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Posted by Marc Duffy on 07/18/2012

Unless you've been on Mars for a few days, you will have heard that we have declared firm interest in re-signing our former number nine - Andy Carroll. This has split fans opinions on Twitter, Facebook, phone ins - every forum for opinion has been inundated.

The local paper polled opinion on whether the fans would like to see big Andy plying his trade on Tyneside once again - 67% voted in the positive. My thoughts? If the price is right (£15 million maximum) I would have him back straight away.

I know that Carroll was reluctant to move - an employer basically tells you that they’ve received an offer that they can't really afford to turn down and they strongly suggest you go. That's a strong message. The potential new employer then tells you that they will happily more than double your wages. It's a no brainer.

There were a lot of people adamant that in Carroll's position, knowing full well that they never would be, they would have flat out refused to move. I doubt that very much - unwanted at place A, very much wanted and about £2 million-per-year richer at place B?..... And as Carroll told a mutual friend - you can only spend so much money. There were unusual aspects to the deal too with Carroll's agent being changed at the last minute.

At the time I, like thousands of others, was furious. I wasn't angry at Andy but at the club for selling him so late that the best we could do in the interim was to recruit Kuqi on a free. That is part of the problem with being a football fan - your heart more often than not rules your head and long term consideration rarely features.

19 months on and we have used the Carroll money to recruit class footballers - Cisse, Ba, Cabaye, Santon - Andy Carroll and Kenny Dalglish have helped us to rebuild and the outcome saw us finish three places above the Anfield club in the league table. If the Carroll deal goes through we will have reinvested the £35,000,000 from the Carroll sale on the players that I named above AND Andy Carroll - that is absolutely phenomenal (I took that idea from a Twitter user, but unfortunately I can't remember who originally posted it and it has been retweeted so many times since - a tip of the hat to whoever you are!)

A lot of concerns have been aired in terms of playing style. I don't agree at all. Not only is Carroll a far better player with the ball at his feet than some people are giving him credit for, we won't have to adapt our style. Last season we mixed and matched our style of football depending on the opponent and the venue - like all good Premier League teams (apart from maybe Arsenal) do. The direct ball is frequently utilised by Pardew - but it is usually Shola on the end of it. Give me Carroll in his place any day. Carroll can play both types of football and his defensive attributes should never be underestimated.

I've watched Carroll playing for Liverpool and there is one obvious difference between now and his days up here - his absolute determination. Don't get me wrong, it's not that he's not trying now, it's just that he looks less keen on throwing his head in. He was an absolute warrior for us and that was one of the things that excited me most about going to St James' Park. He put his heart and soul into games when wearing a black and white shirt, just ask Chris Morgan.

Of course, it's not all rosy. There are still off-field concerns surrounding Carroll. He hasn't been arrested in a while but pictures have circulated of Carroll appearing to be absolutely hammered in a bar, whilst at Liverpool. There's the Steven Taylor factor too, but they are now on speaking terms and the fact that the players and even more tellingly, the club 'went easy' on Carroll after that nasty incident says a lot.

And then there was his dive at St James' last season.......

All in all though, I would definitely bring him back.

Do I think it will happen? No. Rodgers has handled this affair abysmally, highlighting his lack of top level management skills. Carroll could make life difficult for him in terms of refusing to move anywhere else. West Ham declared an interest but they've just signed Maiga so that probably rules them out. The thing that will stop the deal going through is pride. Pride on behalf of the Liverpool owners. They look ridiculous having shelled out an all time record transfer fee for a British player. They'll look even more ridiculous if they sell him back to the club from which he came at a £20 million loss.

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Posted by LFC4life on 07/18/2012

Sorry to say but rodgers has came out and said carroll won't be going. Unless you give us 20 million which is unlikely so goodluck finding another player.

MD: Could you post a link to those comments please? Thanks

Posted by porciestreet on 07/18/2012

It's a sad fact of life for scousers but the glory has gone and it probably aint coming back.Youve had your day lads now move along the trough. Newcastle are hungry.!

Posted by luke on 07/18/2012

You are probably the first person I agree with on this whole Carroll business. The liverpool board would probably have group 'cognitive dissonance' at the idea of selling Andy at half price to Newcastle & just prefer to keep him as an unused sub rather than face that shame.

He's probably not going to be a Newcastle player this year, but I would be delighted if he were.

