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May 25, 2009

Sunderland ended their season with a predictable defeat at home to FA Cup finalists Chelsea, but it was events in Birmingham that made the roof come off at the Stadium of Light.

With the final whistle blown, Sunderland fans waited anxiously for confirmation that Aston Villa had beaten Newcastle United to send them down to the Championship. As news filtered through that Newcastle had been relegated, the stadium erupted and Wearside has been celebrating the demise of their neighbours since.

The way Newcastle has been run, it's no surprise that they find themselves in such a mess and the fact that Alan Shearer took them down makes it even more special to Sunderland fans. A banner at Villa Park aimed at the Geordies travelling fans summed it up perfectly: 'Who's your next Messiah - Ant or Dec?'.

Lars Knutsen Lars Knutsen was born in Sunderland of Norwegian parents across the Wear from the SSOL back when shipbuilding not car manufacture was the city’s main industry. His first game was in 1968 and he has followed the Black Cats since then, with great memories of the 1973 FA Cup. He hopes the “yo-yo” days are over and defines supporting a team by whether the result affects your mood (but maybe not in the way portrayed in the book “Fever Pitch”!) so has been cheerful recently. He endured school in Newc**tle, has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, a Professorship at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, and works in the Pharma industry as a consultant Medicinal Chemist.

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