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Posted by Michael Hudson on 01/27/2011

Benzema hit the winner at the weekend and again on Wednesday evening, allowing Los Blancos to both maintain their pace behind Barcelona and take a first leg aggregate lead in their semi-final cup tie, respectively. Yet the under fire France international will now find himself competing for a place after Los Blancos’ latest big name transfer. The Frenchman has struggled since his big money move from Lyon in the summer of 2009, and, with the recent injury to Gonzalo Higuain, speculation has run rampant at the Bernabeu as to whether or not Jose Mourinho would make a move in the January window to add some depth to his squad’s attacking prowess. First they weren’t, and then they were; Madrid’s official stance was about as bi-polar as Benzema’s form. Tevez, Lukaku, Drogba were just a few of the names thrown around by everyone from Marca to your local taxista. Finally, Emmanual Adebayor has become the newest star to don the famed white jersey. But is this really the answer?

Adebayor was not Los Blancos’ first option, that was made palpable by the number of moves and subsequent rejected bids in which Madrid were linked. Hamburg has allegedly soured their relationship with Netherlands international Ruud van Nistelrooy by not allowing the Dutch star a transfer back to the Bernabeu. Across town, Atletico de Madrid director and hype-man Gil Marín has been quoted as saying, “El Real Madrid nos ha ofrecido 45 millones por El Kun (Madrid have offered us 45 million euros for Sergio ‘el Kun Aguerro.’).” Chelsea did have a 52 million pound bid rejected for the Argentina striker and son-in-law of Diego Maradona; however, defender Diego Godin was also a part of that deal, forcing me to side with the Madrid management denying a bid was ever offered. Aguerro’s inconsistent form has lead to speculation of a drop in price, though it certainly doesn’t seem to be so (Madrid bid or not). Regardless of the validity of the Aguerro rumours, Marín has certainly highlighted Madrid’s desperation with his comments.

Expectations to win have never phased Jose Mourinho as a manager, in fact he embraces the challenge; however, the Madrid brass seem daily more and more anxious to return silverware to the Bernabeu this campaign. The Adebayor signing has epitomized that sentiment. As the news of the Adebayor move echoed through the streets of the Spanish capital, Madrid took a very positive step towards in accomplishing (at least part) of that goal by seeing off Sevilla 1-0 at the Sanchez Pizjuan Wednesday evening. Thanks, of course, to an early strike from the aforementioned Mr. Benzema. The capital side club will return to the Bernabeu for the second leg with an away goal as advantage (like the UEFA Champions League, the first tie breaker is away goals) in a week’s time. A Copa del Rey victory does not spell a successful season by any means, but continued results symbolizes the squad’s progress.

Adebayor was unable to secure regular time at City ©GettyImages

Returning to the issue of the newest face at the Bernabeu, maybe the former Togo international (Adebayor retired after the tragic attack on his team’s bus en route to the African Cup of Nations last year) will return to the form that saw him shine at the Emirates. The form that convinced Mark Hughes, then Manchester City boss, to spend big money to bring him to Northern England. Adebayor has the potential to be world class, the footballing world knows that, but his work ethic was one of various reasons that Arsene Wenger allowed the striker’s North London departure. Will that questionable work ethic inhibit the Togolese striker the ability to see the pitch as has been his time spent at City? Perhaps the competition will spark both he and Benzema into the form that made them household names in the first place. At this point it is all speculation, a pundit or supporter can offer his ‘most educated opinion’ but we won’t know until the Togolese man has his shot. Time will tell but, for Madrid’s sake, the move better spark some attacking consistency.

Madrid have found their new “number 9” at the time as the man currently wearing the shirt is seemingly finding his form. Certainly, it should cause for some interesting matters and debates in the coming months. The Adebayor move will not define Madrid’s campaign but whether or not a “number 9” can be reliable.

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Posted by Nurry23 on 01/26/2011

I think Adebayor, will be Realmadrid's top no9 in upcoming months.

Posted by eletu on 01/27/2011

adebayo and benzema will bring titles to madrid this season.

Posted by Malik gazali on 01/27/2011

I think that with the move of modric and bale if possible can make madrid get the trophy. Barcelona is the problem and to solve the problem the club needs a good and strong midfieder like these 2 player, lastly with a better stricker like fernando Llorente.

Posted by siyanda on 01/28/2011

what is happening at madrid and who does valdano thinks he is to disturb mourinho on his job and why doesnt he take the coaching post if he wants to decide who must play and who mustn't. what will happen if mouriho exit to real madrid and what about ending barcelona's dominance?

Posted by ghislain on 01/28/2011

i think what madrid need is consistency. lets concentrate on building a team first and the results will come; CONSTANT CHANGE OF PLAYERS AND COACHES WILL KEEP TAKING US NO MATTER THE AMOUNT OF MONEY SPENT.

Posted by VIcken on 01/29/2011

I believe that Mourinho wanted Adebayor last summer at at least a 50% premium to the option price. This seems like good business.

Wenger is the greatest scout in football; a fact that has overcome his ineptitude as a player manager and a coach. I believe in Adebayor's talent and Mourinho's desire to have had him at the beginning of the season.

I would love Michael Essien in the summer; the last player to fully grasp Makelele's midfield philosophy and someone who can transmit it thru osmosis to Real Madrid's battleline.

Though Essien's been injury prone, the less physical La Liga would extend his career and allow him to be ready for Ghana's pursuit of World Cup glory in 2014.

Chelsea could cash in a year or two before contract expiration knowing that he might not be so valuable if continuously sidelined by the bruising Premiership, FA, Carling & European combined schedule.

I think that both Chelsea and Real Madrid win from such a deal. Real Madrid could get a huge discount.

Posted by Umar Nabige (kano) on 01/29/2011

I hope Ade gives more contribution to win the trophies. please madrid's officials don't to allow mourinho to step-away from my team>REAL MADRID

Posted by Shappy on 01/29/2011


Posted by mat on 01/29/2011

I hope the competition benz might get from ade will motivate him to be more consistent on go and secure us titles this season

Posted by wang chung lol on 01/30/2011

Adebayor will do good and ultimately stay as for benzema I don't see him past this season and real will definitely land llorente on the summer but the real problems are in midfield RM needs a strong midfielder essien its an interesting option mourinho knows this so don't expect more than 1 trophy the rebuild up will start in the summer because mourinho already knows this but Will NOT let this squad get bullied by barca at the bernabeu when they meet again he will ultimately leave when he takes la liga away from barca next year

Posted by samuel on 01/30/2011

thats a very good move adebayor to madrid good baging

Posted by Orane Fullwood on 01/31/2011

To me Real Madrid is the best team on the face of earth. We will win every thing this year. adebayor is a great player and he will bring a new way of playing and luck for the team, so to me its a good signing. All the team needs is to work together as a unit. Go my beloved Real Madrid. A big fan.

Posted by Hd.19 on 02/02/2011

lets faced it Madrid are done. "BARCA" is where is at. Buying espensive players won't get you nowhere but, a big loss.

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