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Posted by Nicholas Rigg on 02/17/2012

You just know the La Liga title race is a foregone conclusion when the Spanish press start talking about records.

With Madrid now ten points clear of second-placed Barcelona, much of the focus in the Spanish-based media has not been on whether or not Los Blancos will win the title this season, but whether they can do it in record-breaking style.

Their form says they can. Barca's 99 points in 2010 was the best-ever points return from La Liga and, if Madrid continue hauling points in as they have been doing over the last few months, there's no reason that can't be broken.

Of course, it can be a dangerous thing to say the season is all done and dusted - especially when you have a rival such of the quality of Barca on your tail, albeit a distance behind. Mourinho agreed this week, saying: "Our cushion over the runners-up is obviously good for us and it leaves Barcelona in a complicated spot, but they are a great side that could easily have a winning streak, so we must continue to work as hard as we've done so far."

But it'd take a brave, brave man to bet against Mourinho's men now. The La Liga season is beyond its halfway point and Madrid have only dropped eight points all season. There's every chance they'll slip up between now and the end of the season, with the trip to the Camp Nou a daunting one, but Madrid have to slip up in four of their remaining sixteen games. Not only that, but Barca have to win every game, and with their away form as it is - that's very unlikely.

So to focus on records, taking everything into consideration, isn't exactly out of the ordinary in Spain - they love their stats and records. Mourinho too, I'm sure, will have those records firmly planted into the back of his men, whether or not he makes that public. He's the 'Special One', after all, so why not win La Liga in special style?

Let's do the math. Madrid currently (before the home game against Racing Santander) need 42 points from 16 remaining league matches, that's 42 points from a possible 48 on the table. Two defeats. It sounds a tough ask, but this is Real Madrid we're talking about here, a side who've won 17 of their 18 matches since September - that defeat, of course, coming against Barca at the Bernabeu. To maintain that form between now and the end of the season would be enough. Madrid's biggest challenges will come at home against third-placed Valencia, away at Barca and at the Vicente Calderon against Atletico in El Derbi.

The 'business end' of the season is always the toughest time to keep impressive runs going, however. Madrid's target of winning the Champions League will come into play. Players will no doubt be rested from league matches in preparation, and recovery from, European matches. The momentum could be hit, but Madrid has a squad strong enough to deal with that, something its proved already this season. The exit from Copa del Rey will mean there's no such distraction when the final of that competition comes around.

The goals scored record could also be set to tumble at the Bernabeu this season. Madrid's highest Primera Division total is 107 goals scored in 1990. Again, Los Blancos are on course to beat this total too - should they continue their form in front of goal until the final day of the season. The form of Cristiano Ronaldo should help. His sixth hat-trick of the season in the 4-2 win over Levante saw him become the second-highest hat-trick scorer for the club behind Alfredo di Stefano. His thirteen treble since his arrival in the Spanish capital saw him move into second outright, above third-placed Ferenc Puskas. For the record, his hat-tricks this season have come against Zaragoza, Rayo Vallecano, Malaga, Osasuna, Sevilla and Levante.

All this talk of records could come back to bite Madrid in the bum, of course, and no sooner than Saturday night when Racing Santander visit the Bernabeu. Los Blancos should win, and should win comfortably, however. They'll be boosted with the return to the squad of Marcelo and more so Angel di Maria, who was superb before his injury. The Argentine is set to play some part this weekend, although he could start on the bench.

If the three points do get secured, as they should be, I'm sure we'll start to hear about all these records more and more as the weeks move on and the end of the season draws closer. Madrid could be applauded out on to the Camp Nou pitch by defending champions Barca if they secure the La Liga title before the sides meet on April 21 - how things will have changed.

Hala Madrid!

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Posted by MegaMan712 on 02/17/2012

Good read Nick, but a little short considering the last time you wrote.
What are your thoughts one Di Maria, do you think he could finish to assister?
What about all this talk of Higuain to Chelsea? rubbish???

Posted by Kingj13 on 02/17/2012

I expect the goal scoring record of 107 will be shattered, the points will be much tougher, but possible for Madrid. Another record that could go is CR7 goal scoring record of 40 goals in la liga, he is on course for more already at 27 with 16 games left. However he could be rested for several games but I would not be against him putting in another hat trick or 2 before this season is done. Will be very interesting to c! Another point I have to make being a huge Madrid fan is how many points we will finish ahead of barca, will the league be a none contest as it is turning out to be, can madrid clear 2nd spot by 15-20 pts??????
Hala Madrid!!!!!!!

Posted by melvin on 02/18/2012

i think madrid will do a double record with the points and goals it wont be easy tho,and ronaldo will surpass the 40 la liga goals and the 53 he had all season
the special one will make barca look like a weak team

Posted by Nick on 02/18/2012

Megaman - thanks for the comments, will make sure it's a bit longer next time! Just thought I'd focus fully on the records side of things this week. If you have Twitter add me @nicholasrigg. People ask me questions on there through the week and I often answer those in the blog.

