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Posted by Dom Raynor on 02/16/2009

Egotistical Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner has arrogantly claimed he is the number one striker at the club and deserves to "to start every game and play every minute" ahead of last season's top scorer Emmanuel Adebayor and Dutch international Robin Van Persie.

The Danish hit-man, who regularly comes on as a substitute wearing pink and green boots, is already unpopular with Gunners fans, largely due to the high opinion he has of himself, and has yet to offered a new contract despite only having 18 months to run.

"I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team," Bendtner told the Daily Mirror.

The 21-year-old also said he does not fear the threat of new £15million signing Andrei Arshavin. He added: "I've never seen Arshavin. I did not watch Euro 2008. I've no idea what sort of player he is."

Nicolas Anelka ended his five-game goal drought with a hat-trick against Watford in the FA Cup and then launched a thinly veiled attack on the club's former manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari, for denying him a prolonged chance to prove his credentials alongside Didier Drogba.

Anelka, who had scored just one goal in his previous 11 matches, was paired up front with Drogba by temporary boss Ray Wilkins and said: "A lot of people said we couldn't play together, but we have never really tried to play together. Today, in 20 minutes, we scored three goals."

"People have asked whether we have a Plan B but we've never tried playing us together," Anelka told the Guardian.

Drogba joined in with the not-so-fond farewells by claiming that he'll get back to his best now Scolari has left, according to the Daily Mail.

The Ivory Coast striker, who was frozen out for much of the Brazilian's spell at the club, appeared to take a swipe at Scolari when he said: "It's always good for a player to be on the pitch and it's always better to have some games."

"I hope now to show that I deserve to play, because for me it is important."

But just when everything seemed to be returning to normal at Stamford Bridge the Blues confirmed that Manchester City had made an audacious transfer swoop for captain John Terry that could have ripped the soul out of the club.

"We made it very clear John was not for sale," Chelsea chief exec Peter Kenyon told The Sun. "He is part of the heart and soul of Chelsea."

The Daily Star claim that Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has cranked up the pressure on Liverpool's owners by admitting it would be the crowning glory of his career if he got the Real Madrid job.

But what the Spaniard actually said was: "I am not thinking about leaving and I hope to be here for a long time but of course Real Madrid would be the perfect ending to anyone's career. But my career is not at an end yet."

Benitez has been linked with a summer move to the Santiago Bernabeu but is currently in protracted talks with Liverpool about a new contract.

Managerial speculation continues in The Times as they claim Portsmouth have been left in limbo in their pursuit of Mexico boss Sven-Göran Eriksson.

Pompey, who sacked Tony Adams last Monday, have brought in Eriksson's former England assistant Brian Kidd and now want the Swede to mastermind a revival; but money, as always, is a stumbling block.

Mexico are unwilling to sack their beleaguered manager and trigger a compensation payout, while Portsmouth’s finances will not stretch to buying the former England head coach out of his contract.

Nigel Clough, whose Derby County side have outgunned Manchester United's Premier League rivals to put four goals past them in two Carling Cup ties and Sunday's FA Cup game, believes United could dominate every competition this season.

Asked if Sir Alex Ferguson's side, who have already won the FIFA Club World Cup, could win the Carling Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League Clough said: "It's possible Manchester United can do it."

"United have the depth of squad as they have shown again here," Clough told the Daily Express.


Posted by Svend on 02/16/2009

Does Bendtner really believe that he's the best or is he just saying so to make Wenger think he has enough belief in himself to lead the line?

Either way it was a stupid, and obviously untrue, statement to make.

Posted by Barack on 02/16/2009

He can't pass, dribble and don't know how to position himself without the ball. Worst still, as a striker at arsenal, he has many opportunities but no composure to finish at all.

Posted by OreO on 02/16/2009

dats show his true identity...wat happen b4...head clashin wif ade, was no mistake...he is an arrogant,egoistic selfish tell us he is dangerous to keep with...sell him off b4 its too late...along wif gallas n eboue...then ade too...

Posted by Berfie on 02/17/2009

Maybe being more consistent in scoring whenever he gets the chance to play would support that statement, but, unfortunately, he's not, even in games he's played he tends to drift out of it to the point it felt like Arsenal is playing with 10-men only.

In any way, just put in a hard shift, and you'll be in the team often, instead of warming (or is it cooking) the bench.

Posted by Throwin on 02/17/2009

My word, who does Bendtner think he's kidding. He spews this rubbish then v. an overmatched Cardiff side should have had at least a hat trick but instead makes Tom Heaton look like the love child of Peter Shilton and Lev Yashin. Granted he got one goal (as a result of pub-league level defending on a corner), but he missed another open header completely, shot a wide open rebound from 10 yards into the keeper, then came up with the howler DOUBLE miss from 6 yards and an empty net at the end of the first. His wasted opportunities make Bobby Zamora look like a model of scoring efficiency. I can't imagine the pain of having to actually support this clown. Go eat some more Edam, you egotistical jerk!

Posted by Anonymous on 02/17/2009

The guy is shocking, there is no quality about him that stands out, two years ago he looked like a good prospect but he has remained on the same level (if not actually getting worse) for the past two seasons. He is an arrogant opportunity waster that damages Arsenal's wonderkid theology and lets face it, he is behind every striker in the team and probably should not even start before Vela. Luckily he can still make a career as a comedian if he keeps on making comments about always starting!

