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Posted by Douglas Cameron on 04/23/2012

Our former owner and Knight of the Realm is sitting in his castle counting other people's money. Our current owner has snuck back into Scotland and is sipping champagne whilst contemplating the potential return on his £1 "investment" in Rangers. The blazers are doing what blazers always do, nothing until it is too late. The hack-erati are busy scribbling with their crayons and our rivals continue praying to the Gods of Jelly and Ice Cream that today will be the day... All the while Rangers fans, the only people who ever truly had the club's interests at heart, are left climbing the walls.

Q - When is a deadline not a deadline?
A - When it is set by Duff & Phelps.
Q - When is a "crime" not punished by the existing rule book?
A - When the jury are compromised by self interest and are actively, openly and shamelessly re-writing the rule book they are supposed to be applying.
Q - When is "liquidation" not the end?
A - When it is a business and assets deal saving the football club with only the old limited company ceasing to exist.

Amidst the fog of administration many, myself included, have been left wondering why this process seems to be taking so long. Well quite simply it had to. The bad news has clearly been drip fed. It had come to this. We had to reach the point the public, the press, the football authorities and even some of the bidders begin to accept that a business and assets deal is required. Even now the Blue Knights are publicly stating they believe they can achieve a CVA when all informed commentary struggles to understand why. Perhaps they know best. I for one would love to be proven wrong. (As I write this the difficulty in getting Whyte to transfer his shares is being touted as the reason the Blue Knights have been delayed as being named as the preferred bidder. What a surprise)

At the weekend Ally McCoist outlined his belief that Rangers face next season being largely reliant on youth players. The performance of McCabe on Saturday yet again illustrated why this may be no bad thing. I would hope there would be one or two experienced pros with the club at heart who have made their money down south prepared to tough it out. McCulloch is a much underrated footballer and someone whose experience could be vital in nursing the youngsters through next season. Perhaps it is fanciful but I would also welcome a return for the likes of Barry Ferguson who benefited form EBTs. I think a contribution from players like that to the restoration of the club would be apt. You've made your money over the years Barry so step up and prove your "love" for the club and play for a nominal fee.

For McCoist the top six would be the aim with the absolute maximum that could be achieved fourth place. I think he may be optimistic if a business and assets deal is done and we have a 10 point penalty for two seasons and are only permitted 25% of SPL revenue for three seasons. Since we can't play in Europe for the next three seasons you can question how much this actually punishes Rangers. We certainly won't win the league with a diminished squad and a 10 point penalty. The interesting question would be what happens in the third season? At that time there is no points deduction and you would be looking to at least win a return to Europe. Is that though realistic with the players we would have?

The alternative punishment proposed by most non-Rangers fans would be Rangers playing in the SFL3 next season. (95% plus were quoted as favouring this in an online survey) If Rangers were to win consecutive promotions then is it unrealistic to think we could gain European entry as a First Division club by winning the Scottish Cup? Back in the SPL and back in Europe after three years?

In many respects it could be beneficial to players currently 18/19 to be part of a squad working through the divisions playing week in week out rather than stepping straight into a side in the SPL burdened by unrealistic expectations. The question is whether the support would be carried along? Some argue that the Rangers support are too used to success. Guilty as charged. Success is hardly something to regret. Right now though the description best suited to the Rangers support is angry. I for one am struggling to reconcile the financial vandalism and very probably criminal misconduct of our former directors with what we as supporters are going through. I am struggling to accept lectures on "sporting integrity" at a time the entire football world is hoping that Barca and Real Madrid will contest the Champions League final despite having a debt of 1.2 billion euros. I am struggling with the prospect of playing in a league we cannot win simply because it suits the other members. I am struggling most of all with the prospect of doing so only to have it thrown back in our face by way of accusations we got off lightly or were saved by the phantom "establishment".

