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Posted by Paul Klomp on 06/13/2010

In less than 24 hours Holland will kick off what we all hope is going to be the most successful World Cup in Dutch history. Traditionally, we Dutchies are highly confident that this year will be the year of our ultimate victory and the 2010 World Cup isn't any different. With our Fantastic Four in place, Holland could go all the way, but let's start with Denmark first.

The match-up against Denmark is a very interesting one. Besides all the obvious similarities between the countries in terms of size, geography and culture, Holland and Denmark share a history in football, with many former Denmark legends having played for Dutch clubs at one point in their career, including the likes of Soren Lerby, the Laudrup brothers, Jon Dahl Tomasson etc. In fact, of the 23 players in the Danish squad, 10 have enjoyed a stint with a Dutch club. So it isn't like these teams are going to surprise each other. This doesn't mean that the match won't be exciting, because I'm expecting it will be, if only because of the quick and highly fluent Dutch manner of play. The Danes will play a more conservative style, but are not known to focus on defense.

Logically, one might expect a match that is far more interesting than the ones we have seen in this World Cup up until now. In general, the level of play has been disappointing to put it mildly. France's performance against Uruguay was something to be rightfully ashamed off, while the English and Argentinians couldn't show anything remotely similar to World Champions form. Here's hoping the Dutch will provide the spark in enthusiasm and attractive play that this World Cup is increasingly craving for.

Holland will play a 4-2-3-1 formation tomorrow. With Robben still out with an injury, the whole Fantastic Four discussion that has engulfed Holland over the last few weeks will be put to rest until at least the match against Cameroon. Holland's line-up is therefore easy to predict. With Stekelenburg as the undisputed number one goalkeeper, the defence will look like this: Van der Wiel, Heitinga, Mathijsen, Van Bronckhorst. In front of this much discussed line, Mark van Bommel and Nigel de Jong will play as defensive midfielders, allowing for the creative starlets up front to excel. This creative force will consist of Kuyt, Sneijder, Van der Vaart and Van Persie. If Holland is able to maintain the form of play they have been displaying during the run-up to the world cup and in the qualification phase, Holland should be able to win it without too much difficulty. Being an optimistic person, I predict a 3-0 victory. Let's see if I was right, come tomorrow at around half past three.


Posted by jerry on 06/14/2010

the dutch have too much class up front and the midfield they should push over denmark comfortably even without robben they are too strong............hup hup holland......

Posted by JNB Web Promotion on 06/14/2010

Hup Holland Hup, we gaan winnen! team

Posted by Danny on 06/14/2010

does total football still exist in the dutch team nowadays?

Posted by John Christensen on 06/14/2010

As usual the Dutch have high expectations of themselves and looking at their players, rightly so.
But they are still up against a team who have qualified first in their group and have punished teams who have underestimated the Danes. Just ask Portugal. As long as Holland are not against Denmark I am a fan of their offensive football but I believe that 3-0 is a bit much considering that high scoring wins over less talented teams in training games are not a good indicator of a teams capabilities when every player is focused on not getting injured.
I believe Dutch arrogance will again be their undoing as they have periodically shown on the big stage like in 92 and latest against Russia at euro 2008. I believed prior to the game a narrow 1-0 win to Holland with a draw not unlikely.

Posted by Ross Musselman on 06/15/2010

Any comment on the watering of the field before the game? Clearly to the Dane's advantage!

Also, any comment about the arrest of Dutch women sporting the Dutchie mini-dress?

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