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Posted by Douglas Cameron on 01/31/2012

Rangers have sold their main striker for around £6 million, well under his true value. For some this represents the point the club lost the league. They are wrong though we lost the league because of Naismith's injury, or more accurately management's inability to cope with his enforced absence. Jelavic? Good player yes, but his heart is not in it and we can always find someone else to take the penalties.

Monday was the day the league became inconsequential. It's the day Craig Whyte publicly admitted he paid for Rangers by mortgaging the club's season ticket money for FOUR seasons and exposed the truth behind his takeover. Even assuming we were to win the tax case (unlikely) how exactly is the club supposed to fund its day to day operations without its primary source of income/cash for four years?

We have given the guy the benefit of the doubt. We were wrong. Rangers fans as a group have generally shown loyalty to the club this last year. There is a thin line though between loyalty and sheer stupidity. Too many were quick to dismiss the stories emanating from as blinded by bias when so far the majority of the key points raised on there by the mystery blogger have been proven to be correct. There is certainly a good deal of gloating on there but there can't be many left who subscribe to Mr Whyte's assertion that "what they are saying is 99% crap".

£25m was raised through the mortgaging of the season tickets. Jelavic has just been sold for £6m. Why? How have we managed to burn through £25m in half a season?

Even without the loss of the tax case we now owe well in excess of this £25m figure when unpaid NI/PAYE and general trade creditors are factored in. We only owed Lloyds £18m when he took over.

I am actually too angry at the moment to write in a considered and coherent fashion. Insolvency is now a matter of when and not if regardless of the tax case.

This weekend Rangers are facing Dundee Utd in the cup at Ibrox. I never ever thought I would say this but I believe the time has come for a boycott of this game and then next year's season tickets. Whyte is strangling the club and not a penny of the money fans spend will benefit the team. We are limping on with no obvious benefit to anyone except Whyte. Let's be done with it. We need to go through administration, cross our fingers that the wealthy Bears long rumoured in the Glasgow business community to be waiting to buy the business and assets (not the shares of the limited company which means taking on the liabilities) step forward and let us take whatever punishment is dished out by the football authorities. Rangers Football Club is not a limited company it is a football club, a tradition, a community and a need. It will survive through this but only if the fans face reality.

On Sunday Ally McCoist's biggest worry will no doubt be who plays up front. In truth he would be doing us all a favour if he resigned. Even now with today's news I think it will take something this dramatic to wake up some of our support. McCoist has been sold down the river just as much as the support. He more than anyone has the chance to come out and reveal what is really going on. Time to walk Ally and bring this dark, dark chapter to an end.

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Posted by dea slater on 01/31/2012

Could the administrator of the site please post this

‎Red,Whyte and Blue (facebook) is asking all members and other rangers pages to ask their friends and fans to join this page. we need a majority of fans on one page if we are to make a stand to save our club. This isnt some wild stunt to get numbers up this is a passionate plee to get us all on one page, one track and one huge protest to let the people who are running or club know we wont let 140 years of history fade away. we wont go quietly without a fight WE ARE THE PEOPLE. WE LOVE OUR CLUB AND WE WONT LET IT BE DESTROYED!!!!

Posted by Happydude on 01/31/2012

To the car park, Crawford!

Posted by Neil on 01/31/2012

Actually, the whole Rangers support is to blame, you have sat on this story for 18 months and arrogantly though it was a story made up by Celtic fans!
You can also blame SD Murray (he actually left you in this mess)as well as Jackson and Traynor, who have only just this morning come to their senses and told you the truth.
Its too little to late mate, Rangers are sailing into the abyss.
Here is another thought to leave you with; Smith new of Rangers woes years ago and yet he still spent the money...he was effectivly thinking of his own personal gains in football rather than the future of Glasgow Rangers...why do you think he left and tried to talk fat Sally Le Guen of it

Posted by Paddy on 01/31/2012

Before Rangers FC are wound down and cease to exist all the trophies that they won through cheating the tax system should be stripped and awarded to the runners-up in the competitions concerned.
Good riddance to bad rubbish...I wonder will their loyal fans riot as they so often do...