The more i think about it the more I think that we should announce our intention to resign from the SPL with effect from the last day of this season. We will go through whatever restructuring of the corporate company is required to save the club. We also announce our intention to apply for membership of SFL3 with effect from the first day of next season. The football implications of a business and assets deal are the only impediment I see to pushing ahead with this option. Perhaps rather than fear the punishment we should embrace it. In the eyes of the rest of Scottish football we would accept our punishment. Any calls for further punishments would rightly be dismissed as vindictive. For Rangers' support there is the prospect of delivering a financial blow to those currently preaching "sporting integrity" while really just seeking to protect their own bottom line. As a pure act of defiance I would imagine Ibrox would regularly have 30,000 provided realistically priced. With a reduced wage structure the club would be able to rebuild properly off the park while giving itself the full benefit of the talent being produced on it. As an aside perhaps Derek Adams would be a better choice for such a football rebuilding job based on youth than Ally McCoist? I really fear that if still in the SPL the demand to remain competitive would stifle attempts to live within our means.

Perhaps I am simply brooding too much on the realities of the proposition commercial interests trump "sporting integrity". Anyone for a tour of Japan? Perhaps we would be better off embarking on a tour of Scotland's lower divisions reconnecting with the realities of football in Scotland. Perhaps we really would be better spreading the commercial benefits Rangers produce beyond the SPL clubs. Perhaps SFL3 really would be a more enjoyable experience than competing in an SPL we could not win, for less than our fair share of revenues and all to the betterment of Celtic plc and SKY/ESPN. Perhaps it is time we reminded everyone of the age old truism you should be careful what you wish for. Perhaps Rangers really would be better off waving goodbye. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


Posted by Paul Allison on 04/23/2012

The more I see the football club, staff and fans being punished by the ever growing kangaroo court, the more I too start to think let's give them what they want. Start afresh in the 3rd division and work our way back up taking as long as it needs to take. The question is would there be an SPL to return to? If the likes of Dunfermline cannot afford to pay players wages based on the fact they did not receive money from Rangers for one game, What chance do likewise clubs have of managing 3 full seasons without it (assuming Rangers win each league at the first time of asking). I think we would see a vast improvement in the SFL as the money from gates started to filter through at the lower levels but there would most likely be carnage at the top level in Scotland and most of these clubs know that. So let them make the rules up as they go, but once they are rubber stamped they must apply to all. Bring on Div 3

Posted by jackie mc cutcheon on 04/23/2012


Posted by Anonymous on 04/23/2012

Sooner the better. Bye-bye so!

Posted by allan on 04/23/2012

totally agree with your post douglas
lets leave the spl and see how the spl fair without rangers revenue and lets see how the other clubs fair without the rangers money or sky money because sky would certainly pull the plug without old firm games
lets give them all what they want and see how the spl fairs for 3 years without the rangers in the league
and like jackie says

Posted by denis burns on 04/23/2012

Oh dear, what a shame. Who cheated their way to past glories and now feel sorry for themselves?

Posted by Blueultra on 04/23/2012

The suits are at it again, lining their pockets when they get a chance. In the meantime the supporters have bought all they can, made donations where they can, filled the stadium each home game, the players have taken the cuts, our squad is depleted and the suits line their pockets with our money effectively running the club into further debt owing to their fees. Lets face it guys, these are self interested money grabbers guising that they are looking for a CVA knowing that they will leave the club in a bigger mess than when they came in. Its our club, without the support there is no club and the suita better get that into their heads. Cap the fees and that will get them out sooner. Take care all, Blueultra

Posted by allan on 04/23/2012

last comment by anonymous
and they say rangers a biast

Posted by trueblue on 04/23/2012


Posted by Scott on 04/23/2012

Super post ,rebuild from the lower division ,spread the wealth of our supporters for the benefit of Scottish football and come back in three years . I live abroad and would buy a season ticket to help and send it home.Bain was on 625,000 , for what and how many more were there . Slim balls .

Posted by Vincent Doherty on 04/23/2012

Sooner the better. There is off course the alternative of paying what you owe what was stolen from the health and educational systems to finance two decades of financial doping. The idea that Rangers should have to compete on a level playing pitch or that the club and it's supporters should apologize to all those affected by cheating and corruption seems like an insult to even the most rational Rangers fan. That, I suggest, stems from a notion that because of who they are they should be treated differently from others who engage in lawbreaking and financial corruption and contributes to a mentality which see's those guilty of such practices as the victims. Wise up for goodness sake. Either pay up or get off the park!

