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Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/15/2010


Yep, that's us. At least according to what the neutral observers from England, USA and some other countries say. And we also have a few accomplices: Algeria, France, Denmark, maybe some others too ... I apologise again to all the neutral fans - we really haven't been up to our game on Sunday. But it's just that our players were too nervous from the big occasion and their legs "froze" a bit. I know Slovenia can play a lot better (anyone who saw our matches in qualifiers can confirm that) and I'm sure we will better our performance when we meet USA. And we will have to if we want to take anything from the game.


... has been quite subdued. I suspect other teams have a bit similar problems like Slovenia do. Only a few teams have been able to show their real quality so far, and these are actually all the favourites (Argentina, England, Germany, Brazil). And some others as well (South Africa, Mexico, South Korea, USA, North Korea). But definitely not France and Italy.

However, I'm sure the quality of play will rise as the World Cup will continue, as the teams shall adapt to these different conditions (high altitude, vuvuzelas, Jabulani, ...) and acclimatize. I'm not actually a guy who would complain much about the playing quality and that stuff, but so much has been said about it. (And by the way, what's the thing about overhit passes, shots going over the roof of the stadium and all of that?)


I am a bit worried about Slovenia, though. Because all the players and the coach himself have said that it wasn't such a bad performance and that they are happy with how the things have turned and so on ... I hope they do know that the Americans are going to be a much tougher opposition and that we must improve. But still, Kek knows what he's doing, right? Although he hasn't been on a World Cup before. Maybe he just knows that what the team needs right know is some positive feelings, optimism, happiness, belief, ... Well, he still has my full belief.


This is not a very objective award, but this time it has to be North Korea. I mean, which team has so far produced the most drama and feelings? (Also South Africa, who would be the runners-up.) The North Koreans' match against Brasil was perhaps the best of this tournament so far. I cheered for the boys in red all the match, as they seeked to make the Great Leader happy. I hope he was, because they gave it all, fought until the last minute, and lost only 2 - 1 against a team who is ranked 1st in the world (and North Korea are 105th). Well, I was happy. And I think they have a genuine chance of getting to at least eighth-finals which would be a great shock itself. Who knows, we might even meet somewhere in the knock-out stages ... :)


Posted by nogometnik on 06/16/2010

Destroyers of the game they say? I wouldnt be appologizing to anyone for anything! We won the match and we are at the top of group C. America and England are finding this hard to swallow hence them labelling us (SLOVENIJA) "destroyers of the game". I believe Slovenija will destroy America and England in the up and coming matches and they fear us, that is why they are coming out with these irrelevant remarks. There is no denying the technical skill,abillity and team work of team Slovenija and i cant wait to see them play more football because from now on in theyre only going to get better. Behind you all the way Team Slovenija!

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