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Posted by John Culea on 03/30/2012

Value for production is all that Premier Fantasy managers want, which is why prolonged droughts for high-priced players can be disastrous.

The following players' point production (in Premier League competition only) hardly mirror their fantasy salaries:

Juan Mata, Chelsea, 9.2 million: Zero goals and two assists in the last six games.
Gareth Bale, Tottenham, 9 million: Zero goals in the last seven games and one assist in the last nine.
Frank Lampard, Chelsea, 9 million: Zero goals and zero assists in the last four games.
David Silva, Manchester City, 8.8 million: Perhaps the one player who has lost his form the most, Silva has zero goals in his last 14 matches and zero assists in his last eight.
Nani, Manchester United, 8.0 million: Nani has missed six out of the last eight matches; however, his last goal was December 21, 2011.
Luka Modric, Tottenham, 7.6 million: Zero goals and zero assists in the last seven matches.
Rafael VanderVaart, Tottenham, 6.9 million: One goal in his last 12 games and one assist in his last eleven while missing two matches.
Samir Nasri, Manchester City, 6.9 million: One goal in the last eight matches and one assist all season.
Tim Cahill, Everton, 6.3 million: Cahill, once a feared offensive threat has lost his edge. He has one goal all season and zero assists.
Dirk Kuyt, Liverpool, 6.2 million: The Dutchman has been a victim of Kenny D’s dismal player selection. He has two goals and zero assists all season.
Charlie Adam, Liverpool, 6.1 million: A member of the Fizzled Four, Adam has zero goals all season and zero assists in his last seven game and likely is out injured for the rest of the year.

Luis Suarez, Liverpool, 7.7 million: Two goals in the last 15 games and two assists for the season.
Demba Ba, Newcastle, 7.0 million: One goal in the last ten games and zero assists all season.
Gabriel Agbonlahor, Aston Villa, 6.4 million: A total waste. Zero goals and one assist all year.
Andrew Carroll, Liverpool, 6.1 million: Another member of the Fizzled Four and a lumbering bust. One goal and one assist all season.
Fernando Torres, Chelsea, 5.8 million: Zero goals and three assists all season.

Note: The discussion above relates to point-production only and not the player’s value to his team in a defined role that may not include scoring or ball distribution.


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John Culea John Culea is an American living in San Diego who became hooked on football while serving in the Navy for two years in London. A former TV news Emmy award-winning anchor/reporter, John manages the Premier Fantasy league MCMUARTN and goes by the Fantasy honorary title of "Sir John". John is a devoted Chelsea supporter and offers candid, often off-beat commentaries on the Premier League from an American perspective. He invites open discussion on his blog and can be contacted at

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