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Posted by Pedro Adrian Medrano on 06/30/2010

For the first time in Paraguay's history, La Albirroja advances to the quarterfinals. It was a great scoreless match with the two sides coming close and leaving the fans hyperventilating with each miss. It’s the first match to go to penalty kicks in this world cup.

Despite some negative comments about the guarani offense, the team is playing great futbol. Now, La Albirroja is one of four South American teams left in the tournament. Spain struggled in the group stage, but they have revved their engines, and are now the team to beat. This will be the true test for Paraguay. Italy was weak and sported half a dozen players aged 30+, the Kiwis were happy not losing, and Slovakia was not much of a threat.

Tata Martino exclaimed after the match that we should ENJOY the win! With a full day of celebration behind us, it’s time to concentrate on Spain.

There are some fans out there that call Paraguay “Argentina’s B-Team”. Why? Well for one, La Albirroja have an Argentine manager and there are a few nationalized Argentines on the team. Some are calling La Albirroja “lucky”. For those that say those things, is it luck to beat Brazil and Argentina in qualifiers? Is it lucky to only have one goal scored against in four world cup matches?

Switzerland gave Spain a headache because they played defensive. Paraguay has a strong defense, probably the strongest in South America. We’ll see what happens this Saturday morning!


Posted by FARHAN on 07/02/2010

Brazil is best team of the world

Posted by Mat Gonzales on 07/02/2010

I can tell you what will happen. Paraguay will bunker in against Spain and the first half will be tight. In the second half Spain will break through and score a goal after constantly pressuring the defense. The approach of just bunkering in against Spain is not really that effective anymore, look at what Portugal did. The most stingy, super-conservative team in the tournament.

Posted by on 05/14/2011

All_we_need_is_3_more_wins.. Corking :)

Posted by Susannah on 05/23/2011

With the bases loaded you struck us out with that asnewr!

Posted by Lucy on 05/25/2011

Good point. I hadn't tuhoght about it quite that way. :)

Posted by on 06/03/2011

All_we_need_is_3_more_wins.. Bang-up :)

Posted by on 06/05/2011

All_we_need_is_3_more_wins.. Awesome :)

Posted by on 06/28/2011

All_we_need_is_3_more_wins.. Neat :)

Posted by pa0f xxx xxbn on 07/02/2011

All_we_need_is_3_more_wins.. Tiptop :)

Posted by gpaf pon videos e57e on 07/03/2011

All_we_need_is_3_more_wins.. Neat :)

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