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August 12, 2010

Only a handful of players that have played for both sides of the Old Firm; the first high profile case of switching allegiances between the two Glasgow rivals was of course Maurice Johnston which was a tad controversial at the time shall we say.

There was of course Rangers Hall of Fame inductee Alfie Conn who back in the 1970’s played for Rangers and then went on to wear the hoops of Celtic but that was well before my time, something I shall perhaps need to ask my colleague ESPN Celtic Correspondent Sean Graham about as he is a few years older than I but who’s counting eh Sean?!?

August 2, 2010

It’s certainly changed days alright at Rangers financially which is something that the Ibrox faithful has learned perhaps to appreciate rather than accept fully...

Summertime used to be a busy affair in years gone by at Edminston Drive, sadly the days of box office signings including the likes of Butcher, Gazza, Laudrup, De Boer Twins, Numan’s et al are long gone. Indeed a signing of any kind is rare a sight at Ibrox these past two and a half years or so.

So far it’s been a mighty exodus with one or three key individuals who made up the spine of a title winning side these past few seasons leaving for pastures new. Away is goal machine Kris Boyd for starters, his move away was always going to be a pro-longed goodbye as he was free to talk to other clubs from January onwards as his contract came to an end this summer with Rangers.