Posted by judd on 04/23/2012

what makes u think your club will have a choice in anything ? if we were sticking to the rules and found guilty of everything they have been allegedly been accused of , they should not just the book but the library thrown at them ! put it this way if every club behaved like this were would we be ???

Posted by denis burns on 04/23/2012

Methinks I hit a nerve.

Posted by Scott on 04/23/2012

Vincent, it is not rangers supports who have made this mess ,should they have a look at where a lot of celtics money has been coming from. , can you think of any place that comes to mind that you would be praying they don't look ,

Posted by d-dave on 04/23/2012

Absolutely yes. Not only would this give us some self-respect back it would be a massive "viccy" to all those "full of integrity" liars from the east end.

Sporting integrity? How does fiddling your gate receipts or demeaning the best manager you ever had because he was a proddy lying about tours of Japan. Talk about running scared. they're desperate for us to go under because they know that's the only way they'll ever catch us.

We welcome the chase alright - we'll even give you another easy 3 years to add to your tainted title from this year.

If you're still in business when we get back to what's left of the SPL, you'll be back trailing in our wake as per!!

Posted by jimmy hill on 04/23/2012

rangers will never be allowed to leave the spl as all chairmen and directors of the other clubs know that no rangers no money at the moment the voting is 10 2 but take rangers out of the equation and it becomes 11 1 now the other clubs want a split of the gate money from all gaes home and away so instead of celtic getting their home gate money it will be split and even celtic for as well run as they are could not afford to keep paying players upwards of 20,000 pounds a week that will then have the knock on effect of who would want to play in scotland in the spl or better known as the sunday pub league

Posted by Scott on 04/23/2012

It seems we rangers people can't discuse our feeling for Our clubs future without the plastic paddies getting involved.

Posted by John mccallum on 04/23/2012

I would like someone to come out and explain why Rangers have reached such a state. We were told last season that the debt had been radically reduced ie £17 million. The club plays before 50,000 every 2 weeks, money must be made from merchandise, catering etc. Our wages bill should be no greater than Celtic and yet we cant pay a local florest £70.

Posted by Arturo on 04/23/2012

Good riddance,cheats and bigots,people in Europe will be breathing sighs of relief at no more marauding huns ! jelly and ice cream Hail Hail!

Posted by iFugue on 04/23/2012

Why can't Rangers supporters face got caught cheating and breaking the law and now you're going to be punished. No amount of deflection or blaming others or funny handshakes can change the fact....the people who run your club are criminals..!!

Posted by eoin on 04/23/2012

Are they dead yet ? lol GIRUYs

Posted by sj o'beollain on 04/23/2012

everyone elses fault but your own....get the violin out listenin to you bigots. brought shame to scottish football for over 100 years. no one likes us we don't care...but you do just dont understand why....dry yer eyes and take yer punishment....pity there wasn't 10 leagues in the sfl....the lower leagues will wonder what they did to deserve you tarnishin their grounds.

Posted by 8 Eyed Spy on 04/23/2012

Those who now talk about sporting integrity are the same ones who won't let Rangers play anywhere other than it where it suits them, and on rules being made up after the event. Aye, fair enough, you fine upstanding citizens.

Posted by Wullie on 04/23/2012

Hail hail mob talk a lot of you what its the way they were dragged up.W.A.T.P.

Posted by jakmeaph on 04/23/2012

listen hear you sod busting h-nz you cheated for years and now the time has come to get your cumupanse, next season their will a massive derby, over the border in BERWICK,THE HOME OF YOUR H_N PALS,SCENE OF THE GREATEST VICTORY JOCK WALLACE EVER HAD IN ENGLAND BON VOYAGE & GOOD RIDUNS BUNS ENJOY POVERTY YOU DESERVE IT, OH BY THE WAY WIT DAE YI THINK THEY SHOOD DAE WAE BIG EEJET ARSES' KNIGHT OF THE REALM AWARD TOODOLOOTHENOO

Posted by thevoiceofreason on 04/23/2012

take your medicine with are embarrassing...this is YEARS of neglect by BOTH owners (old and new)and Rangers FANS who failed to act when your club needed you most. You enjoyed the good times and now you MUST pay the penalty. The SFA have every right to change the rules to make sure this DEBACLE never occurs again in Scotland. Heres hoping the other clubs spend some cash (that they can afford) and stake a claim for second place in the coming seasons.

