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Posted by Phil Holland on 02/22/2009

Ah, the UK's Sunday papers where scandal, tittle-tattle, speculation and sporting fact meet to give us all something to talk about on Monday morning.

The two big stories - which is exactly what they might turn out to be - come to us from those effortlessly charming folks at the News of the World where it is claimed that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has thrown his toys out of the pram big-time and threatened to quit the club.

The other corking tale NotW have concerns the circus at Manchester City and reports that factions are appearing within the squad and damaging team morale. The latest incident is said to have seen cheeky Brazilian chappies Robinho and Elano square-up to Craig Bellamy who is understood to have been standing up for manager Mark Hughes.

It is reported that such is the level of animosity that Robinho is refusing to speak to Bellamy. An understandable position to take, but not ideal from City's point of view.

Benitez's quit threat is also covered in some detail by The People, the Daily Star on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror say Rafa has turned down a fourth contract from the Liverpool owners, with The People explaining that his decision is based on Mr Hicks and Mr Gillett's destabilising civil war; they also suggest Rafa is eyeing Juande Ramos job as Real Madrid manager.

Another interesting story in The People and the Sunday Express claims that Newcastle crock Michael Owen has flown to Germany in secret to have an operation on his groin. Not so secret anymore...

Also in the Sunday Express is a story suggesting that Jose Mourinho is ready to quit Italy after just one season - and what seems certain to be the Serie A title - and return to the Premier League. He told a friend, apparently.

The Observer have a story to make the purists want to scream - football's head honchos are thinking about extending the halftime break so they can sell more adverts for televised games. Selling your soul never works out, just look what happened to Bart when he sold his to Milhouse in The Simpsons.

The most pointless story of the day goes to the Daily Star on Sunday who have dug up that old chestnut about John Terry going to Man City. The offer is £20m and the wages are £150k, according to the Star - haven't we heard this one before?

And finally the Sunday Telegraph report that the story we all wish would just go away - the Beckham-LA-Milan love triangle - could be set to rumble on until NEXT January (please, no) because the two clubs can't agree a deal.

The Sunday Times agree and report that Milan are unwilling to up their £3m offer from two weeks ago arguing, rather sensibly, that with Beckham available for free in November paying anymore would be rather silly.

The saga continues...


Posted by Ray M on 02/22/2009

Thank you God !!

Posted by mike on 02/23/2009

i dunno y but as i earlier said on this post, if liverpool keep on playing lucas the omen of us not winning the league look like 100% right. rafa does not seem to get it right any time all i can say if he wants to leave the club, well go ahead no one is stopping him!! i believe sammy lee did a much better job than rafa (am sure he could do an even better job with the current squad if given a chance and room to operate) when he was out with the kidney stones operation issue(no offence meant an with all due respect to rafa). even (a BIG IF PLIZ)were liverpool to win the league, in the long run, rafa is not the best man to lead on liverpool and i stand by my comment.

all the same wish liverpool all the best as they face real madrid( congrats real on the good run of form keep it up n keep on cutting the barca lead in da la liga) whom are also my favorite team in spain but when push comes to shove, liverpool are my favorite worldwide.


Posted by tom hayward on 02/23/2009

So Benitez is planning to go / Good. I am an avid reds supporter and cannot understand why he insists on playing the some of his own 'not-so-good' purchases. Lucas's ball distribution is diabolical and Dossena is a liability in whichever position he is tried, and I just cannot ever see El Zhar or Ngog making the grade.
Not putting out our best team will have cost us a chance of the title this year.

Posted by Jerome Ragavan on 02/24/2009

up until now ive been behind benitez believing that maybe he had a plan or a trick up his sleeve or about false hope. and after watching saturdays draw with city our title hopes are looking very slim. I dont see why he constantly feels he should start lucas. In my opinion the man commits way too many fouls and does not have the passing ability of alonso (fair enough he was suspended for sundays game).
Maybe a new manager would be just what the club needs. i guess the question now would be "If benitez does leave then who would be the best possible replacement"?? Mourhinho??

Posted by mubanga mulenga on 02/24/2009

I know the feelings of most Liverpool fans after the draw with Man. City. However, an old adage goes "the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know" Every manager have their short comings but to insist that Rafa goes would in my opinion would be retrogressive.

The solution lies in the owners supporting Rafa with adequate transfer funds to bring in two or three quality players coz I have a strong feeling we are not very far from Man.United in terms of the quality of the side. This will keep us in good stead to win the league title next season.

By the way the league is not won in February and football being the beautiful game it is, there could still be many twists and turns come May.

Fingers crossed.

Zambian Red.

Posted by ekene Oguguo on 02/27/2009

I think,what our problem is,is to get two or three quality players to enable reds stand strong.but by so doing funds need to be released. ken red.

Posted by aerol on 03/01/2009

if rafa want to quit liverpool as a manager i dont mind!! but please dont turn down liverpool hope of winning the primier league title. also please keep the player that on form rather than use the rotation system, cause if the player,s stil onform why they rest them may be they feel disapointed like robbie keane that i feel he was capable striker and why bought him them sold back? it waste the money

Posted by igloodude on 03/07/2009

go ahead! quit!
im a liverpool supporter thats been wainting anxiously for rafa to quit..
once he quits, Man Utd will be sorry they ever existed... muahaha

Posted by fred on 03/16/2009

guyz,c'on relax.the league is still very long so lets gice rafa credit where its due coz so far so good he has done way too good a job, what we need are some seriouse attacking midfielders to terorise deffenders, but that would mean money has to be released ok,by the way the reds will take the league with exactly 4 points in the league,and this is how it will happen, manchester are goin to draw 3 more games and there will be the takeover,so when i say relax.....guyz i mean it.

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