Posted by Lewis MacDonald on 01/31/2012

If CW runs off with the money then we are stuffed ... if on the other hand he has raised 25m from loans on season tickets then it could be seen as a great bit of business if the tax case goes against us as he would then have 43m to invest in the new Rangers ... how anyone has loaned Rangers 25m with the tax threat hanging over the club is beyond me ... so well done CW and remember ... don't run away with the money ... reinvest it ...

Posted by gridrunna on 01/31/2012

the fact that Rangers have been found not guilty oftax evasion really does out you Declan

Posted by John Duffy on 01/31/2012

Totally agree, time to "step up and pay" as the popular song almost states. Whyte is a snake oil salesman, and Murray is a traitor for allowing him to take over the club in such a manner, shame on him. Do you think that the proposed fans buy-out would be back on the agenda? The league, cup etc is now irrelevant, what matters now is getting Whyte out and keeping the spirt of the club alive & kicking

Posted by Douglas Cameron on 01/31/2012

Neil - I have said plenty on the subject of Whyte and our finances. I've given links to the RTC blog on here. I've reached the point where it bores me and would really love to come on here and write about anything else. Sadly I can't. To treat any football club's support as a homogenous group is ridiculous. He may have been given the benefit of the doubt at the time of the takeover but plenty of Rangers fans have woken up to what has been going on.

Gridrunna - You obviously know more than most. Do please share your information on the FTT verdict. The rest of the world is under the impression the verdict is yet to be reached/announced... I would be delighted to hear otherwise. Your name calling is an all too predictable a response

Posted by Happydude on 01/31/2012

Paddy, you raise a very interesting point.

If it is found that Rangers have been guilty of any misdeeds which have handed them an unfair advantage, then it does pose the question as to how best to deal with retrospectively removing from the record books any trophies and/or records acquired by them for the period for which the irregularities were taking place.

Rather than awarding them to the next placed team, would it not be better to simply have those competitions declared null and void for that particular season, ie there would be no winners for that trophy for that season?

Posted by tommyg on 01/31/2012

To Lewis MacDonald.

You just don't get it do you. Whyte never had a pot to piss in and borrowed the money to repay Lloyds. The money was borrowed before he took over the club. The Dodo became extinct because it was too stupid to see the danger that humans posed to it. Your club is heading the same way. As much as Celtic fans took great delight in telling you all this, and more, about Whyte you and others blindly accepted what he put in front of you. You really are your own worst enemy.

Posted by John on 01/31/2012

I can't wait for Rangers to go broke. Assuming they survive liquidation, they would go overnight from the most successful club in the world (well, in terms of titles and cups won in a two-team country - Rangers have as many European honours as Newcastle United) to the least successful.

Bring it on.

Posted by HectorThe Inspector on 01/31/2012

gridrunna - You KNOW this for a fact do you? Can you prove it?

Posted by Jack on 01/31/2012

Refreshing and honest article by someone who is obviously hurting for his team.
Complacency has been the Rangers fans downfall, time for the fans to wake up and demand some real leadership for their team.

Posted by Steven on 01/31/2012

As a Celtic fan, I do feel an element of sympathy as everything you were promised by Whyte has been proven to be spin and yarn.

However, none of this should come as a surprise as fans in the CELTIC community have been questioning this guy since day one yet the rangers fans and media blindly swallowed his bull****.

Unfortauntely it's now too late and administration is the only thing that will save your club

Posted by west coast hearts 2012 on 01/31/2012

in a time of banks going bust the attitude of we arra the peepil and dont you understand we are the glorious glasgow rangers really has me gobsmacked,rangers friends in the press by ignoring and misleading rangers fans have dug rangers grave,i dont blame the scottish press they are a joke,totally useless and gave up on them a long long time ago.cant wait for the christmas bestseller quoting the likes of traynor,jackson,waddell,king,broadfoot,keevins etc moonbeams murray and walter smith really always had a better team off the park than on, certainly a massive squad of lapdogs,who can forget phrases like motherwell born billionaire and front loading of millions,hee hee hee.

