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Posted by Michael Hudson on 05/04/2011

Barcelona will compete for the title of the kings of Europe on May 28th, a phrase that no Madridista wanted to hear 18 days ago when the first of four clásicos kicked into action. Over the four matches, each club won once while the two Spanish giants drew on two occasions; however, as any football fan knows, it was timing and importance of those fixtures that will define this campaign.

Madrid brought home the Copa del Rey, their first trophies in four years; however, were felled to their bitter rivals in the semi-finals of Europe’s most prestigious tournament. In between the four fixtures, in what is arguably the greatest rivalry in football, Barcelona also increased their lead in the league. The Catalans will soon clinch their third consecutive league title, maintaining their domestic dominance. Certainly a season of headlines, drama, and, oh, the occasional football match, but then again, what else would one except from Jose Mourinho’s debut at the helm of the world’s most successful club?

After a disgusting first leg, (in regards to on-field theatrics, post-match complaints, the racism rows and mediocre football), play was better on Tuesday night; however, one could not help but doubt, every time a player went to ground, the seriousness of their ailment. In the end, the better team did win. Madrid did not create enough opportunities over the two legs, especially Tuesday when they knew they would need at least two goals to overcome their northern rivals. Angel di Maria made a brilliant step, taking advantage of an uncharacteristic lull in the Barca defence, to launch the play that would quickly lead to Madrid’s only goal, but it would not be enough. Discussion of a comeback started up immediately. “If they get another quick one, Barcelona will have to play conscious of the fact that another goal beats them.” It was not meant to be; the last team you want to overcome a two goal deficit against is the Barcelona of the past few years at the Camp Nou.

It was textbook Barcelona goal that put the icing on the cake. Level at nil-nil, Andres Iniesta picked out Pedro with a brilliant pass, sending his compatriot through the Madrid defence to coolly finish off, for all intents and purposes, any faint hope of a Madrid upset. Kaka was incredibly ineffective, reemphasizing the questions in the pre-game as to why the Brazilian was selected over Mesut Ozil. The Germany star was the clear difference in Madrid’s Copa victory, yet Mourinho opted to start him on the bench. On the other side of the ball, Barcelona were stoic defensively; however, the Barca backline did seem set in continuing to try and earn calls with some over-dramatization. Javier Mascherano was by far the most guilty azulgrana on the evening, drawing a number of questionable fouls as well as what will surely be a few Oscar nominations.

The most controversial of which could have certainly changed the pace of the game. In the opening minutes of the second half, a run from Ronaldo opened up the Barca defence. After seemingly beating Pique, the Portugal star went to ground, but not before slotting a ball into space for Gonzalo Higuain (who would put the ball in the back of the net to no avail as the referee had already blown a foul in favour of the hosts). As Ronaldo tumbled he clips Mascherano, who would have, most likely, beaten his compatriot to Ronaldo’s through ball, dragging down the Argentina international. Of course the question on everyone’s mind was or still is: did the referee get it right? Tough to say, and I will stick to playing devil’s advocate. The ground was soaking wet, Ronaldo could’ve easily slipped on his own accord. Pique does not seem to take out Ronaldo’s legs but does make solid upper body contact with the Portuguese star. To that same point, in real time, it is hard to tell if Pique’s legs do take out those of the midfielder: does Ronaldo recognize this and go to ground too easily in order to try and win the foul? An early Madrid goal would have, undoubtedly, changed the atmosphere inside the stadium and on the pitch. Would it have meant Madrid would be celebrating tonight? Maybe or maybe not, but it is certainly one of those plays that will be the subject of pundit review and debate for weeks, if not years, to come.

The discussions will rage on throughout the capital as the season winds to an end. Should Higuain’s goal been allowed? Was Mourinho, for seemingly the first time in his career as manager, actually a poison for Madrid rather than the stalwart tactician that has masterminded such success on the European continent? How will the campaign be judged? Silverware, sure, but another league to Barcelona, as the Catalans disposed of the capital club en route to the European final. Mou’s future? Summer transfers? Madrid’s season may be over, save four essentially meaningless league fixtures; however, the excitement, or at least the circus, that will surround Los Blancos as long as the Portuguese manager is calling the shots is really just beginning.

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Posted by Barca's biggest fan on 05/05/2011

I think that Mourinho has destroyed Real Madrid. I dislike Real, so I don't mind. But in the first led we saw cheap drama from both the sides, but everyone was more disappointed with Barca or dirtying their clean image.In the end, whether Real or Barca fan, we all love football.Not diving to the ground, thrusting, or clutching the nose when you've been pushed in the chest.

