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February 28, 2012
Posted by James Whittaker on 02/28/2012

It was the cliched 'clash of styles' again as Stoke met Swansea eager to put an end to their winless streak, but it was the Potters who were smiling at the final whistle as substance overcame style with two set pieces winning the three points on the day.

February 14, 2012
Posted by James Whittaker on 02/14/2012

It was yet another game that was lost at 2pm as the team sheets were submitted, the manager's insistence of starting a sub standard side only to bring on his best players with 20 mins remaining and a two goal deficit to claw back is now not just irritating, it's downright stupid.

February 7, 2012
Posted by James Whittaker on 02/07/2012

It was another game played under horrendous weather conditions but it was the decision to send off Huth that has dictated conversation after the event as fans from both sides argue the rights and wrongs of a game changing decision whilst the club conduct their own investigation to understand how a sniper found his way onto the roof of the Boothen End to take Meyler out.

James Whittaker James Whittaker is a football writer and ardent Stoke fan. Having moved to Leeds as a youngster his father refused to take him to his local Championship winning side and instead insisted he chose the Third Division team of his forefathers, Stoke City. Since then there has been no looking back and having been brought up on a diet of Dave Rowson, Kyle Lightbourne and John Gayle, is now embracing the dizzy heights of the top flight for the first time in his life. Fiercely loyal, though always welcoming sensible chat and debate, you can find him on Twitter @ESPN_Stoke

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