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Posted by Pedro Adrian Medrano on 05/19/2010

The Paraguayan team were the victims of robbery on Monday May 17. The team had $100,000.00 in the hotel’s lock box. A thief posing as a manager for the team asked hotel staff to open the lock box. The money was to pay for expenses while the team is training in pre-season games in the city of Evian les Bains, France.

The only question I have is: How would anyone else other than hotel staff and team staff know that cash was stored in the hotel’s lock box? The other question is, wouldn’t the Hilton Hotel staff know to call the person who deposited the money if it was ok to withdraw $100,000.00 in cash?

Paraguayan Football Association (APF) has hired a French attorney to recoup the losses from the Hilton hotel. The cash was to cover the team’s expenses while in Evian les Bains.


Posted by Daniel Cho on 05/20/2010

$100,000 is how much paris hilton spends on a single shopping trip. she should pay them.

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