Posted by Vamuyan Sheriff on 05/05/2011

Warning for Man U against Barca: Do everything
in your power and play Barca in their own half,
when you give them too many chances in your own
half they (Barca) will find way to dive for PK.
Caues they best known for cheat and dive.


Posted by Footfan on 05/05/2011

430 million euros were spent to build the Real Madrid side. When you're beaten you can't cry conspiracy, you've got to congratulate your opponent and begin the analysis of what should have been done better. 29% possession in the first leg says it all.

Posted by Ryan on 05/05/2011

This was a well written article, both classy and objective(I'm used to reading Marca). I feel that a foul on Pique would have been harsh, but so was the call on Ronaldo. Perhaps the most fair would have been to call the former, negating the advantage play when Masch went down. This would have given Madrid the chance to earn the goal if it was meant to be.

Virtually impossible to do in real time though, and the German ref was decisive in making the call prior to Higuain touching the ball, so you have to give him some credit.

Posted by Donatius on 05/05/2011

No mention of a possible Cavalo double sending off during the second leg. I thought the ref was really linient with really madrind. Both Alonso and Cavalo would have been sent off. Barc did not play full steem. I am hoping that Man-U does not give them too much resopect and time on the ball.

Posted by charles on 05/05/2011

Madrid and mourinho need 2 change their attitude cos its putting a bad image on the club nd mourinhos; tatics alwys sucked frm porto to to date.

Posted by cule on 05/06/2011

Madrid, Ronaldo in particular have trouble remembering that the merenges failed to register a shot until late in the first half

Posted by football fans on 05/06/2011

i think that real's first goal should count since i did not see the relevant foul on Mascherano. Ref probably did not get the clear view. If that goal stood, i think the game probably change a lot. We would have seen a better game of attacking football and i also expect more dives and hacks by barca and real respectively. MOurinho got his tactic wrong and he is blaming all the ref and UEFA and Barca players' play acting (diving).

I do agree with Donatius about real could have been playing with 9 men. Alonso and Carvalho should have gotten red card with their harsh tackling. The ref was a bit lenient with the Madrid players. A draw was a fair scoreline.

Sometime i saw teams give to much respect and fear when playing Barca and i hope Man Utd will not play like 2009. Hoping it would be an intertaining FINAL showdown between the best "Team in the world" and the best "Manager" in the world.

Posted by jj on 05/06/2011

Both teams have acted shameful in parts, but Madrid especially. Madrid played dirty and Barca reacted to their dirty play. Although I don't see how any Madrid fan can call "divers!" without realizing they have some of the world's finest divers on their side. Nonetheless it was sad to see Pedro joining the ranks of the blatant floppers.
Ozul should have played all 90, but it certainly wouldn't have mattered...the better team clearly won. Madrid had no answers for the Barca games they played in, and in the end all they have are excuses for their inability to win when it mattered.
Mourinho is a shame to Madrid!!!

Posted by boltzwing on 05/06/2011

The better team in the end won. Lets not take away the fact that barca was far the better team despite all the drama on and off the pitch. The percentage of possession says it all. From a neutral point of view, I seriously feel that Jose and his team killed the sportsman spirit. Its better to be a dignified loser than ranting your way with an unsportsman like conduct.

Pep shows in character and conduct how humility is still a key value even in the midst of a team that has won every major trophy. That is the way to potray not only the spirit of the team and club but it stems from every individual. Who likes the proud, haughty, bitter and worst, arrogance in every form.

No matter how much success Jose has experienced, he is still far away from the fundamental values of sportsmanship. Cynicism will get others to hate you even more. Barca has dominated both domestic and continental football for the past few seasons. The way they play their football is phenomenal. Is that scripted too?

Posted by Uwola Josiah on 05/06/2011

Have you played for 9 years without loosing a match at home, then play Barca. Have you played in Europe for 2 years without loosing a match at Stanford Bridge, then play Barca.
Make your records and Barca will break it. Barcelona FC is truly a team to behold. LONG LIVE BARCELONA FC, LONG LIVE GOOD FOOTBALL.

