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Posted by Daniel Cho on 06/17/2010






Posted by Jules on 06/17/2010

I'm walking around in a daze, still feeling a bit mystified about what happened today. I tried to retain a realistic perspective about Argentina, but nevertheless, I am completely heartbroken. I'll be having a few drinks myself tonight.

Still love my team though, and it's not over by any means!

Posted by D.H. Chung on 06/17/2010

I think it's important to maintain perspective and keep reminding ourselves that while Korea is fielding a respectable team and had a superb performance against Greece, Argentina is a long time superpower that came out hungry after an initial lackluster opener. I just hope that our team can maintain the fighting spirit against Nigeria and give it their best shot.

Posted by Steve on 06/17/2010

Well... lazy defending (too many were ball-watching), conceded too many soft goals, oh bum-suk got tormented & he looked scared to play, horrible use of subs & finally bad tactic.

On the bright side, Lee Chung Yong's goal mean we still have an upper hand over Greece in standings.

And now.. I'm off to follow your lead in drinking.

Posted by Carter on 06/18/2010

It's been happening against top teams. Our South Korean team gets that deer-in-the-headlights look. They fought hard last night but weren't able to muster any opportunities.

Having to watch the midfield carved up and the backline dismantled was tough to bear. What happens most often against a side like Argentina that is prolific and constantly threatening is that if the South Korean defenders manage to somehow possess the ball, they turn the ball back right over; like a game of hot potato. It happened a few times against Greece as well. Win the ball in a tackle, stand up and basically send the ball to no where in particular.

If South Korea manages a win against Nigeria, the team might be better served playing 4-5-1 with The One either being Neo from the Matrix or Usain Bolt. Win the ball and just launch it downfield and hope one of the speedy two can gain possession and put a shot on goal.

Posted by Joseph G on 06/18/2010

It's sad to see South Korea lost, even though this is not my country. But I still think that South Korea has done Asia proud. We are up against one of the best in the world and I don't think the team has done badly, Argentina are just too good.

There are Korean students watching together with us and when the final whistle was blown, we can tell that they are dissapointed, but when asked about how they felt, they said that they are still proud of their team.

Infact, our loudest cheer in the night was the goal by Lee Chung-yong.

Asia still believes in you - South Korea. We still have a match with Nigeria, we can we this and move on to the knock out stage. Come-on!

- Fans from Singapore

Posted by JP on 06/18/2010

Yeom Ki-Hoon is the worst player on the team. Please, please get him off the field.

Every time, he touches the ball... he gets it stolen by the other side.

Plus, he gave up a golden opportunity to score in game... and he messed it up.

Sad, but not surprising. Some players have that something special and some don't... Yeom has nothing.

I challenge you to see any of the highlights... everytime he touches the ball, it's a disaster...

Posted by Matthew Park on 06/18/2010

I hated Huh Jung Muh's plan for this game. Huh picked Oh Beom Suk over Cha Du Ri because he thought we could keep up with Argentina with Skill instead of Speed and Strength quoting my little brother. Also, I have no idea why Huh decided to substitute Kim Nam Ill for Ki Seung Yong. If we were winning, I would have agreed, but like I said before, if we were losing after the half, then change the formation to 4-4-2 taking out Yeom Ki Hyun and adding a forward either Lee Seung Ryul or Lee Dong Gook. I thought this was the time when Lee Geun Ho could have been useful, an aggresive speedy forward. We need to win the midfield battles and be smarter on defense. In Korea, the boxing out technique is used when Adults want to pay for dinner so the other adult cannot pay. Maybe we should of used the philosphy in the box instead of letting the Argentina players box us out. Hopefully this is a wake up call so we actually show up against Nigeria.

Posted by TJdaDJ on 06/18/2010

I was hoping if Korea Republic was to lose, they will lose by 2-1 the most. The fact Korea now lost 4-1, that means Korea and Greece are locked at -1 goal each.

Now, the main concern is - if Argentina is bothered to play their last game against Greece! If they dont, then Greece have every chance to shock them. Which i think the most that could happen is a Draw!

Which means, Korea will have to beat Nigeria to have a safe passage into the next round! Goal difference will play a big part in this.

-Fans from Malaysia
P/S remember back in the days during the late 70's into the 80's when both our countries where great at this game in Asia, and we used to lock horns and had our fair share of wins!

