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Posted by Paul Johnson on 06/17/2010

The World Cup has yet to kick into life so far, but something I keep constantly hearing (in more ways then one) about are the vuvuzela’s. If you’ve watched any of the tournament’s matches so far, I’m sure you’d have heard them. They’re the cause of that low buzzing sound that seems to echo around every stadium in South Africa.

Mexican Wave? That’s so 1980’s when it comes to crowd participation. Vuvezela’s are the ‘leitmotif’ of this year’s World Cup, but should they stay or go? It’s quite clear that they are a major talking point, being one of the biggest trending topics on Twitter right now. It seems that nothing divides opinion quite like a noisy plastic tube.

People who argue that the horns should be banned at matches say that they drown out all of the atmosphere, the singing, the chants and basically everything we’ve come to expect from crowds who attend matches in Europe.

There is also talk of television companies fielding complaints from viewers who find the noise downright annoying. The BBC is even looking into ways of showing a vuvuzela free broadcast.
But hang on a second, what gives us the right to demand that South African’s have to consign their horns to outside the stadium, aren’t we supposed to be guests in their country right now?

For all of the arguments about banning the noisy horns, I think that people forget exactly what a cultural sticking point they are for South Africans. The noise from the vuvezela’s is part of the country’s identity, it’s how the supporters there express their feelings during matches and it all adds to the unique atmosphere that we’re witnessing at the World Cup right now. So, do we really feel strongly enough to take this away from South Africans? To put it another way, how would Brits feel if suddenly pies and beer were banned from grounds all across the UK?

My opinion is that the World Cup has always had singing at matches. I think it’s great that an instrumental version has finally arrived. Now if only the incessant drone from people moaning about vuvuzela's would cease.

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Posted by elvido on 06/18/2010

I have no issues with it as long as they play some tune! Just a drone is like very loud white noise.

Posted by Sibusiso Dlamini on 06/18/2010

There is no way on this earth that you can be comfortable in someone yard the minute you step on it. Ppl are diverse evrywhere you go. Who are you, to suggest whats happening in South Africa infringe on your comfort zone. Whos comfort zone? Let Africans njoy the World Cup like how Europe or America would have enjoyed it on their backyards.

Posted by Ray Haluska on 06/21/2010

Americans have not complained about the horns. It's the whiny British and some of the other Euro-trash that want to silence this wonderful instrument so we can hear their "intelligent" cheers.

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