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March 24, 2012
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 03/24/2012

Tomorrow could be the last Old Firm game played at Ibrox for quite some time if we are to believe the fantasists/realists/jelly and ice cream brigade (delete as you think appropriate).

March 22, 2012
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 03/22/2012

Weeks of administration look set to drift into months. Friday's false "deadline" regarding bids came and went with notes of intent lodged from knights, sharks and a Chicago turnaround mob. Other interest is also said to exist from as far a field as Singapore and the Middle East. Until the administrators actually establish they have the power to sell Craig Whyte's shares and manage to have the Ticketus contract ruled invalid in court then we will remain, at best, in limbo. This week the events of true significance all centred on the growing cries of "cheat, cheat, cheat".

March 11, 2012
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 03/11/2012

Three weeks into administration and things go from murky to murkier. With no clear view on the club's security, no certainty of fulfilling fixtures until the end of the season, no conclusion on the Ticketus monies and only understandably vague revelations of potential bidders it seems there will be no immediate end to the uncertainties surrounding our club. I have said repeatedly that the end game for me is a sale of the business and assets, i.e. everything that constitutes the club, to a new company (newco). For me the current company is simply the ownership structure of the club and Rangers will survive. The fall out in terms of punishments and demotions though make many uncomfortable with such a resolution.

I thought at this juncture it was worth considering the recent performance and position of the key protagonists in the current drama.