We wish to emulate that feet again. Though dark clouds still hover us. The believe is still there, and we believe Korea will make it to the last 16!

Good Luck!

Posted by Chris on 06/18/2010

As a long time fan of South Korea team in world cups. I felt totally devastated after the defeat against Argentina. True, a golden oportunity was wasted around 58' min as stated above.

We can blame the whole game started bad since OG from Park Chu Young (17') and a porous defense in the first half, the same problem detected in the game against Greece.

Whatever, still there is hope for Korea after the Greece victory over Nigeria. If Korea does play to win over the african team or can draw, and if Argentina does its business over Greece and defeat the hellenic team, Korea still has a chance. Nobody knows what can happen in the game but let me tell you, i really want Korea advance to the next round and not be put out of the WC like in Germany four years ago where the defeat of Korea against the Swiss cut out all my dreams hoping a better performance like they did in 2002. Cant' stand too many world cups in Round 1 :-(

Come on korea. you can beat Nigeria, fighting !

Posted by viria on 06/18/2010

In my last post, I said that Korea can have a chance if they can lock Messi, but Korea didn't. So he scored one and assisted one.

After the score was 2-1, I thought that Korea was to stay low on defense and wait for a chance to counter attack with strong runs up field. Again, I was wrong. Korea pumped out all their energy for the equalizer, so much so that they lost 'steam' in the last 25 minutes or so. That was when the Argentines scored.

Going 'shoulder-to-shoulder' with a soccer powerhouse is unnecessary. Korea has nothing to prove. They will lose no matter how hard they tried. The strategy should have been to keep the score close at 1-0 or 2-1. At the end of the match Korea could have been 2-1 or 3-2 on aggregate score with 3 points to their credit. If all three teams (excluding Argentina) ended up the group stage with 3 points, Korea would have the best aggregate score and should qualify to go into the second round.

Posted by bg21828 on 06/18/2010

I hope Korea doesn't get ultra defensive against Nigeria... that would be sad to see. Actually, maybe we should, knock out stages beckons, but no Korea needs to be positive... wait, what if we leave our defense exposed, trying to get forward? No, wait, I dono...

Posted by sam on 06/18/2010

Waiting for Daniel to get SOBER and upload his next post with the objective analysis of the game as he always does.

Cheer up everyone!! It ain't over until the fat lady sings, and my wife hasn't turned on her karaoke-set yet! (luckily for me!)

Korea still depends mostly on Korea's own performance to keep advancing so tighten-up your Tae-Kwon-Do belts and GO for it!!

Best regards to everyone!!

Posted by Steve on 06/18/2010

Well, dreadful day at work with too much drinking from last night (and Celtics lost). Anyways, just re-watched the game & here are my thoughts:

1. Horrible player selection & formation from start. Huh Jung Moo wanted to play 4-5-1, but not sure why you would start Yom ki-hun on the left-wing (don't think he is even known for defending).
2. Huh Jung Moo's gamble on Oh Bum Suk completely backfired. He was inserted in favor of Cha Du-Ri (he was slow in tracking back against Greece) for his "supposed" defensive prowess... well.. Argentina targeted him & he completely sucked. He offered nothing in defense, nothing going forward, horrible with his touches, gave up too much ticky-tacky fouls, & he just looked scared.
3. Really bad substitution. I can't figure out why he took out Ki Sung Yong instead of Yom Ki-Hum & Oh Bum-Suk at halftime.
4. Defenders were lost & clueless with their duty, and were off-position. Lee Yong Pyo gave up 3 goals to Higuain as he didn't defend far post.

Posted by cee on 06/19/2010

What I dont understand is why Huh did not take out Park Chu Young earlier esp. after his lackluster performance during the first half of the game against Argentina (not to mention greece) ... even putting in a goal for the other side -__-;;

Yeah I know he is one of the few Korean players who play in Europe but seeing as how he failed to control the ball the FEW times it was even near the goal (albeit there weren't many players around to help him out) and his general lack of ability to step up to the pressure and get goals are all indications that he shoulda been replaced sooner.

also Oh Bum Suk plainly put....just really sucks.

C'mon Korea lets get it together!!

Posted by blah on 06/20/2010

lee jung soo, the defensive midfielder guy who always salutes during the national anthem, has no touch at all...he turns the ball over every time. He and Yeom are the worst. i hope more Koreans go to the Euro leagues, because the K-league players are terrible

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