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Posted by Colin McCullough on 05/05/2012

"I think we are going to have to win the lot. We are going to need 12 points. It is going to be very tight but we are capable of doing that."

So far so good then, with Spurs now halfway to reaching the target set by Harry Redknapp following the defeat at Loftus Road. Although the last two games have shown some improvement, the upswing in the club's fortunes has undoubtedly been aided and abetted by others. The inexplicable lack of ambition shown by Blackburn at White Hart Lane meant that three points were achieved without the home side ever really having to get out of first gear. Blackburn never even managed an attempt on goal, an astonishing stat given their fight against relegation. In point of fact, they appeared to have no fight at all and will surely be playing Championship football next season.

Their fellow strugglers, Bolton Wanderers, presented much more of a challenge, especially after equalizing early in the second half at the Reebok. For a while it looked like Spurs might end up struggling to hold on for a point. Thankfully it all came good courtesy of a ten minute spell in which Spurs scored three times, pushing Bolton closer to the drop in the process.

The teams around Spurs have also faltered. Newcastle dropped points at the DW Stadium against a hugely impressive Wigan side, before turning around and knocking Chelsea out of the running for the top four. Newcastle now host Man City, in what is a mouthwatering prospect for the neutrals. Every Spurs fan, however, will be looking for the visitors to take at least something from the game.

Most pleasingly of all, that other team from north London are faltering, most recently at home to Norwich. The sight of Norwich's thoroughly deserved late equalizer hitting the net was pure, unadulterated joy. It also handed Spurs the prospect of guaranteed Champions League football, regardless of what Chelsea do or don't do at the Allianz Arena in two weeks time. Two wins against Villa and Fulham will be enough.

The run-in to the end of the season is taking place in something of a strange atmosphere at the club. Contrary to just about everyone's expectations, Harry Redknapp was passed over for the England post. While he has made all the right noises, time will tell whether or not this turn of events will retrain his focus on his current task or leave him distracted by thoughts of a job which he himself admits is now unlikely to come his way again. Speculation continues to grow about the futures of both Bale and Modric, with the manager stating that "We are not looking to sell our best players. We are looking to build a team here, not dismantle."

Qualification for the Champions League may end up having a very large bearing on which of those two roads the team goes down. That objective at least is now in Spurs' own hands.

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Posted by Azas on 05/05/2012

Please please don't miss this chance . We have to be ruthless. It's in our harry we trust. Coys !

Posted by Emanuel Bangbose on 05/05/2012

Thank God for little mercies, now spurs need to deliver away to Aston Villa first things first....

Posted by gerry connolly on 05/05/2012

your such a better team than arsenal never mind villa.. but get out there and perform for 90 mins.. 2 games from third villa away fulham at home show all the fantastic spurs fans how good you are

Posted by dazzwater on 05/06/2012

Two words: Scott Parker. we start playing fluently and winning when he's not around to tamper with our attacking moves. Coincidence?

He's a great player, but somehow shifted his focus from enforcer, which he excelled at earlier in the season, to another, mostly redundant and detrimental, peg in our passing pinball machine. Me thinks he should play more like Sandro, ie keep out of Modric's way.

Posted by epochery on 05/06/2012

I hate to poo poo anything, but this is the point when Spurs usually let us down. These are not easy games and the added pressure will make it even tougher. Keep our fingers crossed boys and girls

Posted by Tu2 on 05/06/2012

I thing we hav the better chanc 2 end this season in 3rd position in herry we trust he can do the job 4 us go spurs go we r behind u

Posted by Dennis Patten on 05/06/2012

At midnight here in Sydney, I will switching channels all night to hopefully see Man City down Newcastle, while we wallop Villa. Glory Glory Hallelujiah !!

Posted by josh on 05/06/2012

Held at Villa. Could have locked up top four and had the lead on 3rd. Only bright spot is Fulham don't have as much to play for next Sunday. West Brom will want to send Roy off with a big win and that should motivate them against that other North London club. 3rd can still be had, but we could have put ourselves in much better position for it. Squad rotation, to me, remains the biggest problem for us down the stretch.

Posted by Swaleh on 05/06/2012

I amn't too much frustrated by the spurs draw today, coz i know when u r in competitio u ve to accept the outcome either loose or win and that is how sport spell.crongatulations to the ten men who have showed up their courage and came with the equiliser bcoz that wasn't an easy task at all.For know i kindly encourage spurs not to loose hope or frightened by todays draw regarding the champs league campaign.I want them to come in full spirit in the last game against fullham,play it like nothing happens before or will happen after.Every player should remove bad thought in affection of the club results, instead cooperate mostly with one another during the game so as to make the outcome much better.

Posted by turbojim88 on 05/08/2012

It's run in time! Well, whether the club is able to hold on the big name players is hanging on the final game.
Anyway, I would prefer to focus on building next season's team structure by now.
It will be disaster if Harry going to miss young good players again. He still dragging his backside on making decision. Players like Verthonghen, Drogba, Dempsey,Lukaku and De Jong are great candidates. Forget about Hazard, not even Man U can touch him, unless some oil typhoon buy Levy off.
We really need strengthen the CB position and also the lack scoring CF. Harry made some wrong decision before and he has to accept the fact.
Now is the time put those past aside and rebuild the team and aim for championship, not just top 4.
Aren't you Spurs tired of been treated as '4th Best' and need to fight off Arsenal, Chelsea, LIverpool and now - Newcastle?
Damn, we are better than that! Levy, your lack of ambition disappoint Spurs fans. This club will end up on mid table if you go on like this.

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