/2012

No, that isn't the latest ITV 4 show though I think it would be pretty cool if it was. This is all about Roy Hodgson's ability to seemingly do the impossible.

When Roy took charge of West Brom, we accepted certain things were impossibilities as an Albion fan and most accepted certain things were impossibilities with Roy in charge. He came with a reputation of having a fantastic home record and being poor away from home. With the Albion, it's been vice versa, though that's probably one myth Albion fans didn't want busted.

The first hoodoo that Hodgson dealt with was one that would have given him great personal pleasure, whatever he may have said in public and that was beating Liverpool. Previously Albion had never recorded a premier league point against the reds and in fact had never scored a goal against them in all those Premier League fixtures. With Hodgson at the helm, the Baggies emerged 2-1 victors with Chris Brunt scoring twice from the penalty spot.

In the same season, Hodgson ended another hoodoo that had given Baggies fans much pain over the years, and that was beating Aston Villa. Though we didn't finish above our neighbours last season, the taste of victory was certainly sweet especially with 10 men on the pitch for the last half hour of the game. I think the winning goal that day from Mulumbu is probably one of, if not, my best moment as an Albion fan.

This year, Hodgson has continued the trend of getting Albion unexpected points. The first example of this was once again at the expense of Aston Villa. Roy took our players to Villa Park, and amidst a series of dodgy calls from the officials and a missed penalty from Brunt, it was West Brom who won the game, this time thanks to Paul Scharner.

That victory was followed up by another unexpected away win for West Brom, this time at Stoke City. This was probably the most accepted of results as an Albion fan, it seemed however well we played and how poorly Stoke played, they would always win-home or away. But this time around, everything clicked for Albion. Ben Foster saved a penalty and even a late equaliser from Stoke was cancelled out by Graham Dorrans' very late winner.

Today, Albion have another hoodoo they could do with breaking as they come up against Chelsea. The Baggies have faced Chelsea 11 times in the Premier League, and have the unenviable record of having lost every single game against them. In fact, West Brom have only scored 4 goals in those 11 meetings though both games against Chelsea under Hodgson have seen Albion score.

There will be no better chance than today to try and get something from Chelsea. They are not the force they used to be, players like Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba are ageing at an alarming rate for Andre Villas Boas. And having scored 9 in our previous two games, conceding one, the players must be brimming with confident.

I'm letting my optimistic side take over, and I'm going to say 2-1 to Albion.

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Posted by John Leslie on 03/11/2012

Hi I do enjoy reading your entries-they provide an enlightening perspective on WBA matches!

However, I am deeply disappointed that you do not write enough entries- for instance, its less than eight hours before the United game and I have yet to read your latest post! Are you not interested or too occupied to post entries?

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David Young Matthew Evans: I've supported West Brom all my life, and it's fair to say that they give me my fair share of ups and downs. I'm always guaranteed an emotional rollercoaster of a season whatever division the Baggies are in. I try to remain positive in my views on Albion, although that is impossible at some points. My favourite Albion player of the moment is Youssuff Mulumbu, and of my lifetime it has to be Super Bob Taylor.You can follow me on twitter @MattEvansWBA

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