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Posted by Maura Gladys on 06/24/2010

The impossible has happened. Slovakia has sent the defending champions packing and have advanced to the second round of the World Cup, after starting the day in last place. In the most epic, exciting, nerve-racking, glorious match that I have ever seen, the Repre, from little Slovakia, led by veteran Robert Vittek, stood toe-to-to with Italy, took their lumps, and came out on top. This was the team we were expecting to see all tournament! Full of energy, heart, guts and passion. It is without a doubt, the greatest moment in Slovak football history, and will stay with Slovaks for years to come. My fingers are trembling as I write this, still decompressing from such an emotional game, overcome with pride and happiness. To see manager Vladimir Weiss on the field after the game, his eyes full of tears, and the rest of the team, gathered in a circle, joyously yelling and celebrating is something that I will not soon forget. More rational analysis later tonight but for now, Slovak fans, drink in this feeling, because history has just been made.


Posted by Karina on 06/24/2010

Im in extreme JOY as a proud Slovak i knew that keeping positive was a way to go .... I am so proud of my country and in so much tears as i watch the happiness of our country player's !!! and our people !!! CONGRATS MY DEAR OLD COUNTRY ! A DAVAME DO TOHO !!!

Posted by Kamran Khan on 06/24/2010

I m not a Slovakian, a Pakistani sitting in Pakistan and watching the history has been made, this is the most wonderful 90 minutes of this world cup so far. I really want to CONGRATS the Slovakian Players for their wonderful play, it's really fascinating, nerve racking match. that was a contest that all the football fan expecting to watch in the tournament. Congratulation once again to all Slovakians.

Posted by hesam, iram on 06/24/2010

This was the worst Italy team since 1978 world cup (when i was only 10) no fighting spirit, no desire, no inspiration, just mediocrity. I think Lippi and not Italy team deserves this as he put politics ahead of competency and quality. He thought he was unique and could do well without likes of Cassano, micoli, Ballotelli, Aquilani, Borriello, Totti. how many coaches can you remember who have had to make to substitutions during the half time in 2 matches in a row in the WC because the first 2 choices were disastrous? And why on earth did he not play Quagliarella earlier and in previous matches? He was the liveliest and most ambitious Italian attacker.

Posted by mememe on 06/24/2010

While this are great feelings, I´m quite sure that Czechoslovakia winning the Euro in 76´ with a mostly Slovak side still is the greatest moment of Slovak football history and probably will be for a long time ;)

Posted by Peter on 06/24/2010

After two dissapointing performances there is a great moment for each Slovak fan. Huge endeavour, a little luck and hairy finish. Go on boys and thank you.

Posted by Palden on 06/24/2010

I am from Tibet and support Slovakia. I was thrilled when Slovakia beat the Czech Repub during the qualifiers. I have seen the Slovak hockey team give up goals in the last minute in Vancouver olympics. I was dead nervous when Italy scored in overtime... Kudos to Slovakia

Posted by Eduardo Alvarez on 06/24/2010


I'd like to remember Petr Dubovsky, a great player from Slovakia who died prematurely while vacationing in Thailandia. He played several years in Spain and was pure talent. He'd be very happy to see this happen.

Posted by Mit on 06/25/2010

Italy was never a good team from the very start. There win in last world cup was a fluke because France played the whole game and Italy just scored.

Posted by Steve on 06/25/2010

2nd generation in the US, half slovak, never been there, cant speak it, but very proud, wish my grandparents saw this day....

Posted by john on 06/25/2010

Fantastic result and what a disgrace that Lippi has not even the respect to acknowledge the victor a DISGRACE

Posted by SPdevkumar on 06/25/2010

I wonder hoe the Slovakian sit and watch the last 10mins – as couldn’t bare to sit and sand the history been made. Brove to the spirit, energy and the most fascinating game of all.

Posted by Stephen Moore on 06/25/2010

As a proud New Zealander whose team helped send Italy back home where they deserve to be, I'm now fully behind Slovakia. Would love both teams from our group to go as far as possible. Go Slovakia!!!!!

One thing I still cannot fathom is why a team like Italy with all their supposed skill and class needs to be so cynical in their diving. De Rossi's "trip" vs. Paraguay needs to be seen to be believed, and I was truly not aware that a hit on the shoulder causes intense pain in the jaw bone.

Posted by Cash on 06/25/2010

I had a slovak boss, when he travelling in Asia, he will keep getting stuck in custom for long time before been clear. So i was wondering why always like that, i ask him what happen always at the custom, he reply me, the custom officer do not know where is Slovakia and asking him where is Slovakia....Now rest assured, my boss, the whole world will know where is SLOVAKIA NOW>>>

Posted by stevan on 06/25/2010

no doubt about it,it was slovakians finest 90 minutes of thir life...but we have to admit that the italians has puhsed their self distruct button..tey were not the italian that we saw in 2006 but anyhow hats down for the slovaks....

Posted by Peter S on 06/25/2010

Maura, thank you for your words.... Most articles just deal with Italian loss and do not mention what you captured as "epic, exciting, nerve-racking, glorious match", I think, one of the best matches in World Cup 2010 so far.....


Posted by Sean on 06/25/2010

Italy is awesome ! World Cup Champions 2006 to placing last in their group behind a team that has never been to the world cup..New Zealand. Their sins have come to haunt them. Italian players are dirty players and now they pay for it.

Posted by Fred Kalangi on 06/25/2010

This was one of the most brilliant performances ever. Slovakia played intelligent soccer looking always dangerous and knowing what they were doing, never looking threatened and with a clear objective. And even with the mounting pressure, you still scored. Kudos to you all.Kalangi - Kenya

Posted by scott wakerley on 06/25/2010

This will go some way to making up for 4 years ago when Italy cheated their way to a world cup win. Too bad so sad good riddance!! A little bit of credibility has just been restored to world football tonight.

Posted by ? on 06/25/2010

slovakia sucks, it will never get to the finals,brazil is a way better team and for sure it will win the world cup again for the sixth time.

Posted by Alf on 06/25/2010

fantasy !

Posted by Joe Sestak on 06/26/2010

My heart beats with pride as I once again review the entire game. I only wish my parents and grandparents could have been here to see history made by the men from Slovakia. We may be small in size but we are large in heart and spirit. Congratulations and and may you play on with the same intensity and heart!!!!!

Posted by Rodeo Jarisko on 06/26/2010

Beautiful article:) Thanks

Slovakia, Trenčín

Posted by true bleu on 07/08/2010

All commnets above are the envey no matter, 4 cups -4 cups- in soccer who does not dive when needed name me one team- A Cristiano of does also Luis Fabiano of Brazil-and ROOney of england. France in 2006 never should have not been in final -Zedaine Zeadaine failed -Media is controlled by Englsih languge and French Language so they make sure to find out any small dirt rather why 4 cups!!! then they won 4 cups amazing acomplishment in 100 yrs. Everyone talks how Roman empire fell but not how it civilized the world for 2000 yrs. People are narrow minded and easy too stereotype italians-like hollywood has for 100 yrs -rather show greatness-Soccer is a wya to get back at them-One should first look at there own culture and see how they did for 2000 yrs..?? VIVA ITaLIA they lost its that simple move on media, once again Italy will triumph as the ones who civilized us and still are despite the cheap shots- we forget how dirty France was in 2006 and qualifying in 2010 and racism in France.

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