Posted by jeffm on 07/18/2012


Posted by Adam Marshall on 07/18/2012

LFC4Life Thanks you for the £35M loan for one season x

Posted by Phil K on 07/18/2012

Usual self-deluding crap from Liverpool fans I see. Surprised they aren't whining that they are so "big" (laughable - the dinosaur club) that Cisse, Cabaye, Ben Arfa and even the soon to arrive Debuchy want to go to Liverpool. Even Jose Enrique id dropping hints about maybe wanting out, I notice.
About time too

Posted by Stephen the geordie on 07/18/2012

Liverpool are a team living on past glories and Newcastle are a hungry developing premier league force it's no wonder Carroll and Jose are regretting jumping ship and it must hurt Liverpool fans to see 52.000 screaming Geordies helping newcastle climb back to where they belong while Liverpool are in decline

Posted by Mike on 07/19/2012

LFC fan here, w/ Carroll it depends, I guess. for 80% of the season, Carroll was awful, but he also didn't have a stretch of starts in a row, really, much like Kuyt who never got his rhythm going either because he started like 1 out of 3 games. I think he has some talent, but lets be honest, he's not even Ba or Cisse, let alone Suarez, and I'm pretty sure Maxi had a better goals ratio and played way less. but if you're going to be paying most of his wages anyways (newcastles bid of $40,000/week of wages loan was hilarious), I'd just rather keep him as backup, which is why i was annoyed Aquilani was sent on loan last year the same way. (His value goes and and you're paying most of his wages? at least get some games out of him then..)

However, lets just say Dalglish was more of an LFC fan than a coach so I'd actually like to see how Carroll and Aquilani play under a better coach, who might make his 1st sub before the 85th min every game.

Posted by Darren on 07/19/2012

We definitely need a third striker as European commitments will stretch our small squad. If Carroll comes for the right price I'm not sure there is much better value out there.

Style of play is less of a concern especially with Nolan and Barton gone as they were the ones more likely to lump it up to him.

I would like I see us go after a different type of striker to give more options as most of our forwards are the same size and speed.

Posted by Pablomogats on 07/19/2012

I would think rogers keep him he was returning to his form and with regular game time, self belief and confidence he would definately be a great buy he should be used as a plan B if the carpet football wont work.

Posted by David on 07/19/2012

How is Rodgers supposed to handle this? He said that Carroll is no different from any other player and that Liverpool would evaluate any offers that came in for him.

Carroll can work with Rodgers's system. Remember Barca against Chelsea when they ran out of options. If Barca had a player similar to Carroll they could have tried a different approach.

Keep dreaming Newcastle. This transfer rumor is pure fabrication.

Posted by tai on 07/19/2012

I am amazed how deluded fans can get, seriously Newcastle had ONE let me say ONE season better than Liverpool in about 5 years. The fact remains for all Liverpools so called demise they WIN let me say that again WIN trophies which precisely what Newcastle FAIL to achieve. Liverpool may have handled this whole Caroll thing wrong agreed BUT they can afford to dump his ass if they so wish. Newcastle i will say if Cisse has another great season will leave PERIOD Cabaye will leave Ben Arfa will leave and why do you think because Newcastle will not be able to sustain any kind of momentum whereas Liverpool can and will.Lets me be clear on one thing Andy Carroll has been a massive flop almost all time worst mega signing, his last few games where he played well (cmon 35mill you should get at least 75% top performance out of him)is the least he should have done anyway. He was unfit for a long period of time and has very little impact on the majority of games. For me we should sell end off.

MD: Players would never leave the mighty Liverpool though would they? Well, apart from Torres. And Alonso.

Posted by Alvin on 07/19/2012

Simple as that: this is a take it or leave it situation. give 20 million for a player who earned u 35 million just 18 months ago OR give up and stop whining. he hasn't got worse, just has to get his confidence back. LFC owners wouldn't consider selling him half-priced if they didnt have a revolution to try ahead.

Posted by rawr on 07/19/2012

When you make a decision to buy or sell a property, the only consideration is whether the price is right. What's past is the past. The windfall gains or losses you made before should not be part of your equation. This is a very basic concept in business.

It is very tempting to say "oh we got 35 mil last year. If we get Carroll back for 20 mil, we would make 15 mil profit." But 20 mil is a lot for a striker that had a single good season 2 years ago and out of form for most of last season. Ba and Cisse are still with the club and both have a strong case to start ahead of Carroll as central striker. It makes no sense to buy Carroll back at that price without first selling one of them (for some good profits).

The management has spent wisely the windfall gain from the Carroll sale. So why would we suddenly expect them to change their transfer policies just because the target is Carroll? The correct way forward is to continue the good transfer policies and build the team.