Posted by sheila hutchison on 01/31/2012

Increasing your debt to pay your debt payments is a sign of terminal decline. There are 4 parties at fault here. The egomaniac Murray,the Hostile bank that ruled for a while, the Walter Mitty who now owns the club and their loyal fans. Why didn't shareholders question the outrageous profligacy of the Murray regime at various AGMs?
What due diligence did Murray and the Bank exercise on the current owner to see if he had any money- which he doesn't seem to have. All the bills not being paid your arch rivals demanding up front payments for your fans briefs and the ongoing embarassment of trialists and their treatment.Finally when the team on the otherside of the city were in similar peril the man with the plan and their support raised £200 million. Rangers fans raised £0.5 million- need any more be said and this ain't gloating beleive me.
Unless the alleged 1,800,000 rangers fans in the UK give £100 each will there even be a team on the park against United?

Posted by sav on 01/31/2012

Why,Why has it taken so long for everyone at rangers to take their heads out their asses.i applaud DOUGLAS CAMERON and his views but to be very honest,the rangers fans should have been far more "pro-active"in the last 18months.they now no that the man at the top is taking rangers to the brink of liquidation.the real rangers fans should take on board what DOUGLAS CAMERON HAS SAID AND MAKE AT LEAST AN EFFORT to save their club from oblivion.

Posted by Tom D on 01/31/2012

To Lewis McDonald, if rangers win the tax case they don't have £43m to invest. If the tax bill dissappears HMRC will not give rangers a cheque for £43m. Rangers are skint and will still be skint. They have lost four years season ticket money just to be able to scrape by until today. They owe money to just about every sub-contractor who ever did any work for them. Whitey has been in court more often than Tommy Sheridan over monies owed. He has allegedly not been paying tax and NI since the takeover. Do I need to continue? Wake up and smell the Tesco value coffee.

Posted by boydie on 01/31/2012


You could not be more right!

They should have seen it happening from the minute he started not fulfilling his ever so tempting perspectives he spilled to the fans of Ibrox before his takeover.

He promised to clear all debt associated with the club and fund in £25 million for transfers over 5 years and a further £10 million for ally mccoists first transfer market as manager.

The fact that the rangers support sat back and allowed him to fail his own word baffles me, as they are far too quick to point the finger of judgement at our debt-free establishment across the Clyde.

Tommyg's comment above ended with the best words to describe rangers (management and support):

You and others blindly accepted what he put in front of you. You really are your own worst enemy.

Posted by Taxcheats on 01/31/2012

Aye let jail all tax cheat i bet desmon the tim has never cheated the taxman ya bunch o green puke

Posted by Steve on 01/31/2012

What fuckin eejit wrote this article? "...we lost the league because of Naismith's injury"

Last time I checked we were 1 point behind Celtic. What is wrong with you people? The league title is very much still on.

Posted by droid on 01/31/2012

Police presence requested for ibrokes tomorrow for an announcement that rfc just don't have enough :mrgreen:

Posted by thecastings on 01/31/2012

The Daily Record are not telling the truth for truths sake. Traynor and co are simply backing king/ murray( paul not david)when the battle for the liquidated assets commences. The Record are banking on the presently dissilusioned supporters continuing to buy the paper when the fools see that the record is backing the winning horse.
Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Posted by Hector on 01/31/2012

Surely surely surely its plainly obvious that Craig Whyte always intended to take rangers into some business circles this is seen as the smart thing to do...a warning though - organisations that willingly take themselves down loose their Prestige, pride and honour.
The already reluctant financial sector look dimmly on directors/associates who have been linked with this sort of business in the future will be far harder to conduct than normal.
Finally in the world of Glasgow bragging rights Celtic fans will always be able to say that Rangers bought 9 in a row and then screwed the British public purse for the money.
Shame really.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/01/2012

If it wasn't for the bigotry inherant in the club, the Rangers fans would have maybe listened more to what was being said by some celtic fans in the know. What a shame.
Still, you are what you are and despite this, I do sincerely wish you the best of luck with it.
Hail hail.

Posted by BILL HOPE on 02/01/2012


Posted by Shooflenifty on 02/01/2012

Rangers bought 9 in a row and then screwed the British public purse for the money.

Couldn't have put it any better myself.

Touché Hector.