Posted by KGFCB on 05/06/2011

One key thing to note for Real Madrid's supporters is that Mascherano, if not chipped (of course it wasn't deliberate on CR's part), would have been able to intercept the ball before it reached Higuain. There wouldn't have been a goal to begin with! Madrid is a great team, certainly most expensive in the world of sports; Mou should focus on building a team which can take on Barca purely on merit, not press-room antics, mind games, parking the bus/truck/taxi tactics etc. This is Madrid, No. 2 Spanish team and amongst top 3 European teams, it needs to take on Barca through its signature style of play for which it is admired by fans, not some band-aid tactical approach that Mourinho is preaching at Bernabeau these days. Hope for much better football whenever they the two sides meet next.

Posted by Arjit Jain on 05/06/2011

Well warn ManU and Warn the world.DIVERS or no, the quality of football displayed by Barcelona is still the best I saw in my lifetime.
I am not a Barcelona fan, but I love beautiful football. The neat passes and deft touches and the mesmerizing Messi is all that is required to explain about of their football.
ManU can definitely beat Barca at Wembley provided they play their sluttiest football. Extra efforts would be required from Fletcher and Evra as they would have to use their elbows more than their foots on the pitch if ManY wants to stop the Barca brigade.
Ferguson is a champion, I know it is going to be difficult for world champions Barca. lets hope for some beautiful football for a change and stop talking about theatrics!

Posted by Arjit Jain on 05/06/2011

Well warn ManU and Warn the world.DIVERS or no, the quality of football displayed by Barcelona is still the best I saw in my lifetime.
I am not a Barcelona fan, but I love beautiful football. The neat passes and deft touches and the mesmerizing Messi is all that is required to explain about of their football.
ManU can definitely beat Barca at Wembley provided they play their sluttiest football. Extra efforts would be required from Fletcher and Evra as they would have to use their elbows more than their foots on the pitch if ManY wants to stop the Barca brigade.
Ferguson is a champion, I know it is going to be difficult for world champions Barca. lets hope for some beautiful football for a change and stop talking about theatrics!

Posted by alvin zulu on 05/06/2011

Lets be pragmatic. Barca are a well oiled machine. It's down to the fact that they have had four to five seasons playing as a unit. Their style of play is actually quite routine and predictable. And like any machine, the wheels will come off at one time. We must remember that in Spain teams go thru phases. Madrid is in the trough, Barca on the crest. Maybe next year, the situation could change. That can happen if Madrid retain Jose and let him mold the team into a more cohesive unit. I believe you cannot build a team over one season. Even Barca did not just emerge from the blues. It took patient building. Five seasons ago, Barca were thrashed by Madrid both home and away. Lets all bear in mind that at times Barca have been fortunate to get refs punishing their opponents in critical games. Remember Van Persie? Arsenal had the steam taken out of their sails at a key moment. What if Marscherano had been sent off for the wild kick on Pepe in the first leg when it was nil-nil?

Posted by Ben Koryang on 05/06/2011

Very discussion about the possible failure of R. Madrid to improve their game. Higuan's goal was certainly genuine and Mascherano wasn't fouled. Alono and Carvalho were dreadful in their tackles not forgetting the lousy kick of Adebayor on Pedro. Barca players must also stop playacting- mascherano tried at the corner post.

The question I wan to ask is about all the drama during the champions league and yet the Laliga games were somewhat mildly played. Do UEFA referees have a problem?

Posted by babagana m. d. on 05/06/2011

well written article,best comment from barca no.1 fan!the truth of the matter is,as football fans worlwide what we want to see is good football.lets remember that its called the beautiful game.mourinho has always had a bad taste for barca and thats quite unfortunate and sad as barca shaped his life and eventual success.he got the first taste of the bench in big time football in the camp nou and for that barca will always be ahead of him.

Posted by Vamuyan Sheriff on 05/06/2011

Sad day for football again, after all this diving,
playacting and cheating from Barca, the only things we got from Sep Blatter and his so call
FIFA is only Jose Mourinho banned five matches.
This is becoming a serious joke. I think it,s time for him (BLATTER) go enough is enough

Posted by Vamuyan Sheriff on 05/06/2011

Do you thik FIFA is your personal property or what?
Look there is lot of money at stake here, if you not qualify to run this institution, step down.
There is lot qualify people capible of doing better than you allowing Barca to get away with
everythings. That's not fair play.
Tell me, are you really a share holder in Cheat

Posted by FarcaShht on 05/07/2011

... people will remember Farca for sure... just do search at YouTube, "Barcelona Cheating", "Barcelona Acting"... and you will see the real Barcelona... Peek-A-Boo.. hahahaha, Alves rolling, crying, hahahaha... and again again.. n you can see that many times... that is the most exciting part of Barcelona...

