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October 23, 2011
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 10/23/2011

The issues surrounding Rangers' finances and the press coverage in the Scottish media took a huge leap forward this week with a sudden consensus emerging that a pre-pack administration would likely be Rangers' salvation.

October 10, 2011
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 10/10/2011

Another qualifying campaign reaches the climax and once again Scotland are the fat sweaty girl at the disco hoping to end the last dance with an unexpected result.

Some countries qualify with ease, like say Holland or Spain who are both seeking to go through this qualifying campaign winning every game having done exactly that in the World Cup qualifiers. They contested that tournament’s final though so it is safe to say that ain’t us. Why though can we not just be like say Wales and just mess it up three games in then kid ourselves on about the “fantastic youngsters” that are coming through? Why do we put ourselves through the pain of the final game wing and a prayer quite so often? Yes we have it in our own hands but that requires beating Spain for goodness sakes. We have won a grand total of three games in this group against Lichtenstein and Lithuania yet we still hope to make the finals?

October 3, 2011
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 10/03/2011

Ten points clear? Can it really be true? No dough, yet already on course for four in a row? Who’d have imagined?

Ally McCoist came under immediate pressure after two bad European set backs and rightly so. Even in our current diminished circumstances Rangers must always strive to compete in Europe. That though is now a matter for next season and the focus has to be retaining the SPL title. In this respect at least it is a case of so far so good for McCoist.