Posted by Brybhoy on 02/01/2012


Posted by bill on 02/01/2012

it amazes me how all these celtic fans jump on this with such joy! totally showing the gers fans their delight now they have a chance to do something..why dont you look at your own shambles of a club who have yet to get the better of ud since smith returned. rangers have what celt ic will never have...true heart! we dont celebrate second place!! now jog on and enjoy your 300 man squad of garbage players.

Posted by robert orr on 02/01/2012

Right I've had enough of the constant scaremongering on these internet pages about my club its a joke we all have to stand together and trust c whyte its the previous terrible regime run with s d murray first 10 years great bt the last 13 year abysmal constant crap only decent thing was treble in 2003 and helicoptor sunday 05 bt apart from that c whyte has had to endure and put up with the financial mess s d murray left us in after starting it all with the completely idiotic 83 million pound spent in d advocaats reign on players to nw be left like this its nt c whytes fault but s d murray so get off guys back

Posted by Beancounter on 02/01/2012

The SPL will close their eyes and keep the defunct rangers in the league.shamples,rangers and the spl bosses are a laughing stock of world football,scotlands shame.

Posted by Douglas Cameron on 02/01/2012

Thanks for the feed back/comments. A few points keep coming up

9 in a row
This pre dates the use of EBTS and Murray starting to run up unsustainble debt. It is of no relevance to the current issues. I suspect the claim we "cheated" to win this is one of those things that if repeated often enough some will be foolish enough to believe.

If Rangers Football Club Limited are shown to be guilty of tax evasion they will rightly face financial/legal penalties. Hopefully the directors who decided to use EBTs will also face sanctions.

If Rangers enter admin they will face a 10 point fine. Further penalties will be dependant on how they come out of admin. The football authorities already have rules on this which should be imposed. If that means starting again in division 3 (which I consider unlikely) then so be it.

However, there seems to be a suggestion new rules and penalties should be created which flies in the face of natural justice. The only clubs I ever recall being stripped of titles are Juventus and Marseille both of which were cases involving match fixing (happy to be corrected on this point if anyone has examples). Clearly Rangers improved their cash position by using EBTS but applying this loggic should Chelsea lose the EPL titles because of Roman's largesse? Should Hearts lose the Scottish Cup won during Vlad's era? Should Celtic lose the trophies they won when Desmond and not the club's bank account funded Robbie Keane's wages? (Just a wee joke there to lighten the mood Bhoys. I know he won nothing)

Sufficient sacntions already exist and if necessary will be imposed. Anything beyond the existing legal/football regulations framework turns into a wiitch hunt.

Backing Whyte
Murray and the rest of the old board are most certainly to blame for the EBTs. However, I find it incredible that after all the revelations about Whyte anyone can claim he deserves our backing. The season ticket issue means that even without the tax case Rangers will slip into admin.

Fan investment
There is no question of any Rangers fans movement raising money either to invest in the current limited company or to completely buy out Whyte's shares. The end game is a pre-pack with a newco buying the business and assets. Hopefully this is neither Whyte or Murray/King.

I say again, Rangers fans with real money have long been known in Glasgow's professional circles to be prepared to put the money in to buy the business and assets of the club but no serious business man/group would ever purchase the shares of a company with the existing liabilities and issues never mind goodness only knows what else lurking in the accounts. This scenario would also free Rangers from reputational issues if it was completely new owners with credentials/reputations that would satisfy the banks and other trading partners.

I do not think Rangers will disappear forever but nor do I think we will just skip away from this. The end game is a pre-pack, it always has been.

Posted by Lewis MacDonald on 02/01/2012

Yesterday CW issued a statement claiming that he had paid Lloyds off with money from one of his companies and not raised the 18m from the 25m ticket loan ... this would now mean that after a near net spend in the summer of zero ... and after failure in Europe that we have raised around 30m ... less 10m for the missing Champions league money and that leaves around 20m for running costs including the Jela money ... unless CW runs off with this money then we should be in good condition going into next year if we get a win in the tax case ... very disappointed that we never signed at least one striker on loan even ... McCoist is on thin ice and if he can't get a good run of results going now then the league is lost and he should be replaced by Terry Butcher come the summer ...

Posted by Al on 02/01/2012

We've not lost the league ya clownshoe.