Posted by Simmers on 05/07/2011

For what reasons Mourinho doesn't deserve this BAN? As a footballing institution, so famous like Real Madrid, they really looked like a joke in blaming everyone else but themselves. Madrid spent millions to play defensive. In the eyes of true Madrid fans who really know what football is about, Mourinho is truly anti-football.

Yes, there were alot debatable decisions made by the referees. But Mourinho himself benefitted from such when he coached Inter last season. Bojan's goal last season CL semi-final is legitimate. But the ref did not see it and Inter went through to the semi final. Did we shout conspiracy?

In short, Jose don't know how to play free-flowing football even with talented players. ANd when all else fails, Madrid plays like a weasel.

Yes, Barca is no angel too. But sometimes when you are driven up the wall, it takes a WEASEL to bring out another weasel.

If Real Madrid has any bit of dignity and character, please let your football speaks for itself, and nothing else!!!!

Posted by major the the football lover on 05/07/2011

after all has been said and done, i personally think jose is scared. as i see it there is a new kid on the block. ferguson accepted that there is now someone called morinho who is making waves in football he ddnt try to make him look bad by talking too much he was happy for him atleast another great football mind had graced the soccer scene. whats wrong with morinho the its no doubt pep guardila is a special football brain so morinho shud accept it as soon as possible or hell loose the respect he has for trying to resist something inevitable

Posted by Yusuf on 05/07/2011

I love beautiful football, Barcelona is a team that plays beautiful football. Up up up Barcelona

Posted by Robbmoore on 05/07/2011

Madrid and mourinho need to change their attitude becos its putting a bab image on the club.Madrid is a good club but since mourinho arriver the club is going down.Look at Ronaldo who play good football at ManU is not doing well at madrid just becos of that fool who called him self mourinho.Shame on madrid and mourinho.Tom you are the best pls tell mourinho to funk him self is a looser he should not bring at is dirty beavor out side.Thanks

Posted by merciless on 05/07/2011

it seems like its ok with everyone when mourinho insults and undermines authority and other people in pre and post match press conferences. Its called 'tactics' when he brings out teams to kick and hack down barca players in matches. Its a 'physical game' when mourinho instructs his teams to bully the relatively smaller barca players around. He can call this 'dirty' football all sorts of names like 'parking the bus' or boast that maybe he has a 'friend in volcano' when he gets an advantage and the media embraces him and pats him on his back. When Barca fight dirt with dirt by falling over all the rough mourinho play to get the ref to pay closer attention to the constant kicking, people come out shouting 'cheats, divers' and all sorts names. It appears mourinho is the only one with a divine right to play anti football and get praise for it. When Guardiola finally reaches breaking point and talks back, he is said to have 'taken the bait' in mourinho's mind games. A 'victory' of some sort is awarded to morinh

Posted by Leah on 05/07/2011

Why do people keep mentioning possession as a sign that Barcelona is superior? Letting them have possession is a tactic, if you read the articles in this website they agree on that point, but I guess you don't because you think your pathetic Barca is the best. I'm sure most of you don't understand Spanish and if you listened to Pep Guardiola I think he is just as arrogant. In the past month he has answered the media as if he didn't want to be there and was actually quite rude. And it takes a man with balls to say what he thinks. After watching Barcelona this month I think they are a pathetic, terrible team. If your team is SO good, why do you need to fake fouls to help you? I don't like it when Real madrid does it either, but Barcelona has gone overboard. To not take that into account and go on about how they are better, you are blind and not objective, I don't care what you say. Spanish football is BS!

Posted by ade Akula on 05/07/2011

Mourinho is a cancer to football, football needs to be rid of him.
In England, he fought and sued Wenger, Benitez, claimed refs favour United.
Then in Italy, the mob almost had him murdered
In Spain, he was almost stabbed at malaga, called a scumbag by the Gijon coach and then cause all this drama at the Classicos.

his apologists, mainly tactless british people will claim but he win. Well, winning is not everything. Capello won, Hitzfield won 2 ECL and 7 Bundesliga, Van Gaal won legaue with Barca, Ajax, Bayern, AZ Alkmaar, Fergie won 22 titles, Lippi was in 4 champions league finals and won world cup, Ancellotti won 2 ECL, Magath won 6 Bundesliga. None of these coaches insults other coaches, abuse UEFA and cry conspiracy everytime they lose.

