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Posted by Paul Johnson on 06/22/2010

Call me mad, call me plain silly but for some reason I feel a surge of confidence in me that South Africa are going to do really well against France.

Maybe I have just got caught up in all of the World Cup spirit but I even have a sense that South Africa might even qualify for the last 16 tomorrow. Sorry - I'm really hammering this optimism thing aren't I ?

I'm in Bloemfontein at the moment, the site of the South Africa game and watching the atmosphere begin to build up as the kick off gets gradually nearer really is a delight. The area is known for it's hard core support and it seems the Bafana Bafana fans here aren't in a mood to let the team down on Tuesday.

The flags and vuvuzela's are out in full force and it's hard not to be swept off your feet by this tidal wave of good feeling. Don't tell the home fans that the French game could be their last in this African World Cup.

A woman in a supermarket today was telling me how convinced she was that South Africa would beat Argentina in the next round. It's blind optimism like that which makes the World Cup such an amazing event. Three simple games of football in this first round can make fans believe anything is possible.

Obviously it kind of helps playing against a team which has probably had their fill of this World Cup already. That would give any kind of opposition a hell of a lot of belief. The French team seem a complete shambles at the moment, in fact maybe shambles is too kind a word for them right now. One of the biggest questions on my mind is will they even put out a team tomorrow night ? I hope they do. What a massive shame it will be for all sets of supporters if France decide to boycott this game.

Maybe Ireland could step in to play Bafana Bafana for one match !?

So, here's my prediction for the game (IF we play France that is) I believe that Bafana Bafana will win 3-0. I don't think France will want to be playing a team that has as much heart and determination as the hosts right now.

As for qualification ? Well, it can't hurt believing. Maybe miracles do still happen ?

Thanks for reading. I'll post again after the game. You can also follow me on twitter for updates, news and random musings:


Posted by Anonymous on 06/22/2010

Cannot understand why Henry is not in action.
What the coach thinking ?
The coach must change. France coach is NG mean NO GOOD

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