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Posted by Colin McCullough on 01/11/2011

Is he going to be signing a five year contract? Or just popping into Harry's office for a five minute chat and a quick cup of tea? The truth is presumably somewhere in between, but it is still hard to tell how the Beckham saga will finally resolve itself. The flavor of the whole affair was beautifully captured in Harry Redknapp's response to an inquiry about whether or not Becks would be in attendance for the FA Cup tie against Charlton - "I don't think so. I'm 99 per cent sure, as far as I know, he's not coming today." Well, that's cleared that up then.

What also seems to be unclear to the Spurs fans is what exactly Beckham brings to the table, with opinion apparently split down the middle. On the one hand there are the worriers who believe that a successful Spurs campaign will be disrupted by the mid-season introduction of a big time Charlie, a la Faustino Asprilla at Keegan's Newcastle. Yet if Beckham trails disruption behind him, it is only by association rather than action. His celebrity and wealth are a given, and while they may rile the naysayers, his personal and professional attributes surely outweigh the trappings of his considerable fame. Beckham is a credit to the game, both on and off the field, with his range of skills having been honed by countless hours on the training pitch. In that respect, it's hard to see the downside of having him at the Lane, in some capacity, for whatever time turns out to be feasible.

That view is certainly not lost on the manager, who clearly has at least one specific goal in mind:

"I think it will be good for Aaron. They obviously know each other from being around the England team but Aaron is a different type of player. Aaron is a little, fast winger and Beckham gets it out of his feet and delivers the ball. It will be interesting. With Beckham's delivery, you don't always have to beat people. As a winger it comes down to the final ball, how many crosses you can get in and assists you give and goals you create and I think David can deliver that ball."

This may be as much a veiled criticism of Aaron Lennon's deficiencies in serving up the telling pass as it is praise of Beckham's peerless facility in that regard. Yet there is no doubt that the younger Spurs players in particular can benefit from exposure to the good habits of player who has a cabinet full of winner's medals and has been capped 115 times by his country.

One player who would benefit more than most will seemingly not be in a position to take advantage. David Bentley appears to be headed to Birmingham on loan, with the only unfortunate aspect being that it is not a permanent deal. Bentley has dined out on his spectacular goal in the 4-4 draw against the other team from North London, but the positive contributions he has made on the rare occasions when he gets a game have been eclipsed by his ridiculous showboating. It will be interesting to see how far those characteristics find favor with the pragmatic Big Eck. Good luck David, but don't hurry back.

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Posted by Ashley Collie on 01/11/2011

"Good luck David (Bentley), but don't hurry back." LMAO, right on, laddie. . .and don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave. COYS!

Posted by Philadelphia Hotspur on 01/11/2011

It will be interesting to see how this plays out....He can definitely help out on set pieces and crosses, but a clear advantage that Spurs have is the significant pace on both wings which will obviously be mitigated w/ Beckham @ RW.

No commentary on the Everton Fixture ? I was hoping to see your perspective and Arry's continued use of Jenas at the CDM spot which makes little sense against strong teams. Its nots like the Spurs are in any position to make defensive concessions to incorporate Jenas into the line-up especially since I can't really think of too much positive he does on the attack.

Maybe I'm just a Jenas hater (actually, no maybe about it)......But maybe, Arry needs to lose a certain bias towards his fellow english players. IMO

Posted by Mike in USA on 01/11/2011

Philly Hotspur hits it on the head (and another yank to boot!?). Jenas really has no place in our midfield. He doesnt defend well, he doesnt chase down the ball as Hudd and Palacios do, and he's not nearly the creative force Modric is.

As for the fixture itsself, the first goal was tragic. Gallas had to scramble out of the box to close down Saha who was already in full run. Where was Jenas? about 3 steps behind, napping and out of position.

Ive really been hoping Palacios will get back to his old ways of Sandro would be an incredible revalation, but since neither of those things have happened and O'Hara and Hudd remain on the treatment table, maybe the rumored move for Lass Diarra may not be a terrible idea.