Shame on Madrid for employing this disgraceful man.

Posted by Martin mateco Nigeria on 05/07/2011

I don't blame Realmadrid for complaining about Barcelona players diving. Realmadrid are known to getting frustrated each time Barcelona are in possesion of the ball for a long period of time. So mourinho and Realmadrid should learn how to retain possesion of the ball legally not otherwise. Visca Barca.

Posted by steve on 05/08/2011

One of the dumbest blog titles ever. Nuff said.

Posted by M,Cesar on 05/08/2011

How does Mourinho not question the integrity of the UEFA officials when it comes to Barca. Does anyone remember when he was with Chelsea and he played at the Nou Camp - the head ref was seen coming out of the Barca locker room at half time. That ref was forced to retire - they say from death threats but I say pie-in-the-face.

Posted by tonyo on 05/08/2011

real madrid called for 31 fouls and acted like they did nothing foul every 3 minutes.a great design by mourinho to kick barca to the ground..did u see adebayor chasing barca players around them foul a player in disgust....real believes being bigger is better but not so..their goalie is good but arrogant.. ronaldo sefish will take a shot and complain if it doesn't go in

Posted by Indra Santosa on 05/08/2011


Posted by mOnte on 05/08/2011

I think the people that are saying Madrid is not improving under Mourinho either have not seen Madrid play for the rest of the season (have watched the Classicos only), or are Barca fans (unobjective at that), or simply both. Granted Barca has won most of the 5 matches the two sides met in this season, but Madrid has improved tremendously this season. I quite agree with one comment up there; if Madrid stay the same next year, no massive transfers or coach change; people will see very good play from them. Barca is on the decline though; they were phenomenal last season; when Zlatan was there; now the Villa-Messi partnership is not as effective...they have had to struggle in way more games than last season.

Posted by False above me on 05/08/2011

you are so incredibly blinded by your love for Jose you can't see what is really happening. It takes more balls to not speak your mind and show enough respect not to complain like a spoiled child. Why do you not feel the need to mention that Real Madrid fouled Barca into submission to induce them to dive? Your team claims to be the biggest and best in the world, yet they played 4 matches like Stoke City, absolute disgrace to the game. Real Madrid has the best assembly of individual offensive players in the world and a manager with no idea of how to set up an offense.

Posted by Isaac on 05/08/2011

People need to stop calling Barcelona "World Champions". Inter were the ones crowned last year. "REMEMBER THAT BARCA!" "GO MANU!"

Posted by FootballFan on 05/09/2011

When Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey they did not complain when Di Maria got a 2ND yellow and sent off, I did not here no one from Madrid complain. But when they lose and get a red they always complain like little kids. Mourinho and RMA needs to grow up. Yes at times UEFA and their Refs favor Barcelona, but during the Champion Leagues Semi-Final 1st and 2ND leg the refs did get all calls on point, and you can't blame a ref for that disallowed goal in the 2ND leg, from his view point and television view point it did look like a foul, and if Masherano hadn't gone down he would of intercepted the Higuian ball. Next they will omplain that UEFA helped Barcelona in winning La Liga Season 2010-2011.

Posted by Faiz on 05/09/2011

oi2!!can u all stop arguing and quarrelling?
winners are winners,losers are losers!
but losers still can be the winners!
u all are just like a bunch of stupid kids!!

Posted by cajethan on 05/09/2011

all of u have spoken well but wateva happens between bacelona and madrid is d cause of jose mourinho's anti football.barca fought anti football with anti football.barca deserved to be honoured for fighting anti football of jose mourinho.barca frever..

Posted by FarcaShht on 05/09/2011

Farca fans n players just need to stop crying a lot..

Posted by mike on 05/09/2011

barca is the best team

Posted by Efe Davw on 05/09/2011

Mou win-at-all-cost attitude have destroyed Madrid institution that have taken years to build. Controversy trays everywhere he goes. No respect for tradition of a club. It's shame that Madrid allow this happen in the first place. This is SPAIN, where good football and tactical details holds sway, if you ignore that you get PAIN.

Posted by OLAYANU BOLAJI JEREMIAH on 05/09/2011

I believed barcelona is far better than real madrid,whatever that happend was not in favour of barca,mourinho was d cause,he always instruct his players to play physical game.The same he did at chelsea,inter and now madrid.barca has a philosophy of playing.he was wrong by acquising d uefa and spanish officials.jose should lean how to be proactive accept defeat.

