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Posted by Maura Gladys on 06/28/2010

Slovakia’s incredible World Cup run came to an end today with a 2-1 loss to the Netherlands. Slovakia showed flashes of skill but were unable to overcome a strong performance from the Dutch. The loss signifies the end of one of the most unlikely World Cup stories in the tournament.

One of the more important things that came out of the game was the fact that Slovakia came out confident and composed. They were a completely different squad from the shaky side we saw against New Zealand and to see that sort of transformation in a span of 13 days is remarkable.

Another bright spot from the match was Robert Vittek’s last minute spot kick, which put him ahead of Szilárd Németh as the top scorer in Slovak football history with 23. The goal also gives Vittek 4 goals in 4 matches, making him the leading scorer of the tournament (along with Higuain of Argentina).

It’s a tough pill to swallow but still, there’s really nothing to feel bad about as a Slovakian fan. The Repre held their own throughout most of the game, and were just unable to finish on three good chances. Sure, an upset would have been fantastic, but this team has brought us more excitement and magic than anyone could ask for, and for that we should be happy.


Posted by Eamonn Conlin on 06/28/2010

Slovakia can go home with their heads up high. They played mature, and at moments ingenius football. As a Dutch supporter I am obviously happy that Holland won, but Slovakia were in the game to the end.
At big tournaments you make your own luck and that comes more often with experience. I hope, and suspect, we will see Slovakia at future tournaments.

Congratulations Slovakia

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