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December 29, 2010
Posted by Marc Duffy on 12/29/2010

Well that's 2010 almost at an end. Another Soap Opera of a year in the history of Newcastle United Football Club.

We have enjoyed some real highs this year but, as ever, they have been matched by some awful lows.

Here are some of my memories (there are loads more but I would end up going on forever!), feel free to comment and add your own.

December 7, 2010
Posted by Marc Duffy on 12/07/2010

The rumour mill has been in overdrive since Chris was disgracefully sacked yesterday.

As I write, the Bookmakers favourites to take over are Alan Pardew, Alan Curbishley, Martin Jol. Martin O'Neill sits just outside of the popular odds.

Would any of these candidates please you? Or will Ashley once again pull a Joe Kinnear out of the hat and serve us up a joke of a manager that no one predicted? We should know soon enough as I am assuming that Ashley planned ahead before sacking Chris.........

My opinion on the listed candidates?:

December 6, 2010
Posted by Marc Duffy on 12/06/2010

The boat has well and truely been rocked once more by the owner of our great football club. The majority of Newcastle United fans seem to be disgusted - I know I certainly am. I am very disappointed and deflated.

Let me know what you think on the sacking of Chris and the potential replacements. Pardew? Please, no.....

The following are a few entries from Twitter:

theseats: Should we take bets on which hack/gutter press blames the fans and 'outrageous expectations'?

TOTTvital: is it possible to unite as a fan base and boycott (PROPERLY BOYCOTT) Ashley until he's gone?

Promotion-winning Newcaslte manager Chris Hughton has been sacked. ©Getty Images
Posted by Marc Duffy on 12/06/2010

Apologies if this is not as well written or as well formatted as my usual entries - I've jumped straight on here in outrage and emotion.

Mike Ashley, you don't know what you have let yourself in for. Chris Hughton is the most widely backed manager (from fans and media) that we have seen at SJP in years.

Your handling of the man has been despicable. Your handling of this football club continues to be disgusting.

Chris has spent next to nothing - he took us from a shambolic football club falling apart at the seams to Championship Champions at a canter and with style.

He has us in 11th DESPITE your lack of support. Who would not have taken that before this season kicked off?

If this is a knee-jerk reaction to yesterdays performance then you are a fool - we were missing SIX key players.

Ashley - you are a disgrace. GET OUT OF OUR CLUB.

Marc Duffy Marc Duffy is a National Account Manager in the alcoholic drinks industry - a career in alcohol was obviously the natural step after following Newcastle United for all of his 32 years. Marc blames his father for his obsession with Newcastle United - since attending his first game at the age of 4 Marc has endured many ups and downs, and despite the lack of silverware remains positive that a trophy will be won at some point in his lifetime! (Wait, does the Intertoto cup not count?) Follow Marc on Twitter @MarcSDuffy

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