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Posted by Nicholas Rigg on 05/14/2012

"This team is already part of this club's legend. Its numbers will be impossible to forget and it has honoured our history." - Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Los Blancos' 4-1 thrashing of Mallorca at the Bernabeu brought Madrid's successful La Liga season to an end in historic fashion. Three points, making Mourinho's men total 100 for the season - a new Spanish top-flight record. A win percentage of 87.72 per cent, if my maths serves me correctly.

Not just winning the league, doing it in record-breaking fashion. If Madrid's 2011-12 season had been a school report it'd have read - 'A - excellent. Some room for improvement in other subjects (see Champions League, Copa del Rey) but an impressive yearly improvement to see them go top of the class'.

Madrid finished the season on 100 points. A century. Nine better than Barcelona. To pip Pep's men to the finish line on goal difference would have been a huge achievement for Madrid this season, to topple whom many have declared the best team of a generation. To do it by such a distance, three wins - in a league where to drop a single point at the top could be seen as catastrophic - can be classed as superb.

Not only was the points tally record breaking, Madrid smashed the record for number of wins in a season with 32, they got the record for most away wins in a league season with 16, and the most away points in a season with 50 - highlighting their dominance both home and away this season - and most points in a closing half of the season with 53. They won the title with flair, despite what many people think of Mourinho, by scoring a superb 121 goals in a season - another record. Yet another one smashed was the most away goals in a season with 51.

Tremendous stuff.

Mourinho always said he'd do it in the second season and he has. It's been a magnificent season and one that'll live long in the memory. More positives came from the goals and performances of Ronaldo. The Portuguese also went some way to showing that he's not just a small-game player, who likes to bully the opposition and hide in the bigger matches, notably against Barcelona. No, this season he came out of his shell. He still might not have toppled Messi in the scoring charts, but CR7 has been a touch of class from start to finish.

Of course, the list doesn't stop there. Although Madrid's defence hasn't been at ten-out-of-ten standard this season, Sergio Ramos has fit comfortably in at centre-back rather than his usual right-back role, firstly covering for Ricardo Carvalho and then making the position his own. Xabi Alonso has been the man pulling the strings in the middle, rarely having a bad game. Mesut Ozil has been sublime in his play and a pleasure to watch, while Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain's rotation has been at its fluent best.

There's still room for improvement - there always is. Why just a A and not an A+? The failure to win the Champions League. Although no disgrace in losing to a side with the class and quality of Bayern Munich (and on penalties, too), Madrid's eyes are still firmly on their tenth European crown. Now the Liga has been regained, that focus on the Champions League will intensify next season.

You only have to flick to the main page of the official Madrid website to see Mourinho saying.."We have to start working again because this club doesn't allow you to rest after winning a title. It wants its tenth European Cup." The season may have only just finished, but the planning for next season has already started - and so it should.

A short blog today, a small summary of the season as a whole, but a whole load of subjects I want to delve deeper into will be coming in the next few days and weeks. My player-of-the-season, my match of the season, and just where Madrid needs to improve for next season. Will Higuain stay or will he go?

Get in touch with me on Twitter if you'd like any other subjects discussing - @nicholasrigg

Hala Madrid! Leave your comments of congratulations to Los Blancos below!

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Posted by damian on 05/14/2012

I think players like lass,altintop and carvalho should leave to give more time for varane,granero and callejon plus javi martinez would be A excellent addition to improve the defence.

Posted by siene on 05/14/2012

Felicidades... Hala Madrid

Posted by chibuogwu on 05/15/2012

Honestly Real Madrid has made us all so proud of being a fan of the greatest soccer club in the history of the round leather game.While looking at the table one could only wonder what happened to Barcelona a team many has come to fear and regard as the greatest of our time.Not only did Madrid out class and out played them all through the season we also put an end to their record of not losing a game in their own stadium and also achieving the 100 points mark which they where unable to do all through their short reign as the best in the league.While acknowledging the fact that 100 points will be hard to attain next season I'm not ruling out the possibility that we can exceed it next season.we have to start preparing now like the manager said and re enforce our defense solidify our midfield and sharpen our attack by bringing players who can really interpret what the manage wants on the field of play.I'll welcome any new player who can play as a team and help bring us victory next season

Posted by akram on 05/15/2012

Great article as usual,agree with the 'A' rating as the team still is not yet close to flawless.we need a world class right back and other players depend on who is leaving. .think both kaka and higuin will stay(kaka has declared his desire to stay and mou clearly wants higuin to stay).. Looking forward for your next post and HALA MADRID! !

Posted by Pascal on 05/15/2012

My team my club,my love 4 CR7 and Special one Is Champions

Posted by padma on 05/15/2012

honestly real madrid must go for treble but just minnor mistake from defender end with just 1 trophy.when twice jose win champion league with porto and inter he had solid defender.

Posted by sekamana john on 05/15/2012

we are very happy for this cup

Posted by real madrid on 05/15/2012

as much as i love kaka (i'm an ardent brazil fan too), he needs to find a new team such that he gets more playing time. it'll be hard for him as long as ozil and di maria are there.

we definitely need a right back for sure. arbeloa was more of a liability than an asset throughout the season. and most importantly, ramos and pepe should get some tips on being disciplined at the back. both of them tend to lose their head when it's not going madrid's way.

let carvalho, lass, altintop leave. that will buy varane, grenero and sahin some playing time. also, buy one utility player in the form of kuyt?

persuade higuain to stay. offer him an improved contract...after all, it all comes down to money, doesn't it? sad but true. but having said that, he is a very good footballer. i think benzema and him complement each other perfectly in the sense that they have such a different characteristic as strikers which mourinho knows.

next year we should retain la liga and aim for champions league.

Posted by Dr Adesina Akintan on 05/16/2012

congrats to the special one , the entire team & all REAL fans all over the globe.we have shown once again that we are the greatest.
Higuain should pls stay, one of the best strikers around, we need to utilise Ozil more, he is simply amazing. we need one more good centre back and one good defensive midfielder. we need to win the champions league next season. hala madrid

Posted by Realfan on 05/16/2012

so happy....i give this article an A+! madrid deserved this victory and it will be a good memory in more reasons than 1!!! HALA MADIR 4 LIFE!

Posted by arya lonee on 05/17/2012

way to go los blancos!!! so proud of you! and cristiano toooo.......

Posted by roots on 05/17/2012

madrid too the world.little mistakes in denfence cause us important games and we waste some great goal scoring chances but through all dat great season madrid

Posted by frabiola Akinyode on 05/17/2012

There's non who will not be proud of a great club and a great manager like Mourinho...looking forward to a greater season 2012/2013....ciao tutti

Posted by oscar on 05/18/2012

Jose, u are truly THE SPECIAL ONE. pep crack under yr pressure n leave, cos he knows next year may be no trophy.even the so call team of generation can't reach 100 pt,also 1/2 of trophy won by barca was given by refree. Jose,next tear win champion league n u will be hail THE GREATEST as coach just like pele or maradona as player.

Posted by balaflows on 05/18/2012

we re just warming up, Hala Madrid.

Posted by BABAJIDE OLUSEGUN OWOLABI on 05/18/2012

Madrid is team to beat ever since special one is there, and i believed that with him thing will be ok
but we needs more pple in the midfield .Thanks

Posted by jesse mamza on 05/18/2012

Afta all said and done,mou and men made history! I want madrid president 2c diz a lesson not 2interfare wit coaching job in nearest future.Hala madrid great job!

Posted by oyegunle paul .o on 05/18/2012


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