Posted by Nashon on 01/11/2011

man!!! philadelphia hotspur u took the words right out of my mouth about JENAS i'm in total agreement, if he's playing jenas at CDM he might as well play kranjcar(who i would love to see get more playing time i thought he was excellent for us last season) and modric in the middle there and let every game finish 6-5, spurs need to start thinking of ourselves as a regular champions league team and players like jenas just dont fit that billing, he'e needs to be moved on asap to some mid table team, probably sunderland. Can someone explain to me the interest in phil neville!!! I'm completely in the woods with that one.

Posted by EdmSpurs on 01/11/2011

And what is the deal with Pienaar reportedly signing for Spurs? Seems a little redundant to me. Whose place is he going to take? Modric? VdV? Bale? Seems like we are signing him because it's a good deal.

Posted by Chicago Bill on 01/11/2011

Off-topic but is anyone else concerned about our so-called target strikers of Suarez and Cavani. Both are undoubted class and would be a big upgrade but are either of them right for the sole striker with RDV in support role. Our biggest problem is breaking down a bunker defence like Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn etc with big physical central defenders. For these we need a big athletic striker who would play in the box and take the abuse from the other teams thugs (sorry - central defenders). Dzeko would have been good and so would Carroll. Anyone else?

Posted by Anonymous on 01/12/2011

sighing him because there is a long season ahead of us still if we move on in champions... players are gonna need some rest and pienaar only improves our bench

Posted by AJ on 01/12/2011

I'm jumping right on the 'I hate Jenas' bandwagon. I have seen nothing from him in recent years. No creativity, no work, nothing.

As for Becks, he will likely be a mixed blessing at best. His delivery is excellent as long as the ball is landing on Pav or Defoe and not Crouch (who Harry is favoring lately despite a dip in form.) I understand Harry wanting a threat from all angles, and I have to admit that despite how much I like Lennon, he isn't always the best at the final ball.

I just wish Harry was going for someone who was more permanent.

Posted by Brendan on 01/12/2011

Because of the new roster rules for this season, Pienaar would have to bump someone out. It would be nice to have him on the bench, but he won't agree to sit while vdv and modric play ahead of him as attacking players. The season is long and we have some tough matches but another attacking central midfield player is not the answer.

Posted by Mike in USA on 01/13/2011

@ Brendan: I would disagree that we "dont need a cm" when clearly we do. Not that we dont need a striker or a new LB, but the need is equally great because of injuries.

Ideal transfers IMO:
CDM - Mark Van Bommel (tough, cheap, and short term)

LB; Leighton Baines (forget the Neville link, best LB in the premiere league. Corluka and Hutton are getting the job done on the right. BAE is our only LB and he aint a strong one.)

FW: Fernando Llorente or Andy Carroll (both tall battlers)

Out: Keane, Bentley, Jenas, Woodgate (sigh), King (double sigh) and either Pav or Crouch.

Pienaar would be lateral movement with wingers like Krancjar, Dos Santos, Danny Rose, and Townsend there for cover.

Posted by EdmSpurs on 01/13/2011

@Mike in USA

I do see your point (I think we need a better CF, a left back and someone to plug the gap in midfield that would allow Modric, VdV, Bale, and Lennon to go forward).

I just don't think Pienaar would be happy sitting on the bench...ever. Why would he? Right now he's a guaranteed starter at Everton. He's a good player and I think he would help in the Champions League (if he signs for this season and hopefully we get in next), but he wouldn't be happy playing every other game.

Posted by antigooner on 01/17/2011

now with keano gone, what we need is a naturally-gifted frontman for defoe. pav and crouchie are good, but they lack that extra bit of bite. perhaps a solid defensive midfielder would be a positive addition (in the palacios build).

starting xi

gomes (gk)
BAE (lb)
dawson (cb)
bassong (cb)
kaboul (rb)
lennon (rm)
modric (acm)
palacios (dcm)
bale (lm)
vdv (roaming behind main striker)
defoe (fwd)

possible purchases
Shay Given (tried and very tested)
Llorente (tall muscular hitman)

for sale please

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