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Posted by Colin McCullough on 04/07/2012

Newcastle's win at the Liberty Stadium - their fourth in a row - keeps them hot on the heels of Spurs, who themselves face another north-east club this weekend. With the gap between fourth and fifth now standing at just two points Spurs will be hoping not only to take something from their visit to Sunderland, but also that Wigan can maintain their recent run of good form when they face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

This will be the scenario with each round of Premier League matches until the end of the season - looking for Spurs to take maximum points where possible, while waiting for the teams around them to slip up. In that regard, it is a considerable blessing that Chelsea are still involved in the Champions League, given the inevitable distraction from the league campaign that this will create. In fact, their fixture list would appear to be beneficial in another respect. Chelsea face Spurs in the semi-final of the FA Cup just three days before taking on Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. Hopefully, then, their games against the Spanish giants will take a toll on two fronts and benefit Spurs in both instances.

Third spot is suddenly looking like a possibility once more, with that other team from north London having slipped up against QPR. With their next game being against Man City, there's a fair chance that Spurs can move ahead of them in the table - at least for the time being. As far as the manager is concerned, however, the real objective is clear:

"I'd take five more wins. If we get them, we'll have Champions League football. I'd love to finish above Arsenal if I can but if we can get Champions League football next year, that's the key."

The win over Swansea will have done a great deal to restore confidence that had been shaken - just a little - in recent weeks. Although Aaron Lennon continues to struggle with a hamstring problem, he is at least now a contender for a place in the side, giving it some natural balance in the process. In the meantime, key players like Modric and Bale appear to hitting the kind of form that will be sorely needed in the coming weeks. Looking beyond that, both have also been linked with moves away from White Hart Lane. Modric is seemingly coveted by the two Manchester clubs, while Bale's purported destination is Spain. The Welshman, perhaps unsurprisingly, is not inclined to scotch these rumours: "If you are talking about Barcelona or Real Madrid, two of the biggest clubs in the world, then it's a bit like Harry and England, it's a once-in-a-lifetime dream." Neat footwork indeed, Gareth.

Before getting too concerned about either of those issues, however, a difficult game against Martin O'Neill's rejuvenated Sunderland needs to be negotiated. Spurs have failed to win any of their last six in the league away from home. Now would be a good time to break that sequence.

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Posted by Leo - Malaysia on 04/07/2012

Crucial game fortoday match against tne saint..A win ll lift our chance 2b top 3 n morally ll b a boost too if we won at the stadium of light...

Again the transfer rumours reg bale, modric ll not b stop unless tats a pay rise for modric may b 120k per week for him..Then for bale i dun tin ll do him any good if he going to barca or madrid..Bcs they got a better quality players than him..

So just forgot abt all these this time, harry just need to make sure levy do his job perfectly during the summer..Get some top quality in n hold on the star n potential...

COYS the season still long way b4 finish concentrate of how to get all these game won... Then give our best to beat chelsea at fa cup n go to final n lift the FA cup at Wembley....

Posted by Mike in USA on 04/07/2012

Missed the game today because of our ongoing struggle with the cable company, but I'm totally lost given the stats!

71% possession - 1 shot on goal!? What on earth were they doing all game!? And with wins from Chelsea and Newcastle bringing them within 3 points of us, I can't say I have a warm, fuzzy feeling.

One last thing - did we really try to play Modric out on the wing again? He did great there in a couple seasons ago, but he's no longer at his best out there. Keep him in the middle next to Parker/Sandro so he can dictate the game. Stick Krancjar or another attack-minded midfielder out there to put more pressure on the defenders.

Posted by dave lush on 04/08/2012

I cannot understand why Harry lets the team defence push the ball around for ages when we are totally on top of the other team. The other teams are dreading that they are going to attack again but we sit back there pushing the ball around while they are getting their getting their air back. when in this situation must attack attack attack. they did it again agaist Suderland it's stupid. DON'T let the other team off the hook spurdave

Posted by Pardus Macht on 04/09/2012

We REALLY need to push all the way and get that 3rd UCL spot. Why? In the off-chance Chelsea wins the UCL, that would mean 4th place in the BPL will only get you Europa League.

Time to wake up.

Posted by Aaron on 04/10/2012

We have 5 matches remaining, and 4 of them are against the teams currently 15th - 18th in the table. Newcastle and Chelsea have decidedly more difficult schedules and they have to play each other.

Unfortunately, we've only taken the 3 points once in the last 8 attempts...and, one could make the argument that since the teams we have yet to play will be fighting for survival, it might not be as easy as one would hope.

I think 3rd place is unlikely. Priority #1 is simply qualifying for the UCL. An FA Cup trophy would be icing on the itself it would be bittersweet.

Posted by dave lush on 04/16/2012

This semi final game was a complete disaster. Who can The writers say Spurs were beaten by a better team. The game was even and the gaol by Drogba was a classic.Now the referee gets involed in deciding who is going to win.First of all second goal was blatently a foul in the box before the ball so called went over the line which it did not then on Spurs goal inspite of it going in the goalkeeper should have been sent off. It would be hard for any team to survive after all that. Any referee if he was not sure should have let play go on IT is hard for any team to overcome such goings on. I guess one day they will get instant replay put into the game it sure needs it. A little bit of good news Wigan came through for us.

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