Posted by NoPretender! on 04/23/2012

today over at govan,detox park has been quarantined with a perimeter of 1000 yd's put in the surrounding area of the stadium with all caravns evacuated. with a big sign up on the gates reading

- "Toxic(WASTE)Assets"
Enter at your peril!

Goodbye fat Sally & the Gollum's of Govan!

Posted by Davy on 04/23/2012

Good post Douglas. My sympathy is with genuine Bears like yourself, but I have none for the crooks who have been running your club. I think liquidation is inevitable. Why not call Newco Glasgow United and leave behind the bigotry and show an example to the Tims. Now I hear the Adminstrators have a new

Posted by mick f on 04/23/2012

Another interesting night. Whyte banned from Scottish football & a 12 month ban on signing players. The gers will go nuts & SFA will back down on appeal & withdraw the clubs punishment. How could so many be duped by mighty Whyte? Karma has hit big time all the years cheating & robbing & it's time to pay the piper. BYE BYE, you wont be missed.

Posted by Randolf Scott on 04/23/2012

Douglas, you are experiencing exactly what I and many Melbourne Storm supporters felt when the premier rugby league club is Australia was punished by the governing body a couple years ago. I thought it would be the end of the franchise as we knew it - but to the contrary. The club has re-emerged as a stronger and more respected club for the way it dealt with the adversity. Rangers need to rise to the challenge and meet it head on. After all, you are Rangers, not some football minnow. I truly feel for the Rangers supporters and hope you are able to stay in the top flight for the sake of the SPL. I am a Celtic fan but would have little interest in the SPL without the Old Firm in action. The Celtic, Rangers rivalry is a classic and draws worldwide attention. This will be Rangers' greatest test but actually could be the making of the club for the 21st century. And I agree, even though Barry Ferguson would get under my skin, he is a great Rangers' man and would be an asset.

Posted by amabaddie on 04/24/2012

someone asked that barry(pass it back)ferguson should come back as he had an ETB (Ha-Ha)
what about the rest of them let`s see all the names open it right up before the BBC and
Channel 4 does
Pay your bills, pay the queen, you sing about her every week.
Tell me any other manager in the world thats just won three titles in a row and chucks it in.
You think he did not know what was comming, he knew years ago, years ago,
I`ll leave wee ally to sort this mess out cause we`ve no chance of winnin a 4th league title.
They all know who they are, and the duff gang are runnin up more debt, they will get there money first before the pie man and all the rest of the wee people that your lot F**K*D up.
Pay your bills and stop feeling sorry for youselfs.Liquidation is the easy way out.
SIR DAVID MURRAY started it no one else don`t blame WHYTE he paid a pound for 85% of the shares thats a bargin AND HE WILL BE PAID MILLIONS. you got to laugh.
SIR how long does he hold on to that nam

Posted by Calvin on 04/24/2012

You're Rangers 'til July.

Don't play by the rules, don't play. Good riddance. Glasgow Celtic champions.

Posted by Ally McMoist on 04/24/2012

We are done... we have cheated for years and have now been found out. It is time for us to go, end of conversation.

Posted by Douglas Cameron on 04/24/2012

Thanks for the comments. Can I just remind everyone that this is a rangers blog. I have covered the question of 'cheating' before and wrote this piece pre-sfa announcement to cover the ultimate end result for rangers in terms of corporate ownership structure and what league they should play in next season. Anyone who consistently follows this blog will know from the outset I have stated if wrong doing is proven then punishment in line with existing football regulations must follow. It is clear for all to see that is not happening. It is clear for all to see that no football supporter in Scotland will be satisfied.

