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Larissa Riquelme has strutted her stuff with aplomb.© Associated Press

Paraguayan beauty Larissa Riquelme has tried her very own brand of motivation, by promising fans she will strip naked if they reach the semi-finals.

The model has found plenty of attention in South Africa, appearing in the majority of the team's games - often scantily clad - to the apparent delight of the male fans around her. And if Paraguay manage to defy the odds and defeat reigning European Championship holders Spain, the people of the capital of Asuncion will be amply rewarded.

"If Paraguay reach the semi-finals or final, I will strip naked in the [Asuncion central square] Plaza de la Democracia," she told Argentine TV station Telefe.

Her promise has been welcomed a little more enthusiastically than that of Diego Maradona - who vowed earlier this year that he would dance naked in the streets of Buenos Aires if Argentina won the World Cup. Fortunately (some might say) that prospect no longer exists after Argentina's elimination.

Riquelme has found herself being given plenty of airtime and happily admits that the chief purpose of her trip to South Africa - aside from watching Gerardo Martino's side in action, of course - has been to boost her profile. Job done then.

"My idea was to become well known, but what has happened so far I am overjoyed with, the fact that it has crossed the borders of Paraguay and become worldwide is something incredible."

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