Posted by on 07/20/2012

I would gladly have him back but I don't think its going thru. To be honest,the whole Liverpool midfielders have a disastrous season. If the midfielders can't feed the ball,its difficult life for a target-man striker,let alone inconsistent run of games/tactics. There you go,gun-blazing,arrowed at Carroll. Where is Downing and Henderson?
I actually expecting Rodgers to back these players,give them a pat,encourage them to show their worth.Just one season......come on..

Posted by LFCForever on 07/20/2012

It has been uneasy first season for Carrol at Liverpool, but he was doing good jobs. At just 23 years old, he will only got matured and many promising years to come for Reds. I believe Rodgers and Reds owners will handle this affair in the right manner. Carrol, himself will prove he is still has role to play and fit in the Rodgers' playing style. At least, Reds could take benefit having different attacking options shoud Carrol stays. Should Carrol leave, he will never leave to Tyneside nor at cheap price...Keep on dreaming, Newcastle...

Posted by Albert Osei on 07/21/2012

Daglish was nothing bt an all-tym LFC legend; a very poor tactician in coaching!No wonder his strict 4-4-2 did free-flowing YNWA no gud,finishing @ 8th on d table! Terribly shockn! A real,prudent manager far better than hodgson,KD, & perhaps benitez wanna bring LFC back 2 winning ways: d@'z where dey belong![Borini],walcott,dempsey,allen & others wen added gonna gv John Henry real value 4 his investments! Trophy-less Newcastle hu played fantastically 2 earn 5th place r jx craving 4 attention & shd take their good-4-nothing under-performing No. 9 drunkard away

Posted by JamesYNWA on 07/23/2012

I'm a Liverpool fan who has respect for most Newcastle United fans. That said, it seems there's nothing quite like Geordies for getting ideas above their station. Are there really any Newcastle fans who think that the Toon have surpassed Liverpool simply because they managed to finish above us last season? Are you "in the ascendancy" yet again? It's not like we haven't seen it all before! C'mon be honest: reaching the second stage of the Champions League in 2002/2003 represents the absolute pinnacle of your football achievements. I rest my case.

Re: Carroll (back) to the Toon, I'd like to see what Rodgers can do with him, but I'd rather sell him to anybody other than Newcastle for less than £20m. Simply put, if you can't afford him, then please leave the shop - and remember: no more than two Newcastle fans are allowed in at a time. Thank you! :)

You'll Never Walk Alone.

MD: I'm not sure it's a case of 'affording' him, but just not paying Liverpool FC style preposterous money.

Posted by Connor on 07/24/2012

I'm a Newcastle fan, I respect Liverpool fans. That said, there's nothing quite like the delusional verve with which Liverpool fans have defended their atrocious 2011-12 season (on and off the pitch). I don't think the history of NUFC is anywhere near that of LFC. However, as the saying goes, you're only as good as your last game (or season in this instance) and I'd be shocked to see Liverpool finish above us in THIS coming campaign.

Regarding Carroll, we're not going to be able to land him on a loan deal or for under 15 million. Simply put, we're not going to pay over the odds for him.

Howay The Lads.

Posted by Sacamano on 07/25/2012

With all due respect Carroll is overpriced and has not impressed while in Liverpool. I love and follow both teams. It was miserable to watch Carroll play last season...all the mistakes and lack of concentration...enough to make you feel sick to the stomach...15 million not well used, if in fact NUFC goes for this striker...

Posted by Ian on 07/28/2012

Not sure about Andy, think they should give him another year to prove himself before showing him the door. Adam and Downing or any other club are more than welcome. Please send in your bids today!

Posted by charles on 07/28/2012

we still make money from torres sale. Torres is worst compare to andy

MD: Torres has just won the Champions League and Euro Championships Golden Boot!

Posted by Cory on 07/29/2012

As a Liverpool fan, the most frustrating thing to me about the Andy Carroll purchase is that our owners treated it like an American sports trade. They valued Torres at 15 million more than Andy, but in reality, the smarter thing would've been to take the 50 million, sit on it, use our good run in the second half of the season to bring in better players that cost less... much like Newcastle did with the 35 million they got for Carroll. Newcastle's shrewd use of their 35 million v. the panicked use of Liverpool's 50 million is the main reason the two clubs are going in opposite directions. (Comolli and Kenny's insistence on overspending is why they don't have jobs anymore and, too, why Liverpool are not spending so excessively now, in part because there's less money and in part due to--I hope--learned prudence.)

MD: great post, thanks

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