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Posted by Lars Knutsen on 09/15/2010

OK, I admit I was maybe a bit hasty in questioning Gyan's record transfer fee. My last posting received over 40 comments, mainly telling me how Asmoah G. would settle quickly in the top league in the world. So he arrived and made an impact after just training for one day with his new teammates, as well as being jet lagged after a game for Ghana. Gyan was fresh and focused enough to sweep in a majestic cross from Jordan Henderson for a truly stunning strike that put Sunderland in with a chance of winning the game after the earlier indiscretion from Lee Cattermole.

So I was happily forced to eat my words, not quite in the class of Michael Fish on the BBC in 1987 when he said that there was a phone call from a lady in Cornwall saying that a hurricane was on its way, but told the viewers not to worry. The SE of England was devastated with winds of over 100 mph the following day!

I was hoping for a great debut from Gyan, and if it had not been for Wigan's scrappy late goal, the Lads would have won it. But after being reduced to 10 men so early on, the Black Cats were probably pleased to come away with a draw, especially bearing in mind Wigan's great win at Spurs two weeks ago.

So Steve Bruce may be looking at reviewing the choice of captain, but he must also be reflecting happily at the the movements of players in the last couple of weeks before the transfer deadline. It was great to see Darren Bent celebrating Gyan's goal so wholeheartedly - at last someone who can consistently share the responsiblity of scoring week after week in the Premiership. Roll on Arsenal!
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Posted by frunsix on 09/16/2010

I love Gyan, really. 'Cos not every EPL player gets to score such classy goals on their debuts. So I hope things work out for Gyan!!!!

Posted by T. Yayo Vermon, Burlington U.S.A on 09/21/2010

Look, Bruce needs not to bench Gyan because anytime he benches him, he will be at the benchside with all the goals making it difficult for Bent to score hence, Gyan together with Darren should be on the field to play. Great striker he was and will always be.

Posted by yasin on 11/15/2010

Haaaaaaaaaaa! it was OK, yes Sunderland they can

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