Those seeking to lecture and attribute blame with words and phrases like 'you' and 'your club' are obviously unwilling or unable to accept there is a distinction between the misconduct of Whyte as an individual and rangers as a club. The sfa incredibly agree. I will be interested to see if this collectivism is extended to the fudged solution being enacted. When the various chairmen allow rangers to remain in the spl and the out cry starts just remember that by your logic 'you' and 'your club' will have played their part.

I understand the desire for consequences. What is happening though is ultimately not in anyone in Scottish football's long term interests.

Posted by Dave on 04/24/2012

Biased. Not biast.

Rules are rules take it on the chin. We live in a very small minded society whoever you support.

This is a chance to reboot the shit that is Scottish football.

Posted by Unbiased on 04/24/2012

Looking at this sad situation from the outside all those supporters from various clubs in Scotland asking for various severe punishments on Rangers including starting in the Scottish 3rd Division. I would be very careful what you wish for. Without Rangers and Celtic in the SPL there is effectivelly no SPL. What players could Celtic afford to attract with no SKY money or other major sponsors? The SKY contract undoubtedly would not be renewed as the only attraction about the SPL currently is the Old Firm games which draw massive viewing audiences around the world. And it would be interesting to ask those fans in 3 years time if they really got what they wished for when their clubs could no longer attract quality players. Rangers obviously need to be punished but this has to be financially based. Points penalties would punish Celtic as they would be handed the league title. For eithet of the Old Firm it is surely better to win the lague by winning points not being given them. Think on

Posted by Robert D Bruce on 04/24/2012

Interesting Blog. It seems to cover most points however, having read the SFA statement on the Rangers Official website, I am at a loss with the argument that Whyte and Rangers are separated in any degree. Whyte is an official of Rangers and as such Rangers Football Club are responsible for him under the SFA rules and are therefore responsible for the breaches of these rules.
If there is an acceptance that Rangers should accept a punishment for the misdemeanour's of the past decade then is it Rangers or (Sir) David Murray who is to blame?
Rangers acceptance of a punishment and a drop to the SPL3 makes no sense whatsoever. If Rangers are to become a new entity under whatever guise it makes more sense to apply for membership to the bottom tier of English football and attempt to climb up to the Premiership.
Why, you might say does this make any sense?

Because the prize is bigger and two fingers can be shown to the SFA, SPL and "other" Scottish clubs.

Think on.......Boo Roo

Posted by Alan Gordon on 04/24/2012

We need to boycott everything run by the SFA, international matches, sponsors, cup competions. Instead of supporting a member club when times got difficult they are queuing up to give us a kicking. Dont recall similar uproar when Motherwell, Dundee etc went into administration. But then neither club had any chance of challenging Liewell's Celtic for the title

Posted by celts gal on 04/24/2012

I am a celtic fan but celtic need rangers and rangers need celtic eseciall for the auld firm games I know from being a celtic fan myself a don't wnt to see rangers go down if the do the then they wnt be a auld firm derby and a love an auld firm derby so a do show my sympathy to all the rangers fans .

Posted by mick mcm on 04/24/2012

to be honest I feel sorry for rangers supporters, lied to by the press and rangers management, its not their fault but its the supporters who are going to have to pay, they still don't realise rules have been broken and money has been spent. money that was not theirs to spend, they should look on it as a chance to rebuild without the bigotry

Posted by allan on 04/24/2012

celts gal and mick mcm
thanx for your comments well done to the pair of you
to many bigots on both sides here
after all its only a game

Posted by StLucifer on 04/24/2012

At the end of the day Rangers need to be punished. Not an individual. I am certain wee David and/or Craig oversaw this from a darkened room out of the eyeline of the other officials at the club. It would be near impossible to do so.
No. It's the clubs responsibility.
I too have sympathy for the rank and file Rangers fans but the need is there to set examples.
Those who mention Motherwell, Dundee, Livingstone are correct. They too should have had the book thrown at them and sent packing.
But..... Two wrongs don't make a right.
As for the damage done to clubs left in the void that is the demise of RFC? Well. If the money, which undoubtably be less, is more evenly shared out then it will be only one other club who will suffer financially.
It is then up to the chairmen of the remainder to learn to live within their means as my club have done in the last twelve years or so.
The Kilmarnocks of this world will die if they don't cut their cloth.
It just means we develope youth.

