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Posted by Nicholas Rigg on 02/03/2012

Seven points. Seven massive points. With the way Barca has dominated La Liga in recent seasons it'd be foolish to say the title is returning to the Bernabeu just yet - but it's a very good bet.

My last post focused on Madrid's impressive performance at the Camp Nou in the second leg of their Copa del Rey quarter-final, even though Pep's boys progressed to a semi-final date with Valencia. It focused on the mental strength of Madrid in Catalonia that night. The strength Los Blancos showed despite dominating the first-half and somehow finding themselves 2-0 down. The strength to continue playing well, not letting their heads drop, and coming away unbeaten.

That mental strength seems to be winning the way for Madrid at the moment, and it's having a negative impact on Barca - as shown with three draws on the spin.

Many have spoke about the way Madrid must beat Barca to prove they're the best in Spain, no matter what position they hold in La Liga. In theory, Los Blancos could fail to beat Barca in eight matches in all competitions this season and still win the league. Mourinho has been asked many times if this would 'decaffeinate' (thanks, Iker) any title triumph in the Spanish capital. Of course not, he replied, and I agree.

What about the impact on Barca of actually getting the better of Madrid time and time again and still trail their old foes by seven points in La Liga? What does that say about them? I think we're finally starting to find that out with the performance of Messi and his team-mates in recent weeks. Messi's penalty miss against Valencia in midweek perhaps sums it up.

While Barca often find top-gear with relative ease in the Clasico matches, they can't find that top gear week-to-week in La Liga. The efficient Mourinho Madrid machine can. Play below-par, and Los Blancos still come away with maximum points. As with Zaragoza last weekend, a scare is thrown in there but Madrid have the strength mentally to still come out on top in the end. It's a trait that's set to claim the La Liga crown for Madrid come the end of the season, hopefully - and this weekend's test at Getafe will go a long way to securing that sought-after trophy triumph.

Scroll down the fixture list at the start of the season and Getafe, whether it be home or away, is one of those games that is simply a must, and should-win for Madrid. Rewind back to November and it should have been three points for Barca too, but it wasn't. A shock 1-0 victory for Getafe was seemingly a sign of things to come for the Catalans, and Guardiola hasn't heeded the warnings. Draws against Villarreal, at the weekend, and city rivals Espanyol have made it advantage Madrid in the title race.

With Barca's defeat at Getafe in mind, Mourinho shouldn't get Madrid's near-neighbours lightly. That victory aside, Geta come into the game in confident mood having won their last two matches, albeit against sides struggling at the wrong end of the table. Los Blancos simply need to win - draws are the new defeats in La Liga for the top-two, and they're classed as victories for those lesser sides doing the damage.

Seven points is therefore a huge gap this season. Madrid have only dropped seven points all season long at its midway point and it'd need a huge drop in form for Los Blancos to throw away their current hold on top spot. Madrid's efficiency at simply getting the right result should prove enough to see off Getafe and steer Los Blancos to three vital points tis weekend.

Hala Madrid!

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Posted by ashile on 02/03/2012

madrid are now working hard,2 lay their hand on d cup.....i hope so

Posted by Anonymous on 02/03/2012

i do not think barca's recent performance has got anything 2 do with they getting the better of and still trailing Madrid.i think they are suffering from ''expectations of fans for them 2 always deliver'' and it is always obvious in their play when they head into half-times goaless.I think with or without winning this league title,they'll always go down as a great side so they should relax and enjoy football.Moreover,i predicted madrid winning this year's league simply becos they are more hungrier and would want a better return on their investment ,over the last 3yrs, than a''copa del rey'' trophy.

Posted by food on 02/03/2012

barca suck ball sacks

Posted by lionel on 02/03/2012

fuck barca they are wack and eat the butt.
Messi misses mad penealties, and cant score against madrid anymore. Ozil is better

Posted by Brett on 02/03/2012

Good point about draws being "losses" for the top two. With that in mind, I look at the fixture list for the 2nd half of the season, several games stick out as "trap games" for Madrid:

1. v. Malaga 3/18. Depending on how the 1st leg @. CSKA goes, Mou may need to field a strong side to advance just 4 days before the league match.

2. @ Atleti 4/11. Looking much more dangerous under Simeone, and Atleti will want to end their dry spell at home v. the Whites. Madrid goes in on just 2 days rest after a tough go with Valencia.

3. v. Sevilla 4/29. If the Clasico a week earlier doesn't go well, Sevilla is a tough side to try and rebound against. The Bernabeu could be hostile to the home side if they don't show well @ Camp Nou the week prior.

4. @ Bilbao 5/2. 3 days rest before traveling to one of the toughest places to play in La Liga.

These are the games you'd expect to be tough, but who would have expected a loss @ Levante or draw @ Racing back in Sept...? Long way to go.

