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Posted by Colin McCullough on 03/27/2012

There's been an awful lot of doom and gloom lately about Spurs' supposed slump, which has seen that other team from north London claw back a ten point gap and take over third place. Harry Redknapp, however, has been typically sanguine about the run of results which has seen Spurs take two points from a possible fifteen:

"It is not as if we have been playing badly. If we'd been coming in short of confidence every morning I'd have been worried but that's not been the case. It is in our favour at the moment but it can all change. We just have to keep picking up results. We have decent games now. We have to make sure we win six out of the last eight."

It goes without saying that the manager would not want to be seen to be pressing the panic button, but his assessment sounds about right. With the exception of part of the game at the Emirates, Spurs have not really played that poorly in recent weeks. They were the better side against both Stoke and Chelsea, with more possession and more attempts on goal in each case. It's true that the players have looked a little short on inspiration at times, but it would be wrong to characterize the situation - as it has been in some sections of the media - as a nose-dive in form. While two draws from the last five games is nothing to celebrate, a majority of the fans would probably have been happy enough with another two or three points over the period, given the fixtures concerned.

Certainly the result at Stamford Bridge was a good one. It maintains the five point lead over Chelsea in fifth, and was achieved in what should be - on paper at least - the most challenging game through the end of the season. Chelsea have a marginally more difficult run-in, although it is important not to discount Newcastle who are now mounting a late challenge. That would appear to be all the runners and riders for a Champions League spot, now that Liverpool are seemingly in freefall. Looking up the way, it remains to be seen if that other team from north London can be overtaken for third. Having got their noses in front, their current form is impressive enough to suggest that they could well stay there.

Lastly, some observations following Fabrice Muamba's collapse during the FA Cup tie against Bolton. Thankfully the player seems to be on the road to recovery, thanks in part to the actions of the Spurs medical staff and Dr. Andrew Deaner, the cardiologist who emerged from the crowd to give his assistance. While those practical measures were being applied, they were supported by the compassion and concern of the White Hart Lane crowd. From the moment play was stopped until the game was abandoned, the attitude and behavior of the Spurs fans were impeccable. In other words, they are proper football supporters.

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Posted by Will on 03/27/2012

Last paragraph: at how many other grounds would this have ocurred?
When I heard the chanting of his name by the whole crowd I have never ever over 60 yrs been so proud of my club and that includes the Double and all of those (ECWC, UEFA, FAC) cup wins.

That and "clean" footballers(2-3 exceptions in 60 yrs) and a club hierarchy who do NOT cheat as do certain other clubs (1919 anyone?) place us in an ethics zone with which no PL or CL win could do and well abovre all others.

Pride is not one of my familair emotions but I felt it here.

Posted by Steve on 03/27/2012

I agree that it's (hopefully) a blip in form 2 draws means hopefully back to winning ways now. That other team from north London still have to play man city so hopefully they can do us a favour. If we match arsenal and then win that game we could leap frog them.


Posted by Will on 03/27/2012

Apologies I waas "carried away".
The "blip" was really a slump no matter what you call it as we do unfortunately go by results, although hopefully now ended.I watched Modric carefully and frankly I was unimpressed as when we have needed him most in the last 4-5 games he hasn't really appeared. Don't get me wrong: in bottom gear he still is good but he was playing as though his heart wasn't in it vs Chelsea IMHO. White was consistency in the extreme and Modric has a long way to go before he is in that class.

The only thing that I cannot uinderstand is why (when we dominate the first 45) we lose the next 20 totally byt failing to press them. It has happened in almost every match with VdV being typical ( a 45 min player if there ever was one).
Noneof our forwards or midfield pressed and gave them the advanatage and Fridel booting upfield with Adebayor on the wing was quite pointless as we had built drom the back in the first half.
No point in hoping for head downs with 2 good CDs

Posted by spursguv on 03/27/2012

This blip occurred coz rednapp was pissing about. He moved bale and Modric and let parker get forward and stay there. We also cannot defend when playing a 442. This didn't happen v chelsea and the result was for all to see. Big kudos to all the fans who showed respect for a fallen footballer. Hears hoping lennon gets back and rednapp doesn't try to use Saha ina 442 just because he can. It kills us.

Posted by LENNIE NAIDOO on 03/28/2012

The game against Bolton in the FAC showed that Spurs are up there with the elite of football,the character they showed says that we are not in a slump,all our games we have played so far we gave it our best shot.We must also remember who our oppisition were, Man United champions who always get the result even when they play badly as was the case in that game,Stoke with all due respect they parked a double decker bus, look at the stats,Chelsea the wood work saved both teams fair result I dont there is a slump or blip just not lucky

Posted by Sam, Jakarta on 03/28/2012

I like both North London clubs...but at the moment I must say I like the other better. At the moment, with such steady performance, I like to say come May, will remain third.

Posted by Curtis on 03/30/2012

Arsenal still have City and Chelsea at home and Stoke on the road. I could easily see them dropping six points. Chelsea travel to Arsenal and Liverpool and host Newcastle, knowing they realistically cannot drop another point. Newcastle is the same boat, with Chelsea, Liverpool, and City still on the list.

Meanwhile Spurs will be favored in all eight matches during the run in. The results have not been favorable, but when the fixture list was released, we all knew that this run of fixtures in March was by far the trickiest. That we emerge with a significant lead on 5/6 in tact.

It will be tough to overhaul Arsenal for third, but I think rising to third is more likely than falling to fifth. COYS!!

Posted by Kevin on 04/03/2012

Certainly a blip, coupled with some pretty bizarre/terrible tactical decisions that resulted in results against us. I'd say it started with the gunners game, when somehow we let the arse beat us so emphatically (which coincidentally jump started their winning streak). Some observations from this blip:
1) Bale is not a right winger. Period. He can roam all he wants to the centre of the park but stay away from the right wing. Crossing with the outside of your left foot is just plain silly.
2) Livermore/Sandro/Parker need to stop imitating the King of the sideway pass (aka Jenas) and start putting in meaningful forward probing passes. Leaving the probing to just Modric/Bale means allowing the opposition to focus on boxing out the two of them.
3) We need to start defending set pieces better. Way too many conceded from sets.

On a side note, we did really well against MU and MC, I for one was really disappointed we couldn't get anything out of those two games.

Posted by LENNIE NAIDOO on 04/03/2012

Third is on the cards,Arsenal have to overcome Chelsea and City which is not going to be easy. City want the League and Chelsea want UCL.
Both these games will end in a draw,that is four points gained by Spurs which should see us hold onto third.The worry now is who will leave in the summer,Modric name has been mentioned as well as Bale,Adebyor is to expensive to keep and Spurs only want to pay minium wage so I cant see Spurs making marquee signings which will be difficult with the cream leaving and no money to spend for huge salaries.

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