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May 16, 2012
Posted by James Whittaker on 05/16/2012

In a month that saw the news of our long time kit lady Winnie leaving, it was Ricardo Fuller who was hung out to dry as Pulis poked his finger in the eyes of the fans who dared to suggest he should be starting over the ever inept Walters.

May 9, 2012
Posted by James Whittaker on 05/09/2012

Insanity – Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different outcomes...

May 1, 2012
Posted by James Whittaker on 05/01/2012

In a game that saw little action for either goalie, it was the hilarious Wenger dance that livened up the crowds. Sadly the ever predictable Fleet Street contingent chose to concentrate on the boos that Ramsey received with lazy one liners on Twitter bereft of any context whatsoever that only sought to incite ignorant public outrage.

James Whittaker James Whittaker is a football writer and ardent Stoke fan. Having moved to Leeds as a youngster his father refused to take him to his local Championship winning side and instead insisted he chose the Third Division team of his forefathers, Stoke City. Since then there has been no looking back and having been brought up on a diet of Dave Rowson, Kyle Lightbourne and John Gayle, is now embracing the dizzy heights of the top flight for the first time in his life. Fiercely loyal, though always welcoming sensible chat and debate, you can find him on Twitter @ESPN_Stoke

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