With regards to Di Maria - going to be a tough call between him and Ozil. Both on 11 assists this season and Ozil very much in form, but di Maria has been out injured of course. Not a bad thing that Madrid has two players leading the assists charts this season. If pushed I'd go for di Maria, simply due to his form before the injury.

Higuain to Chelsea? Nah, can't see it at the moment.

Posted by perry on 02/18/2012

hey Nick ! this a good article, you always keep this blog alive and all the barca fans can go to HELL!!!!! HALA MADRID!!!! :)

Posted by Sarthak on 02/18/2012

People started talking about records long ago.

Point to mention:
Osasuna is a giant killer.

Killed Madrid's title hopes last year. (The day India won the Cricket World Cup; I was happy and sad at the same time)

Killed Barca's title hopes this year.

Hasta El Final, Vamos Real! Hala Madrid!

Posted by Saintpetos on 02/18/2012

Another great article Nick. My only concern is why it takes so long for u to write another after d previous one. Is it a strategy to keep us desiring more? If it is, then i must confess it's working because i ve lookin forward to ur latest article since after ur last. Nice job.

Posted by Samuel ukpong on 02/18/2012

Real is doing a nice job. Kudos 2 d special one. Let dem keep winnig dia games & d game against Barca wateva d scoreline wil b inconsequential. Let d 10 points lead b maintained.

Posted by Samuel ukpong on 02/18/2012

Real is doing a nice job. Kudos 2 d special one. Let dem keep winnig dia games & d game against Barca wateva d scoreline wil b inconsequential. Let d 10 points lead b maintained.

Posted by Boyou on 02/18/2012

real are doing great, but to say that barcas time is done cause of point difference is a bit rash. last season they won five out of six competitions, real won just one, the copa del rey which they are already out of this season. if real can win the other 5, then it would be fair and correct to say that they are as good as barca. but since they can't seem to win against them even at home, that's not very likely. the special one may just live up to his name and win a special one-competition each season.

Posted by Zubairu on 02/19/2012

I am very proud of madrid, they should kip it up with the wining spirit, we still praying for them, Barcelona should go to hell, Madrid all the way!

Posted by Nick on 02/19/2012

Saintpetos - thanks!

I'll try and get more done. Always want to do more but work dictates what time I have to write!

Posted by Khoo Kyaw San on 02/20/2012

Bravo to the Special One!

Last season all Real Madrid could do was to be satisfied with the tiny cup, King's cup whereas Barcelona took all the important ones, Laliga and Champions League trophies.
It seems to me that this season, the reverse will happen. All Barcelona could win will be King's cup and Real Madrid will win both Laliga and Champions League cups.
Barcelona players are psychologically beaten this season by Real Madrid and Guadiola is mentally defeated by the Special One.
After all, the world will come to recognize (unwillingly) that Mourinho is the best everywhere and Guadiola is the best only in Spain.

Posted by RealFan on 02/20/2012

'the team of records' about to set another record with a record of best and costliest players and the the best coach in the records of football...!!!

Posted by Mahmoud Musah on 02/20/2012

if possible, cant someone get word to Mou that no striker or mid-fielder should be bought... we have 2 strikers who are on spot-dont need a third. enough mid-players, so would probably need at most, 1 very very strong and good defender who like Mr. Cav, stays at the back and doesnt cross the half line to try and score

i think this squad should be kept even through to next season, with of course the inclusion of a defender... i think if Mou, C. Ro and Ozil n Di Maria etc stay, we can repeat this season's successes in the next.. but lets not get ahead of ourselves focus on this season 1st... Hala Madrid.

Posted by rupert rowe on 02/20/2012

we don't have nothing to worry about the liga this year is ours and the way Madrid is playing at the moment i don't think nobody could beat us right now not even bar-ca but whwt i really want us to win is the uefa champions league this year what my madrid fans say about that hala madrid

Posted by Carlos on 02/20/2012

Are you guys on drugs.?
Have you seen Messi yesterday,against Valencia.
If you want to see real football Barcelona and then
Sh----f up.

Posted by Monde on 02/21/2012

I agree it realy dangerous to assume its all done with. Madrid has a strong squad but i worry what would happen if c.ronaldo and alonso got injured.

Posted by Mahmoud Musah on 02/21/2012

yeah @carlos, we are on drugs, because as i recall, scoring 4 against 1 team gives u 10 points ryt?
please dont show ur ignorance over here. when messi was missing all those very important penalties that would've either won or drawn games for them so they wouldnt drop points, did u see the so-called "Real football" u are referring to then? nonsense.

well but such is barca i guess ryt? messi scoring 4 goals for 3 points is more important than he missing 1 penalty that makes them drop 3 or 2 points right?

Posted by Realfan on 02/22/2012

nice comment @Mahmoud Musah...!!

Posted by Mahmoud Musah on 02/24/2012

thanks man... as much as u want success for the team, we need to be objective, realistic and practical in our aproach. cheers

Posted by Azis on 03/24/2012

Damn I lost a game yesterday 5 0 But the other team were lucky in 4 of the 5 goals I feel tetpry bad but it must be 10 times worse for Real Madrid haha Totally destroyed and humiliated in front of thousands of people

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