Posted by Dino on 04/24/2012


No new rules have been set ; existing rules have been broken & the relevant punishment has been issued. It may seem severe, but what do you expect?
The new rules are required to allow a newco to immediately enter the SPL. Without this Rangers newco cannot play in the SPL.
I thought the statement by the administrators (now becoming better known as Duff & Duffer) on behalf of Rangers was ridiculous considering they are well versed in company law. You cannot blame an individual for the demise of a company. The board of directors are responsible for the company & they sign forms to this efect when they enter into an emplyment contract.
What sort of punishment did you expect for blatant disregard of existing rules & regulations? A slap on the wrist & obligatory fine?

This may turn out to be a good thing for Scottish football as Rangers have no choice but to play with youth & hopefully they flourish in the future in the dark blue of Scotland

Posted by Archie McKeevins on 04/24/2012

Rangers are guilty of the mess Scottish football is in, they over-inflated the transfer market through immoral financial decisions.

Posted by Douglas Cameron on 04/24/2012

Dino, to clarify the blog was written before last night's sfa announcement. The made up rules are precisely what you refer to, the spl creating points and revenue punishments designed to justify rangers staying in the spl because it suits everyone else's commercial needs. You are correct as a basic analysis this helps rangers. Bigger picture though it doesn't help a readjustment to the cost base and I feel we would be playing in the SPL for everyone else's commercial benefit while being slapped in the face with the accusation we had got off lightly.

I accept the sfa punishment is in line with the rules. I question punishing rangers for the actions of Whyte (and that is what this is about not the EBTs or anything else) given the sfa completely failed in their obligation to protect the club and it's support from someone they now acknowledge is not a 'fit and proper' person. What punishment will be visited on the sfa for their part in this? They let down not just rangers but every other member club currently out of pocket.

A blog that started as a vague notion has hardened into a certainty, SFL3 for me next season. If that is what other supporters feel is deserved so be it. All of us are in danger of being abused by the chairmen putting finance above the fans.

Posted by steve on 04/24/2012

As a Celtic fan, I could gloat over this, but I won't. Putting aside differences, have some not thought that Rangers' predicament (however self-inflicted it was) - and the potential problems it could have for the rest of Scottish football - is the excuse needed to radically re-structure the leagues in Scotland? If Rangers have to 'start from the bottom', we could cut the leagues back down to three, maybe two levels, from four. And increase the size of the top flight back to 16, maybe 18 teams. For those who object to this saying it will scare the TV companies - well the product has gone stale anyway even before Rangers problems. They're going to drop us anyway. We've got nothing to lose. And its refreshing to see some Rangers fans, being philosophical about this, and seeing this as a chance to reconnect with the roots of Scottish football. I'd like to think many fellow Celtic fans, think likewise. We've both had our wings clipped.

Posted by roonknock on 04/24/2012

I have resisted the temptation to put my views into print for the last few months.Now is the time for fans of all clubs to realise the damage done to our national game may be irreversible .Greed ,corruption ,stupidity and crass ignorance within the Scottish system ,at all levels from top to bottom is manifest. Rangers have been the high profile illustration of this malaise . High calibre leaders of the past like Symon ,Stein ,Waddell ,Wallace ,Burns and more recently O'Neill and Smith were men of substance in the game and instinctively knew right from wrong . There are a few still around and we must rely on these men to actively lead the way forward for the good of our game. Competition in any sport is paramount .Rangers and all others will only make progress when sense and worth prevail for our future generations of young talent and they can be truly inspired to emulate the great Scottish players we all admired.We are one nation after all , are we not ?

Posted by Darren Simpson on 04/24/2012

"the sfa completely failed in their obligation to protect the club"

Sorry Douglas but this is a complete misnomer perpetrated by many Gers fans. It was up to David Murray, Rangers Board (inc a certain Blue Knight) & stakeholders (inc wait for it, the FANS!) to vet Whyte. Rivals had plenty of info on him. It was there, if you WANTED to look...

