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August 20, 2011
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 08/20/2011

"We created our own downfall". Indeed we did Mr McCoist. The question is whether that is a collective or a Royal we?

Rangers exit to Malmo was understandable if not excusable. Last season’s title win relied on too few players as Lloyds bank’s grip of the club saw the first team squad downsized to an unsustainable level. Whilst we would have liked to have all our signings in place prior to that match the reality is most clubs were still on holiday. It was therefore not outwith expectations that the players would struggle with such an early start. In the end though it was our own sloppiness and indiscipline that saw us exit Europe’s premier competition to a very limited side and after this week’s debacle against Maribor we are in danger of repeating the feat and knocking ourselves out of the Europa League denying us even a pauper’s riches in the process.

August 17, 2011
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 08/17/2011

Of the thirteen players who featured in Rangers 2-0 win over ICT on Saturday seven were Scots. A total of four were graduates of Rangers youth program illustrating the seismic financial shift that has gone on in European football and the need for Scottish clubs to become self sufficient.

August 8, 2011
Posted by Douglas Cameron on 08/08/2011

Given most of Europe has yet to kick a ball in anger it seems curious that Rangers appear a couple of results away from a crisis. Same old same then as the 2011/12 season warms up...