Posted by Doc on 02/17/2009

Dear Mr.Bendtner: Most great players demonstrate humility and modesty. Let your football do the talking. So far, you are far from being great. You know as well as I do that if everyone was fully fit you will be an 80 minute sub.

Posted by larry on 02/18/2009

well i think arsenal is going to benefit from all this if only he takes his chances and like every one else i think bendtner is not good enough to play at the top flight but arsene knows best

Posted by bass on 02/18/2009

Bendtner, its a pity to hear you talk that way. To be honest with you and football lovers at larger, you ain't the best striker. Shot your trap and do the work to prove what you say you are.

Posted by bendtner on 02/18/2009

I am a winner... i speak whatever i want...

Posted by Norbert on 02/18/2009

Bendtner should try n focus on hw to get him self improve on scoring with his feets than boosting,he can compare him self wit ade or vp atall.
Vp is our best now with nasri playing so well too.

Posted by alvarez on 02/18/2009

bendther is mad in is head.

Posted by Leo on 02/19/2009

If bendtner is scoring enough,then arsenal's wouldnt be in such a position..As an arsenal fan,I couldn't believe he thinks he is even better than adebayor and van persie.Have he scored 30 goals yet like adebayor?For me Van persie is the best striker at arsenal and once eduardo is fit,it's either him or ade and until bendter starts scoring goals,i would rather put vela as sub..

Posted by rahjhern on 02/19/2009

Bendtner looked like a good prospect but he has
just shown us how ugly and annoying his finishing
is. My friend you can't compare yourself with RVP
or fit again DUDU. Remember Walcott is coming back too. Let alone Ashavin.YOU WILL BE SOLD IN THE SUMMER.

Posted by Phil on 02/19/2009

Sadly, players like Bendtner are exactly what Arsenal have been missing - if Bendtner could demonstrate he is what he is. When the boy finds his touch, he is a dangerous powerful player. But his form has been fleeting at best. One could argue that lack of playing is hurting Bendtner, and a move may be best for both sides.

Adebayor is similar to Bendtner in this way. His form this year has also been poor. Without these two, Arsenal have resorted to a ground game which has not helped them.

Posted by sumesh c s on 02/19/2009

he let himself down by rating no 1 arsenal striker.except the heading department he is far behind bayor and van persie in all aspects of the game.

Posted by Nani on 02/19/2009

Bendtner Who you think you are to speak like dat you are a pity to watch on the field and when you try to score your big giraffe legs get in the way so i dnt see where you say that you should play every game... I Rather SEE Vela THen Bendnter Anyday... Vela Actually pases and knows how to play!!!!

Posted by ROGER on 02/19/2009

The striker has all teh physcical attributes
together with now a touch of arrogance that all
"great" players need however he has had limited
chances at Arsenal to date Arsene Wenger
would not have purchased Bendther if he did not
have the personal belief that he had the potential to star for Arsenal I wish him luck
and hope when given the chance to deliver
he does just that star as Arsenal need him

Posted by popizie on 02/20/2009

Where does Arsene find clowns like this guy. Clearly Bendtner choose the wrong career. It's not too late for the chap to join the circus.

Posted by Clinsman on 02/20/2009

Brendtner wants to play himself into the team by talkin.He is a promising player,no doubt about that.He ha scored some vital goals for us but should keep quiet and let people speak for him.This is another Gallas in the making.He doesnt need 90mins butjust 15mins.There is no intelligence in his game.

Posted by Bello on 02/20/2009

I strongly agree with Mr Brendtner.He should start every game in the carling Cup.

Posted by IDRIS KAD-ANIS on 02/20/2009


Posted by SPIKE LEE on 02/20/2009


Posted by moses on 02/20/2009

if that comment will make bendtner leave up to it, then good for Arsenal and we the fans. I don't feel bad about that at all, he could become the goal getter he claims to be someday.

Posted by kokoman on 02/21/2009

I now know I made the right choice to stop supporting Arsenal 7 years ago. That Bendtner guy must be best friends with Michael Phelps, because the rubbish he spouts can only proceed from a weed-induced haze

Posted by mereskunk on 02/25/2009

persie is the best..

Posted by kevin on 03/17/2009

Sorry to say that Mr Bendtner is not a footballer, he should find himself other business to do, he is a disgrace to footballers. Arsenal should have used is sign off fees to give to beggars on the street. i hate seeing you play for a good tream like Arsenal, you also part of the reason Arsenal is not doing well. Arsene is the biggest fool to have sign a useless player like you. you need to keep your mouth close, Pls i will advice you to give Arsenal money back to them and look for something else to do with your life not football my dear. by next season i will not like to see you in Arsenal pls....................... go to plymouth that is were you will be in the starting line up not Asenal. good luck as you live my belove Arsenal in peace.

Posted by Gabriel Njobvu on 04/07/2009

He is a joker. How can a striker who scores one goal out of twenty chances be the best? van Persie is the best though im not a gunner but Van Persie delivers. Man u 4 life. Porto here we come and Liverpool, catch us if you can.
Liverpool will walk alone(no trophy)

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