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June 28, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/28/2010

How unlucky! First, we were 8 minutes away from Round of 16, this time we were one or two away. Slovenia are heading out of the tournament and the player who scored a decisive goal which knocked us out is ... Landon Donovan.

June 22, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/22/2010

Ahh. It's so good being in the centre of attention for once. For years we have been ignored by the wider public, but now, with the spectacular clash with England coming, all the English commentators on Soccernet are going crazy and the word Slovenia is being passed around quite a lot these times.

June 18, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/18/2010

Just as I thought we will be pushed off the top of the group, the Algerians came and saved my day! We all knew that Algeria must do well for us to have any benefit from. And they did, securing a 0 - 0 draw that keeps England in third!

Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/18/2010

USA fought back for a draw in an exciting match and we are left to rue our missed oppportunity as we were eight minutes away from the Round of 16.

June 17, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/17/2010

Landon Donovan stated that USA will have to fight against complacency, and quite right he may be. Indeed, Slovenia now find themselves in the role of underdog, while USA are the favourites, perhaps for the first time at the World Cups. But, will USA really approach the game in a right manner?

June 15, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/15/2010


Yep, that's us. At least according to what the neutral observers from England, USA and some other countries say. And we also have a few accomplices: Algeria, France, Denmark, maybe some others too ... I apologise again to all the neutral fans - we really haven't been up to our game on Sunday. But it's just that our players were too nervous from the big occasion and their legs "froze" a bit. I know Slovenia can play a lot better (anyone who saw our matches in qualifiers can confirm that) and I'm sure we will better our performance when we meet USA. And we will have to if we want to take anything from the game.

June 13, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/13/2010

WWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN! That's the excitement in Slovenia after our first victory in a World Cup! Robi Koren is the hero as his speculative shot flies too easily past Faouzi Chaouchi in the Algerian net.

June 12, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/12/2010

Let me first say that I'm pleased by how the World Cup has started - so far, both matches have been tight and tense and there was some real drama. Two draws are a very fair and realistic outcome. Can't wait for more action ...

June 10, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/10/2010

In the first part we have seen how was Matjaž Kek dealing with the problems in the EURO 2008 qualifiers (I really hope this isn't too boring). Then, a few shameful and unprofessional events happened; namely, the then-president of the Slovenian FA Rudi Zavrl was talking with the former Slovenia coach and national hero Srečko Katanec over that job, but, in public, he was stating full support to Kek. That was very unfair to Kek (like "we shall give the job to Katanec, but if he declines, Kek will be just as good") and even his critics showed some support to him.

June 8, 2010
Posted by Sebastjan Pogorevc on 06/08/2010

In a few days, the great World Cup will begin, the one we have been so looking forward to, and on Sunday, Slovenia plays against Algeria in Polokwane. And the preparations are now over with this friendly against New Zealand in Ljudski.

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