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April 23, 2012
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 04/23/2012

Our former owner and Knight of the Realm is sitting in his castle counting other people's money. Our current owner has snuck back into Scotland and is sipping champagne whilst contemplating the potential return on his £1 "investment" in Rangers. The blazers are doing what blazers always do, nothing until it is too late. The hack-erati are busy scribbling with their crayons and our rivals continue praying to the Gods of Jelly and Ice Cream that today will be the day... All the while Rangers fans, the only people who ever truly had the club's interests at heart, are left climbing the walls.

April 14, 2012
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 04/14/2012

A week and a half after Rangers' administrators invited "best and final offers" it appears at first glance that not much is happening in the way of a conclusion. If press reports are to be believed the Blue Knights offer would see creditors receiving £10 million through a CVA. The alternative offers envisage a business and assets sale thought to mean a return of at least double for the creditors. In any other situation this would be a no brainer for the administrators but as ever the issues to be resolved are not purely financial they are also footballing.

For months now this blog has stated two things consistently. Firstly I have maintained that the end game would be a business and assets deal that would save the football club but not the existing company. Secondly I have maintained that any punishment imposed on Rangers should be based on the existing rules and regulations. Clearly this will not come to pass with commercial considerations being prioritised a scenario that will serve only to disappoint and disenfranchise football supporters of all persuasions.