Posted by marc on 05/11/2011

For all of you who say "we support real football, not the anti-football of Mourinho" then you are not real football fans. Regardless of what you ignorant Barcelona, or whoever you support, fans say Mourinho's tactics get results. There is no denying that. Barcelona play the best game and are the best team, fact. Being a fan of football means you embrace all tactics and styles, sure Barca play a better game to watch but when you label Mourinho as anti-football or negative you only reveal you stupidity when it comes to the game.

Barcelona were the better team and rightly won. That is all we should acknowledge from the tie everything else is irrelevant.

And I am not a Madrid fan btw, FC Porto is my squad.

Posted by osas on 05/17/2011

I am an ardent Madrid fan but when madrid plays at times i get annoyed.Barcelona is a good team i quite agree but they are not unbeatable.When you play Barcelona, you don't give them space to stamp their authority of the game on you.You have to sit up and play them ball for ball, cover space and have confidence in controlling the ball.Barcelona players are able to control the ball confidently.Madrid should not adopt the style of sitting back and waiting for counter-attack. Teams like Villareal,Vallencia,Espanyol and Sporting Gijon know how to play Barcelona even though Barcelona beats them.Madrid players should become resilient in the up coming season so as to become a threat both in the domestic league and UEFA Champions League.Madrid should forget all the disappointment that engulfed them during the season and play better football next season.I wish Madrid the best of Luck.Up Madridsta.

Posted by barca on 05/21/2011

Everything you say is about barca & real madrid or they are the only teams competing in all competation,shame to all this people who are bleming madrid and their tactics,look u neva watch futbal,if u eva watch futbal u wil c dat madrid is improving with most new players than what team could field lot of new players under just one seam,madrid tramendeous improvement only people are comparing it with barca not with other teams i don knw why,barca players has been playing togetha for seasons dats why they are so impresive,upcoming seasons u will tell me what happens to barca when madrid take ova the leadership now is still barca through out but time is coming soon u will be there watching.pep found barca the way it is,da guy is very cleva he neva want to sign i contract with more than a year coz he knows that he is not a good with many plans he just have plan A but when the team is struggling in some games u will c dat this man is not a good manager,players are reaching old ages soon

Posted by henry on 05/23/2011

Its interesting to see people supporting negative tactics and negative football. The refs are there to protect the team playing football and not the goons kicking people around.
The football rules are clear, a game has got to be won,. and if you are not playing football but just kicking people, you get a yellow, and a subsquent red and move off the pitch.
Yes im neither a Madrid nor a Barca suppoter, but only a blind man could support RM and Mou ways,... Ask the famous Alfredo De stephano.

Posted by Bryan on 06/03/2011

Well I love Real MAdrid but you guys all know that Barcelona always & I mean ALWAYS pay the refferee to be on their side.. Just look at Marsherano diving himself to get Higuain a yellow card, look what happened at the final with Man U., I heard that they were a lot of fouls by Barca & the refferee didn't count them as fouls i mean come on that is completely bullshit what Barca does so they can win... They have no guts to play with a team 'normally' (without paying the ref.) so like i think Real Madrid is going to be better next year, I hope so. HALA MADRID!!

Posted by fred on 07/04/2011

because of barca we have build team already i like because the are good

Posted by de9ice on 07/04/2011

Real you are always the best, next season will be fantastic to us!

Posted by ISIDORO on 07/08/2011

I have always been a Madrid fan. since the time of el buitre an hugol. Madrid was a institution of pride and dignity. under del Bosque i saw football similar to what Barca shows now. this Madrid under Mou has turned in to something ugly. Mou will not have sleepless nights after reading my comment...but he is no good for football. it's a game...not war!!!!!

Posted by Vianca on 09/29/2011

If I were a Tegeane Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say “Kowabunga, dude!”

Posted by Vicki on 10/01/2011

Your ansewr was just what I needed. It's made my day!

Posted by Zakaria on 10/18/2011

Real has improved alot since mourinho took charge and they are capable of winnig la liga... Mourinho has instilled a winning mentality in them.. he has got a great winning team in casilas in goal.. Pepe n carvalho in defense... ramos n marcelo attacking fullbacks... special mention for ramos.. consistent n has been at real for a long time and has improved alot... Sahin and alanso will be centre midfield while ronaldo n de maria on wings will provide great flair... kaka is back to his best..while benzema provide goals... they still have albiol ozil,contrateo,kedira,hugian on the bench... they look great n will be vital to sucess

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