Likewise "They let down not just rangers but every other member club currently out of pocket"

SFA didn't fail to pay gate receipts, fail to pay Hearts for Lee Wallace etc. Again reallocation of blame by Gers fans is why rivals have no sympathy for your plight. RANGERS made this mess. Doesn't matter whether it's Murray, Whyte or Duff & Phelps, Gers fans could've done something. Remember £51m share issue that Murray had to underwrite to the tune of £50m. WATP? That's EMBARASSING!!! Sadly, like Marianne Twinette, fans preferred to eat the cake.

So man up, take your punishment & get back to being a GREAT club again. Quit fingerpointing!

Posted by Jim Woods on 04/24/2012

Darren, your spelling of French historical figures may be off the mark, but you nail the main falsehood in the blog, The SFA do not vet the board of a club, their rules require the club to assure their office holders are fit and proper and don't bring the game into disrepute.
It appears that unless little or no punishment is given, Rangers fans want to take their ball away. The arrogance is in thinking that it's their ball!
The rest of the SPL will cut their cloth according ,when the glory hunters are working their penance for cheating every other club they played. If you over spend you put all others at a disadvantage. If the EBT case goes against rangers then the scale of cheating againt all clubs played in that period demands reparations to the other clubs involved. 75% of cash over 3 years is the proposal, but Rangers supporters and bloggers squeal foul , if you sink us we will sink you.We won't sink we will thrive ,on a smaller financial scale but Enriched by your absence.

Posted by Darren Simpson on 04/24/2012

*Marie Antoinette LOL - that'll teach me rant & type at the same time!

Posted by fatshez on 04/27/2012

(declaration of interest: i'm a celtic supporter!)

there is a marked lack of constructive thinking and discussion on all sides in this debate - the "pragmatic" noises made by SPL/SFA/the wee clubs is nothing more than self preservation. thankfully Celtic have, IMO, maintained a dignified silence, other than to reject fat Alec's clumsy intervention earlier in the year. Many Rangers fans see the need to drastically restructure and even to accept some form of penalty (punishment is ridiculously emotive word and doesn’t help). Equally while Douglas laments a league Rangers couldn't win, the wee clubs want it underlined that Rangers shouldn’t become so reliant on winning that temptation drives them down the wrong road (a point also made by Douglas).

Briefly, I controlled entry into SFA3 could be of benefit to the wider game. Some constructive discussion about that option would help (not vindictive threats and counter threats). But what will actually happen? Too early to say ...

Posted by fatshez on 04/27/2012

... because what is likely to be the defining factor is still to be brought into play - the FTT decision on the EBT case. Until we know that result a lot of the chatter is (as is often the case with Scottish football) a lot of empty rhetoric and pointless prattling!

Posted by Chic Sharp on 04/30/2012

A very good piece of journalism there Douglas.

The thing that gets on my goat most is this false morality from Celtic fans - when you guess at the millions they've with-held from HMRC over the years it really is hard to stomach. What's even more annoying is the fact their fans knew they were cheating the Taxman and thought it very amusing too!

I recall Paul Coia on Radio Clyde read out the official attendance at Parkhead and him going over to Keevins "well hugh xx thousand xx what do you think of that?" You could hear the rest of their crew and nearby punters sniggering away and hugh said "and moving quickly along".

Their sense of humour disappeared, when close to Administration their board said THEY'D EVEN PUT SOME OF THEIR OWN MONEY IN! A day later their board got showered with mars bars etc. Two edged sword cheating the Taxman!

We should apply to Div 3 even if we save the club, let's save our boycotting of away grounds for our return to the spl IF THEY TRY TO REMOVE TROPHIES!

Posted by Chic Sharp on 05/01/2012

I see a Celtic fan has said he's glad Lawwell and Celtic have kept a dignified silence!

What a joke that is!

Leaving aside Lennon's bitter ramblings at the start of our Administration (no mention of Celtic KNOWINGLY cheating the taxman of course) it has to be said that line is sooooo funny!

Why in the name of God would Celtic and Lawwell need to talk? All they need to do is move their hands as their Puppet (and naturally enough, good pal) Stewart Regan has done all their talking for them!

Dignified silence indeed - Shower of hypocrits - Celtic and Dignity are complete strangers!

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