Posted by Shooflenifty on 02/01/2012

boy am i enjoying reading the tripr you deluded lot are spouting.

Lewis McDonald take a bow!

Maybe you should give the bunnet a call. He'll sort out the mess you are in and buy some polyfiller to patch up the Shitbrox.

Posted by John on 02/01/2012

Douglas - A couple of questions/comments.

1) Comparing Ranger's "cheating" to that of Chelsea is a little off the mark. As far as I know of, Chelsea did not break any laws by improving their cash position by having a sugar daddy. Rangers, however, if found guilty, will have improved their cash position by breaking tax laws/being found guilty of tax evasion.

You can question whether Chelsea's advantage was "sporting", but they were playing by the rules at the time. If Rangers are found guilty, then they were not.

2) As for the loss of league titles, it would be interesting to note whether teams who are guilty of tax evasion have actually won a title during their "cheating". I am not sure if there is a precedent there or not.

What other teams have been found guilty of tax evasion and won titles/cups at that time? Can it really be considered a witch-hunt if, and I am not sure or not, so feel free to correct me, this a precedent-setting case?

Posted by Douglas Cameron on 02/02/2012


Thanks for the reasoned response. I disagree but am happy to have the discussion. That is something that will become increasingly hard when the shrieking begins with Rangers administration.

The obvious instance I can think ok where a club has not been paying taxes is Portsmouth. I would be interested to know whether they were failing to do so at the time they won the FA Cup? I believe this was the case though readily admit I'm really not that close a follower of their affairs though.

Re "cheating". If a club has an improved cash position by what ever means then it will have a team better than the fans can rightly expect. This cannot be sustained and the club then go through a period where the team has players of a quality which are less than the fans expect. There in lies the sporting punishment.

Any means by which a team lives beyond their means can be considered unfair. The issue of leveling the sporting playing field is a debate football generally seems reluctant to have.

Regarding the still alleged tax evasion there are rules and punishments in place which will hold the company and directors accountable.

To my mind Rangers will be therefore punished in a financial/legal and, as I have set out above, a football sense and rightly so. To start talking of taking away titles though is creating a punishment beyond the existing rules and cannot be viewed as justice.

Posted by david mcalpine on 02/02/2012

54 titles and still counting

Posted by stewart on 02/03/2012

the time has come , we as supporters have to stick together . every supporter groups should lead the way people all over the world love our club .even if you can only give a little it all counts.we should look forwards not back .in australia we have so many supporters & people just not happy with how things are progressing .money shouldnot be a problem ! ive been a fan for 40 yrs lets go !

Posted by John on 02/03/2012

Douglas, you make some interesting points.

A couple of things to consider:

1) I am not 100% certain, so feel free to correct me, but I do believe the possible punishments you are describing (10 point deduction, financial difficulties etc.) are a result of a club going into administration. Thus, a club that is so financially irresponsible, not necesarily cheating, is punished accordingly.

Tax evasion is something to add on top of this. If found guilty, Rangers were not just financially irresponsible, but broke a law that gave them an unfair advantage. In my mind this is blatant cheating. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

2) I agree with you that Rangers are going to be punished financially in a way that will hurt them for a very long time. This is huge. But, it does not restore justice to the clubs that did play by the rules during this time. Rangers did not play by the rules during this time, and should be punished not just the now, but also for that period.

Posted by Daniel Christian on 02/03/2012

Well Rangers have a lot of fans over hear in the US of A. If I had the millions I would certainly by Rangers up and all their tax debt whatever it is. Their certainly seems to be a lack of competency in the whole sale of rangers to begin with. In my opinion, Craig Whyte was sold a bill of goods from Murray. Yes he turned out the crook to get his moneys worth from the club anyway by selling 4 years of ticket sales to a bank for a lump sum. Its going to take some serious foreign investment and Rangers do not need any more crooked dealings. Hope it happens. It may be a setback in quality of players for a few years but they have the infrastructure to be successful in the future and 150 years of history to go off of. If - and I'm dreaming - I bought the club i would seriously tell the scottish bank to settle for a lump sum to pay off the mortgage. Banks in Scotland are hurting (thank you Bernard Madoff) and would probably settle, administration means they can't collect easily.

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