Posted by saif on 02/04/2012

heheheh.... Barca 3 mens never make a team as u defend on messi,xavi, showend agaist valencia with out iniesta...i will lyk to see messi playing with big teams with out xavi nd iniesta....lolx wahala dey..

Posted by Saintpetos on 02/04/2012

@brent, gud analysis of d difficult matches ahead for madrid. But wat u fail to realise is dat most of those matches ll be comin towards d end of d season by which time barca might ve as well given up on d title challenge. From wat i can see, dis barca side looks d more likely team to drop points.

Posted by Saintpetos on 02/04/2012

@brent, gud analysis of d difficult matches ahead for madrid. But wat u fail to realise is dat most of those matches ll be comin towards d end of d season by which time barca might ve as well given up on d title challenge. From wat i can see, dis barca side looks d more likely team to drop points.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2012

@brett, gud analysis of d difficult matches ahead for madrid. But wat u fail to realise is dat most of those matches ll be comin towards d end of d season by which time barca might ve as well given up on d title challenge. From wat i can see, dis barca side looks d more likely team to drop points.

Posted by Brett on 02/04/2012

@Saintpetos - Here's hoping you're right! Dropping out of the Copa Del Rey, while painful considering who we lost to, may prove to be a blessing when it comes to claiming the league and progressing through CL. Barca's lack of depth may finally catch up to them, but much as I dislike the Cules, they're still the champs until someone takes the title from them.

Posted by Camverra Jose on 02/05/2012

Still too many tough games ahead to conclude 7 pts is going to be enough. Didn't we have a 5 or 7 pts lead sometime last season? My confidence will be high if we go into the final clasico match at the Camp Nou with a 9 pt lead. Haha!

Posted by Khoo Kyaw San on 02/06/2012

With due respect for Barca and the so-called best players of the planet, Xavi, Aniesta, and Messi, I would like to comment that Mourinho definitely is focused on La Liga trophy and Champions League trophy, not the King's. Though 7 points advantage does not mean the trophy yet, it is a good sign that Real is faring perfectly and will continue to do so.
Guadiola is the best coach for the moment but Mourinho has been the best and special one all around, not just in Spain. Mark my words, Guadiola will run away from Spain the next season simply because he is afraid of Mourinho. He will choose to leave Barca with success accumulated till now rather than continue at the declining Barca with Real beginning to dominate Spain again. Let's wait and see then what will happen to Messi, who is only great at Barca and Aniesta and Xavi, who are great just because of long time partnership and not separated.
La Liga and Champions League Tropies are waiting for Real to deserve and gain this year.

Posted by luciatiq on 02/06/2012

I do believe that madrid is going to take home the la liga trophy this year, and there's also a strong possibility for the CL as well..Barca is a great team, and they have Messi..He is the world football player of the year for a reason..however, I have always said that Iniesta and Xavi, makes it so much easier for him..they are the best passers of the ball and coupled with the ability of everyone one around them, it makes for a tough team to beat..But Madrid can, they just have to approach the classicos like they are the better team..they have the talent to do so...

Posted by Realfan on 02/07/2012

the important thing iz dat Real Madrid hold on to these 7 magnificent points...

Posted by a on 02/10/2012

@Brettto Madrid has a lot of tough games to play.... well so does Barca, and they can also lose points along the way

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Posted by Khoo Kyaw San on 02/13/2012

Last season, Real Madrid had to be satisfied with Spain's King Cup. I personally believe that this season Barcelona will have to be satisfied with it while Real Madrid led by the special one will take Laliga and Champions League's trophies.

However brilliant Barcelona is, it is not invincible. Losing to Osasuna and Getafe was unimaginable to Barcelona last season but it did happen to them this year whereas Real Madrid are smarter this season, beating smaller rivals.

May be it is Mourinho's presence in Spain that adversely affects the psychology of Barcelona's players and coach. Or it may be just that Barcelona's era is phasing out and Messi will be like Ronaldhino, who was a magician of Barcelona, but now just a nobody as if he had never played football for Barcelona.

Posted by bryte on 02/13/2012

i get so much surprised when ''Mourinho fans'' do everything possible to make us think the so-called special one is the only manager with the skills to overthrow this all-conquering barca side of their dominance in european and world football when we are all know it's not true.The 10-point lead madrid have over barca,we all know,is by no doing of the ''special one''.The fact is that the players of Madrid,who are top class,are more hungrier 4 trophies than their rivals who have won virtually everything in football.-and this is natural.Also,barca's recent form has dipped and this is why i find it surprising when Jose still can't beat barca even in their worst of forms.La Liga is up 4 Real's taking but it's only becos barca are not in top form and not just becos Jose is ''super''.Even Manzano,as a Madrid coach,will win this league given the current form barca find theirselves in.Congratulation!,our Madrid brothers.Indeed, hardwork pays.

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